AutoTraffixPro @ $22

|||AutoTraffixPro @ $22
VendorMosh Bari | Jason Fulton
NicheAffiliate Marketing
Launch On15 Apr 19. 9 AM EST
Launch Ends22 Apr 19. Midnight EST
Launch Price$22
Coupon CodeNone
Refund Policy30 Days (Conditional)
Support DeskMosh Help Desk
Product:  AutoTraffixPro
PROS:  A ready done for you affiliate business without the need to worry about a website, hosting or even traffic...
CONS:  Too many Upsells. Anything over 3 OTOs is annoying for customers and rightly so

The AutoTrafficxPro software creates affiliate reviews in 60 seconds that earn real commissions and gets real traffic for free on complete autopilot.

You can now earn commissions from different platforms, different offers all at the same time. AutoTraffixPro also allows you to use the power of 32+ social networks including Facebook and Instagram all to your advantage by getting free traffic from them in just 1-CLICK.

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[+] DUPLICATE The Exact Process ‘Super Affiliates’ Use To Make 6+ Figures Per Year
Now you can promote offers from high converting affiliate networks at the same time, run multiple promotions and earn commissions from not just one offer but from 10 such offers if you want.

[+] AUTOMATED TRAFFIC Built-In: Earn Commissions & Get Free Traffic Without Ever Creating Videos
Never have to create videos again, just use the free reviews already created by others and leverage the power of free traffic to earn commissions.

[+] Instantly Find Reviews & Turn Them Into Promotions 1-CLICK
You will never have to manually create new reviews ever again, with this software you can instantly find reviews and turn them into high converting affiliate reviews & get free traffic & commissions in just 1-Click.

[+] Create Unlimited Campaigns with Unlimited Offers
Stop worrying about limits, with AutoTraffiXPro you can create unlimited affiliate campaigns for unlimited offers and promotes 100s and 1000s of products.

[+] FAST RESULTS Without A Website or Hosting Needed  
With AutoTraffixPro, you will never need any expensive hosting or even a domain name to start earning commissions, they host all your affiliate reviews for you, all your campaigns run on our powerful servers, there are zero overheads for you.

[+] Cloud Based App Creates
“Done For You” Affiliate Reviews In Just 60 Seconds! They made this so simple and easy that you don’t even have to install anything, its fully cloud based. Just login to your AutoTraffixPro account and start creating live reviews in just 60 seconds.

[+] Automatically Select High Converting Offers From Within The App To Create Your Campaigns
Built-in search for Clickbank and other sources of content that you can use to create your review campaigns and earn commissions.

[+] Automatically Adds Content, Images, Graphics & Call to Actions For All Affiliate Offers.
AutoTraffixPro automatically adds content, images, graphics and call to action buttons in 1 click. Saving you hours of research and hassles of uploading. This software is the one click solution to online profits.

[+] Set & Forget Automatic Traffic With 1-Click Sharing
For every review in your campaign, you can schedule when it goes live, meaning you can set up a complete set and forget online business to generate easy commissions while you sit back and relax.
Get Automatic Updates & Automatic Content Updates. AutoTraffixPro will be kept up to date automatically, we have our own API, which means you can leverage our success to generate high quality reviews daily without stress of losing accounts.

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Mosh Bari & Jason Fulton

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Just 3 simple steps 

Step #1 – Create a new campaign…

Step #2 – Enter your keyword to find the right product review and enter your affiliate link.

Step #3 – Push ONE BUTTON and start driving free traffic from 32 different social traffic sources in just one click & start making sales.

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Check out how you can create a full money making review site in ONE minute here


Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if you want to

[+] Never worry about creating new reviews to promote products ever again…

[+] Spend Just SECONDS (instead of HOURS) setting up your affiliate campaigns.

[+] Click one button and have hundreds of people start visiting your offer pages the same day – see it happen in real time.

[+] Earn commissions from different platforms, different offers all at the same time.

[+] Use the power of Youtube, Facebook and Instagram all to your advantage & getting free traffic from them in just 1-CLICK.

