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Trendds finds you the most powerful, most shared viral content, trends and breakouts based on your keyword, and shows you related phrases (based on the viral content you are interested in), thus enabling you to rank organically quickly and easily.

It also gives you an option to monetize any content you choose to curate so that you have the potential to profit from any/all content (even though you didn’t actually produce the content)

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green-tick-bulletDiscover the hottest trending topics and search phrases driving masses of targeted visitors which most marketers and blog owners never know anything about.
green-tick-bulletGet those hidden long-tail phrases (without any searching or research) you can easily rank for these.
green-tick-bulletEnter any niche without knowing anything about it… just drop in the broad niche term, hit search & dominate.
green-tick-bulletMonetize any content you curate and use instantly inside the trends dashboard using 2 ‘Native Ad’ styles methods for passive income (form other people’s content)
green-tick-bulletBuild highly targeted niche blogs and fill them with fully monetized trending content
green-tick-bulletIt’s 99% passive… your complete input is around 2 minutes per day.
green-tick-bulletMany of the phrases you’ll find in seconds are so new due to their trending / viral nature that the big search engines haven’t had time to ascertain the competitiveness – which essentially means high traffic keywords with LOW COMPETITION
green-tick-bulletFind amazing content you can legally curate, monetize and publish (ALL without ever leaving the Trendds dashboard)!
green-tick-bulletSupplement your existing blogs and news sites with trending content for more and more traffic
green-tick-bulletDrive more traffic to you adsense based blogs / sites / news sites… increase your adsense revenue because people want to read the posts on your site.
green-tick-bulletDevelop a brand new trending news site (not specific to any niche) & publish the latest trending news… fill those sites with ads, AdSense and Native Ads (using trends) and watch the results quickly pile up

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What you get

Your trendds Package Includes…

mauve-tick-bulletAccess to trendds platform (SaaS) web-based software
mauve-tick-bulletTrending keyword search – 500 per month (no recurring costs). Quota replenished monthly
mauve-tick-bulletYou can add (fully integrate 1 existing blog / news site to trendds platform or build new using included trendds theme and plugin
mauve-tick-bulletAdd contextual (text) links to curated content before publishing
mauve-tick-bulletNew posts – 10 posts per month (no recurring) Quota replenished monthly
mauve-tick-bulletDirect posting to (WP based) blog / site from software dash
mauve-tick-bulletSocial media share from trendds saas – Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
mauve-tick-bulletMultiple filters ensures you always find the best viral content for each subject.
mauve-tick-bulletSearch for trending content based on keyword input (works in seconds)
mauve-tick-bulletelated long – tail keywords (displayed / user can add manually)
mauve-tick-bulletIncluded Monetization platforms for related products – Amazon & Walmart (or add text links from any affiliate network.
mauve-tick-bulletContent editor with related 2x Native Ad monetization choice
mauve-tick-bulletAdd content intro’s, outros, summaries and conclusions with links
mauve-tick-bulletConnector plugin for new and existing sites / blogs (works on WP based)
mauve-tick-bulletTrendds pre-formatted WP theme & Plugin (Optional / for new builds / not required)
mauve-tick-bulletPost management
mauve-tick-bulletSoftware training videos


Prady, Mark & Venkata

Get Instant Access to Trendds with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


Check out this product in action here


green-tick-bullet100% Newbie Friendly 4 Step Process [training Included]
green-tick-bullet100% Free Traffic
green-tick-bulletMultiple Passive Monetization
green-tick-bulletTakes 2 Minutes Per Day
green-tick-bulletEvergreen System… Works In Any Niche
green-tick-bulletInitial set up cost $10 (Once)

Get Instant Access to Trendds with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if you are

pink-tick-bullet“Newbies” Who Want To Make Money Online
There are a million ways to make money online. But most of these ways require a lot of technical knowledge or skill.

But Trendds offers a complete done-for-you tool that not only reveals hot trending topics and searches, but it allows you to “piggyback” on amazing content that you can not only curate, but profit from as well.

And the best part is – trendds is very, very EASY to use (2 minutes per day). This tool is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to create new income streams online the fast and simple way.

pink-tick-bulletCurrent Blog Owners
As a current blog owner, the one thing you can never get enough of is traffic. But buying traffic can be quite costly and driving traffic with other methods can be time consuming.

With Trendds, you have a tool that will help break into and capitalize on any market or niche in seconds (with zero knowledge or research)

You’ll instantly know what any audience in any niche are searching for, and be able to publish amazing super targeted ‘Monetized’ content with just a few clicks.

pink-tick-bulletNiche Online Marketers
As they say, “The riches are in the niches”. With Trendds, you can easily uncover unique niches among more broad niches that you may have never even considered before.

By publishing curated content on these niches, it’ll make it easier for you to rank for trending keywords, drive more free traffic, and make more money!


You’d be amazed at just how much money can be made from niches you probably don’t know about or never even considered before. Its where I (Mark) started online

pink-tick-bulletBrand New Blog / News Site Owners
The biggest problem for new bloggers is starting from scratch. There’s the blog setup, finding out what kind of content you need to produce, actually writing the content, and then knowing how to monetize and publish it.

With Trendds (and the theme that’s included), all you have to do is add our theme to WordPress and then add your new site to trendds (it’s simple stuff, but we still have full instructions).

