Know Your Vendors

Many of us, who’ve been in the IM line for some time now, know all the top names in the business. They are like celebrities in the Internet Marketing world and most of them are so popular that they have no place for new friends, on Facebook that is ?. They are all making Millions of $s in their launches and are the inspiration to tens of thousands of other wannabe internet marketers.

But behind the glamour of success in every story is always the pain and passion of years of hard work. These people didn’t get where they are overnight with a magic wand. Sure, some of them may have had a fairy Godmother/father in the form of a mentor, but many of them made it all by themselves through sheer grit and trial and error. And the one thing in common with them all was the will to make it, the will to keep at it and the will not to give up at any cost!

In this section on “Know Your Vendors” I’m going to try and bring you the people behind the Launches and Promotions, to tell us how they made it here, what makes them tick, what kind of products they love to create, what are their passions and their fears regarding their business and finally what is their vision for themselves and for the future of IM. I’m hoping these sessions will give us great insights into how these successful entrepreneurs got to be where they are today and I’m quite certain that every one of us will get to learn a lot from the golden nuggets they leave behind here!

So look out for my interviews with our Vendors – till I do that, you can read some generic info on the ones listed below. These vendors are not listed in any particular order, they just appear alphabetically.