[+] Be able to have leisure time while this software does the work for you & makes you more money than others…

[+] Get commission checks in the mail from offers you promoted months ago and just keep paying you over and over again

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

Who Trusts AutoTraffixPro

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Launch Bonuses

Mosh has agreed to give $694 In Exclusive Bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here


Launch Week Bonus #1 – VIP Facebook Community & Coaching – $297 Value
This PRIVATE FB group lets you network with other AffiliXPro users and expert affiliate marketers. Get answers to your questions, see what’s working NOW for the best in the game, and discover more shortcuts to build the online business of your dreams. 

Launch Week Bonus #2 – CASE STUDY: From Scratch To $1,842.37 In Profits From A SINGLE Campaign – $397 Value
Watch over the shoulder as Mosh walks you thru a recent campaign he ran with AffiliXPro …

● In a niche he knew nothing about
● WITHOUT using an existing list
● With ZERO budget for paid traffic

You’ll see EXACTLY how Mosh made over $1,842.37 with NOTHING more than the AffiliXPro software … and how you can too! Every step included in this behind-the-scenes case study of what’s working RIGHT NOW!

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy AutoTrafficPro from my link here

Bonus #3 – Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
For anyone who is just starting out, there’s no easier or faster method of generating income

Bonus #4 – Affiliate Marketing Superstars
Calling yourself an affiliate marketer is easy. Profiting as an affiliate marketer takes a bit of work.

Bonus #5 – Magnetic Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is still one of the best internet business models around. You don’t have to create or store any products. You don’t have to distribute anything and you don’t even have to sell anything.

Bonus #6 – Essential Guide to Affiliate Profits
Affiliate marketing is an “evergreen” way of making money online. Internet marketing strategies and ‘fads’ come and go, but affiliate marketing remains eternally popular

Bonus #7 – Uncensored Affiliate Secrets
Affiliate marketing is a great place to get started. If you’re scared about creating your own products, which a lot of people are, then affiliate marketing is a great place to start.

Bonus #8 – Affiliate Advantage Plugin
Do not post about another product or write another review until you’ve installed this profit boosting WordPress plugin

Bonus #9 – Affiliate PDF Brander
Create a high quality ebook or report which promotes your product or service

Bonus #10 – The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy
The internet can help you to live your dreams and to design the perfect lifestyle that will make you truly happy. As an internet marketer, you can make a truly ‘passive income’. That means earning a living by writing an amazing website once or creating a product once and then letting the income roll in forever more.

Bonus #11 – Email Nuts and Bolts
Become A Guru On One Of The Most Powerful Marketing Tools Online! Email marketing starts with your email list 

Bonus #12 – Email Marketing Tips And Tricks
Grow your business by increasing your Email Click-through rates 

Bonus #13 – Email How To Videos
Simple and tactful methods on writing emails to boost open rates and trigger your subscribers to be interested with your offer all the time!

Bonus #14 – How To Write A Product Launch Email Campaign
To launch your own product online you need to write professional emails 

Bonus #15 – Growing An Email List
Email marketing needs to be an important component of your marketing campaign

Bonus #16 – Create Engaging Emails
How many emails do you delete without reading, every day? Most people will answer they delete hundreds of emails per day. That’s huge! 

Bonus #17 – Responsive Email Marketing
Top tips for boosting the responsiveness of just about ANY Email List! 

Bonus #18 – Cautionary Email Marketing
Your e-mail marketing campaigns could be at risk if you violate these simple rules! 

Bonus #19 : Email Marketing Profits
Learn how to make a full time living with email marketing! 

Bonus #20 – New Email Marketing Profits
Learn how to make a full time living with email marketing! 

OTO Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Responsive Email Marketing Video Upgrade Top Tips
For Massively Boosting The Responsiveness Of Just About ANY Email List! Email marketing has been already proven and tested by many internet marketing gurus for how many years now. 

Bonus #2 – Cautionary Email Marketing Video Upgrade
Countless marketers are out there building their email lists, sending out broadcasts, and everything in between. 

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!