This makes setting up a great niche blog, multi-niche, or news site super easy, amazingly lucrative, and a LOT of fun!

pink-tick-bulletOnline Marketers Who Want More Traffic
Internet Marketers know that more traffic means more profits. And one of the best ways to get the most profits is to do so with free, targeted traffic and killer content.

With Trendds, marketers will have the perfect tool right at their fingertips that can produce HOT (and in-demand) trending content that will pull in more traffic, more readers and more sales.

This traffic can help boost sales of affiliate products, courses, CPA offers, or whatever you wish to promote!

pink-tick-bulletAnyone at all!
trendds is NOT one of those Get Rich Quick deals. What you get with trendds is the ability to start building a real online business.

By focusing on trending content, curating and monetizing it (with the software) and then re-publishing it on your own site you are essentially building something long term which will continue to grow and generate consistent and 99% passive results…

…And it’ll cost you roughly the same price as a Pizza when you purchase today!


While there are other great tools out there that can help you find “buzzworthy” content or even trending keywords, they don’t offer any other benefits.

Plus, these kinds of tools can cost around $99 per MONTH to use. That’s over $1,100 per year!

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NAGS’ Bonuses

You get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy Trendds from my link here

bonus-bulletBonus #1 – WP Viral Traffic Ninja
Simple automated traffic system you can use to get unlimited visitors to your blog for FREE!  

bonus-bulletBonus #2 – Viral Traffic Tornado
Permanently increase your traffic using these powerful viral marketing secrets!  

bonus-bulletBonus #3 – Viral Marketing Made Easy
One of the strongest marketing techniques to spread positive word of mouth and drive laser targeted audience  

bonus-bulletBonus #4 – Viral Marketing Made Easy Advanced
Designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of Viral Marketing.  

bonus-bulletBonus #5 – Viral Marketing Tactics
Powerful techniques on viral list building, affiliate marketing and brand name building while leveraging on the internet!  

bonus-bulletBonus #6 – Viral Marketing Mania
Make nonstop noise and traffic through viral marketing!  

bonus-bulletBonus #7 – Viral Article Producer
How to produce profit-pulling “Viral Article” mini-sites in minutes! No HTML knowledge required!  

bonus-bulletBonus #8 – Viral Marketing Tips and Success Strategies
Harnessing the power of Viral Marketing where everyone is suddenly talking about your company, product or service  

bonus-bulletBonus #9 – Viral Master List Builder
Build a highly profitable optin mailing list automatically by harnessing the proven power of viral list building!  

bonus-bulletBonus #10 – Viral Marketing Madness
This system will exponentially grow your business by letting an army of loyal followers spread the news about your internet business!  

bonus-bulletBonus #11 – Viral Source Review Pack
Make money online as an affiliate by promoting Viral Source product!  

bonus-bulletBonus #12 – Viral Growth Training
Learn how to grow the virality of your content and your marketing efforts!  

bonus-bulletBonus #13 – Viral Traffic Tornado
Permanently increase your traffic using these powerful viral marketing secrets by keeping in mind the basic requirements of every viral campaign.  

bonus-bulletBonus #14 – Viral List Autopilot
Discover how to build a highly profitable List by using this untapped viral strategy!  

bonus-bulletBonus #15 – Viral Content Crusher
Just one highly effective viral marketing campaign can be more significant than years of regular advertising.  

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Here is the Funnel for Trendds

Upsell #1 – Trendds Pro @ $37

Includes the following Additional features

Related long – tail keywords… user can add as tags to finished post by checking boxes next to LT phrases
Trending keyword search – Unlimited (no recurring)
User can add unlimited existing blogs to saas or build unlimited new using included theme
Unlimited posts per month (no recurring)
Bonus: Additional blog monetization – $371 Per Day Blog Trick (Backed by Verifiable results)

Upsell #2 – Trendds Master @ $47

Includes the following Additional features

Set keyword derived automation per blog
Keyword based curation automation based on filters such as minimum Facebook likes
Automation frequency based on filters from every hour to once a week per blog (or any other user specified frequency)
Saas auto connects affiliate products relating to posts with users affiliate links
Set up scheduling of posts to FB (unlimited) – traffic
Automate unlimited content curation for unlimited blogs based on user specified filters
Included additional Monetization platforms – eBay & AliExpress
Bonus Training – Access to weird niche content and core (use with any blog: New and existing)

Upsell #3 – Trendds Max @ $37

Includes the following Additional features

  • Developer – Develop and automate unlimited trendds based blogs for clients
  • Developer – Develop and curate unlimited trending monetized content for client’s blogs
  • Run as a service for multiple / unlimited clients – each client / blog has client key (clients content contains their affiliate links)
  • Developer – Develop, automate trendds based blogs and flip / sell complete sites with an option to change key for new owner and run for them.
  • Flipping video tutorial

Upsell #4 – Trendds Agency @ $77

  • Sell trendds and keep 100% profits for yourself.
  • Keep 100% of what a customer pays when you refer them to their website or when you sell directly to your own clients.
  • Use all their marketing pages, their amazing high converting videos and their sales copy to make all your sales
  • Oh and the best part is… THEY TAKE CARE OF ALL THE SUPPORT.

Refund Policy

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Trendds is 100% guaranteed. If you try their software, use as instructed and do not find trending phrases, subjects & content, they will offer help and advice on how to get Trendds working for you. In the event that they are unable to help you, they will refund your payment. They do not guarantee potential income, profit, earnings.

*Please Note: Trendds access is IPN linked to your payment… Refunding will cancel access immediately*

Get Instant Access to Trendds with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

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