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QuizTarget is the most powerful, affordable and money-making quiz builder that lets you create engaging quizzes and generate hot leads, boost conversions and sales.
  • Video Quiz Builder – Turn any video into viral lead generation quiz and instantly grab your target audience’s attention with engaging video quizzes. This powerful feature boosts engagement as well as drives huge buyer traffic.
  • Capture Leads at Any Stage of the Quiz – You don’t need to worry if anyone abandons your quiz mid-way. You will be able to capture the email IDs of people during ANY stage of the quiz.
  • Publish Quizzes on Any Website – Adding your quizzes on any type of website is what you can now do in seconds – it is by pasting one-line of auto-generated code where you are willing to make your quizzes to appear!
  • Dynamic Quiz Builder –Convert your prospects into cash by showcasing specific questions, offers, product suggestions based on to their Quiz responses. This personalized pitching of the product/ offer boosts conversions by up to 78% and that makes your sales hitting the roof in no time.

“What I liked most in QuizTarget is its ability to capture leads even when the quiz takers don’t complete the quiz. That makes me relieved that my purpose of buying it (lead generation) is always served.”
Patcy M

“Thanks to QuizTarget, now I am able to generate up to 82% more leads compared to conventional lead gen methods. I recommend this magic tool to everyone around.”
Steve V

“The software is very easy to work with and helps even those to use and generating leads who don’t have prior tech knowledge.”
Rose M

Quiz Target


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