DDI Assignment 6

Account Details and Links

Google Ads Id : 923-536-2750

Leads Page (created for Assignment 5) : https://mailchi.mp/426e0ce43fc7/digital-marketing-internship

Thank you page with Google Ads Code: https://nagsmarketing.com/offers/register-for-digital-marketing-internship-launch-webinar/

You Tube Video URL (It’s an old video but I didn’t have time to make any other video for this assignment) : https://youtu.be/Uevvpwm1F3k

URL of Data Studio Dashboard : https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/f0895490-44d1-4fbe-8425-0f250ab0ae32

Assignment 6 Screenshots

Thank you page with Google Ads Code:

Ads Account Overview


Ads Account Settings 


All Campaigns

Search Campaign

Ad Groups

Search Ads

Video Ad


Data Studio Screenshot :