I’m starting a new series of posts called Monday Moneybags  in the Free Tools section which I plan to post on, you guessed it!, Mondays. Simple ways that you can side hustle to make a few extra bucks without too much effort or any special skills. You won’t become millionaires with these, but can definitely make a little on the side and that helps doesn’t it? You bet it does!

Mondays are generally the most dreaded of days for people who have a boring work week staring ahead at them. I hope Nags’ Monday Moneybags will cheer you up a bit and give you something to look forward to you, especially to those who are still doing the 9 to 5 routines…

Dreams work only when YOU do

Thanks for stopping by Nags Marketing. I'm Nergis Parikh. I started dabbling in IM way back in 2009 and immediately caught the 'Shiny Syndrome' plague. Then in 2014 I started working for one of the greatest IMers ever, as a VA - a virtual Assistant. And that's actually when my journey in IM really began.

Working as a VA I learnt a lot. I got, and I still keep getting, great insights from my mentor, into what works and what doesn't here. I have tons to learn yet and as Nags Marketing grows along with me, I will try to give you the maximum value while being as truthful and transparent as I can. I hope my articles here will be informative and interesting, especially to the real newbies in Internet Marketing.  

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