Here is the Funnel for AutoTraffixPro

OTO #1 – AutoTraffixPro Ultimate DFY @ $97 

AutoTraffixPro is a comprehensive software and this upsell is the next logical step. Here we give you an opportunity to have 20 upcoming LIVE AutoTraffixPro campaigns for you to promote + 10 of our previous best HOT campaigns. This means you will be the FIRST to promote these offers using the AutoTraffixPro System. This is SUPER powerful, being able to promote BRAND NEW offers to your subscribers BEFORE anyone else. It’s like having your very own ATM machine depositing cash into your pocket.

OTO #2 – AutoTraffixPro Commission Jacker @ $67

What if you could take AutoTraffixPro and turn it into an all in one video and website profit system? A complete business model automated in just 2 mins, by turning other peoples websites into your own sales machines… legally and ethically. You want to make as much income as possible for the tiniest amount of work in the shortest period right? You’re in the right place! AutoTraffixPro Commission Jacker is like stealing other people’s websites to generate online profits for yourself…

OTO #3 – AutoTraffixPro $1k Paydays @$197

Here you will discover the secret methods to generating multiple $1k paydays using just this one simple technique… Without the need of a domain, website or hosting. Doesn’t it make more sense to do the same amount of work you’re doing now and get paid 50-100 times more? Now you can with AutoTraffixPro $1k Paydays!

OTO #4 – AutoTraffixPro Non Stop Traffic @$77

This limited time offer will 100x your traffic and sales using and overlooked untapped strategy that bypasses all other forms of advertising, creating a lead generating system that brings in new leads and sales every single day. It’s the ultimate viral referral marketing system that builds you an army of people desperate to promote YOUR AutoTraffixPro campaigns with little to no advertising on your part. Simply put, your AutoTraffixPro campaigns will be seen all over the Internet by people who have their credit card in hand ready to purchase, all this without using any form of paid advertising.

OTO #5 – AutoTraffixPro – License Rights @$197 

Here you can sell AutoTraffixPro as your own product and keep 100% of the profits. And the best part is… THEY TAKE CARE OF ALL THE SUPPORT. You don’t have to do anything, just collect your 100% profit and find a way to spend it. This is amazing for you, if you do not have a product you sell online, and this plugin is something that EVERY ONLINE MARKETER WANTS for their business. 

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

Real User Reviews

Here’s what real users have to say

Refund Policy


30 Days Full Guarantee

If you decide that HONESTLY this software & system hasn’t helped you in any way, you can take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee and just ask for a refund within 30 days!

Note: for your refund, they’ll require a valid reason along with proof that you tried their system but it didn’t work for you.  

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will This Work On My Mac?
Absolutely – the software is 100% cloud-based so it runs perfectly on any operating system – no installation or download required.

Q. How Can This Make Me Money?
AutoTraffixPro is a breakthrough technology that actually works on 3 levels to make you profits. First, it helps you make passive affiliate commissions. Secondly, it actively builds hot affiliate reviews AS you’re making these commissions. And third, it uses 100% free viral traffic to get viewers to your offers.

Q. Is This Really Beginner Friendly?
It sure is. You’ve seen testimonials above from people with little or no experience, already making money with the software. You won’t need a website, hosting or any technical skills. Just follow the included directions and you’ll be on your way!

Q. How Long Before I See Results?
This will vary based on the offers & niches you choose. You’ll be able to set up your automated affiliate reviews in 60 seconds or less…MANY testers have seen 3+ figure daily profits within as little as 1-3 days after launching their funnels

Q. I’m Already Making Online Profits – Why Do I Need This?
AutoTraffixPro offers a very fast, easy and cost-effective solution to creating multiple income streams. Adding additional cash flow helps ANY business, and this is the easiest way to do it.

Q. Do I Have To Pay For Traffic?
Not a single penny! We’ve integrated the software with 32 powerful social media platforms, to get you all the free viral traffic you’ll need to make this work.

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Let’s do a quick Recap and see what are you getting here Today

Get Instant Access to AutoTrafficPro with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

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