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Did you make it to Leadpages’ Converted 2017? Tim Castleman did.

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A long, miserable plane ride with no elbow room, knees crammed up into your stomach, and absolutely no personal space… The eternal mystery of what a blacklight would reveal in your hotel room…  A giant bar tab… (well… that’s a matter of opinion…)  But Tim went through it all so he could come back with his trademark event notes… just for you!

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Tim has built a reputation for the highest-quality and most complete notes in the marketing business When you order his Converted 2017 event notes you not only get to skip all the hassle and expense of being there… you also get the single most complete and ready-to-implement notes on:

[+] 3 Traffic Plays to Deploy in Any Business
[+] How to Double Your Revenue with Unconventional Email Marketing Strategies
[+] Using On-Site Personalization to Massively Increase Conversions
[+] How to Experiment with Found Traffic to Drive More Conversions
[+] How the Most Ripped-Off Email On the Internet Can Make You 5 or 6 Figures
[+] Four Day Evergreen Cash Machine
[+] Copy Hacks from a Tried-and-True Course Launch Campaign
[+] How to Make a Dollar from 15 Cents

And more… a lot more. In fact, that’s just a sample of what’s packed into Tim’s 100+ pages of on-the-ground, “in-the-trenches” Converted 2017 event notes. Converted has been the only conference that’s 100% focused on increasing your conversions (and your bottom line) at every stage of your business. And this year Converted was better than ever with some absolute heavyweights in their fields, including:

[+] Keynote Speaker – Director, Writer, Actor, and Podcast Expert Kevin Smith
[+] Leadpages Co-Founder Clay Collins
[+] Copy Hackers and Airstory Co-Founder Joanna Wiebe
[+] Digital Marketer Vice President and Traffic Manager Molly Pittman

As well as 12 other leading marketing experts – all of them challenged to reveal their most unconventional, “out-there” methods and strategies… have a look at the guest list… It’s an understatement to say that every speaker at Converted 2017 is a heavyweight in their field. 

Kevin Smith

Keynote Speaker

Kevin Smith started his career as a low-budget filmmaker... and built a multi-media empire with movies, TV shows, and one of the most successful podcasts in history!

Clay Collins

Co-founder of Leadpages

Clay was personally responsible for over 48K paid subscribers and the point man behind Leadpages' acquisition of, the leading marketing automation platform for SMBs.

Joanna Wiebe

Co-founder of Copy Hackers and Airstory

Joanna is one of the most avidly followed and widely respected professionals in business and sales copy.

Molly Pittman

Vice President and Traffic Manager for Digital Marketer

Molly is personally responsible for creating, optimizing, and maintaining Digital Marketer's perpetual "rush hour" traffic.

Pat Flynn

Founder and CEO of

Pat made his first $3 million in passive income and now teaches other "regular people" how to replicate his success.

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Founder and Company Director at THW Marketing

Teresa is a distinguished author and social media expert with over 12 years' experience working for a range of international brands.

Brennan Dunn

Founder of Double Your Freelancing

Brennan worked as a freelancer for 7 years before creating Double Your Freelancing to help entrepreneurs scale their sales through smart automation and effortlessly sell their products.

Nathalie Lussier

Founder of AmbitionAlly

Nathalie is a digital strategist and online marketing master who specializes in helping small business owners develop money-making ideas that match their ambition.

Will Hamilton

Owner, Fuzzy Yellow Balls

Will is the owner and guiding force behind Fuzzy Yellow Balls, a six-figure niche education site where tennis players around the world can improve their game for free online.

Bob Jenkins

Manager of Marketing Education at Leadpages

Bob grew his personal email list to 30,000+ subscribers and has trained thousands of entrepreneurs on list building strategies while contributing to Leadpages' rapid growth using his email marketing strategies.

Dave Lee

CEO of PlusThis

Dave created PlusThis - a massive vault of add-ons and integrations - to make Infusionsoft, Drop, and Ontraport as easy and effective as possible for busy SMBs and entrepreneurs.

Jim Pedicone

Director of Marketing at Design Pickle

Jim has made it his professional mission to provide SMBs and entrepreneurs with professional design, so they can stop agonizing over getting their "look" right and get back to business.

Nate Grahek

Founder of StickyAlbums

Nate built his company from 0 to 1.5K customers in 3 months... with no programming experience or venture capital by making it possible for photographers to leverage mobile technology to get more out of their businesses.

Andy Fossett

Co-Founder and CEO of GMB Fitness

Andy is a lifelong martial artist and former schoolteacher who created GMB Fitness to give users the physical autonomy to pursue what they love with smart, fun exercises that defy the usual physical education program.

Josh Braaten

Co-Founder and CEO of Brandish Insights

Josh created Brandish Insights - the world's first brand analytics platform - to provide entrepreneurs and SMBs with a "Google Analytics" for their brand, helping them improve performance and better revenue outcomes.

Anna Jacobsen

Education Director of Leadpages' Drip Consultant Certification Program

Anna is the creator of Drip's Consultant Certification Program which she uses to teach startups how to modernize their email marketing.

For a limited time only, Tim brings you… Every speaker… Every strategy… Everything you need to put the power of Converted to work in your business the  day you get Tim Castleman’s Converted 2017 event notes.

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What are these notes actually worth to you? What will you get out of them? With all the speakers listed above and everything I’ve told you about the lengths LeadPages has gone to make Converted 2017 their new standard of excellence… Don’t you think you’ll be able to find one thing in 100+ pages of notes that could make a change for the better in your business?

Remember –

This isn’t some slapped together ebook or warmed-over course about some tactic that won’t work this time next year… This is the definitive, “live on location” report on Converted 2017. Don’t miss out on the experience just because you couldn’t be there. Get your copy of my Converted 2017 event notes now.

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