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Get Back 71.4% of your visitors with a simple piece of code!

How do you Stop Visitors From Leaving Your Site?

You know that #1 problem is getting traffic to stay on your site…

Most people open your page and within 3 seconds leave…

How on earth can one stop this?

Well it’s really simple now…

You just need to stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at this!

You can now deploy ‘Message Notification’ technology used by Facebook, Google Mail & Skype, and get back up to 71.% or more of your traffic with a simple piece of code.

The best part…

There is nothing to install!

Set up in 60 seconds or less! And brings in crazy results!

Click here to watch this full demo

This is what eLasso is all about

[+] It brings back up to 80% of your lost traffic back!
[+] Works In Any Niche And For Any Website
[+] It boosts conversions!
[+] It’s Newbie Friendly
[+] It Increases Conversions, Sales And Profits
[+] Protects Your Website From Being Hijacked

Literally 2 Minutes Stand Between You And A 300% Increase In Your Traffic, Clicks, Opt-Ins And SALES

^ LOOK UP ^ and tell me something…

How Many Browser Tabs Have You Got Open Right Now?

If you’re like most people, a ton of them!!!

Most people will typically have around 9 browser tabs up at any one time… That’s Nine Reasons your Traffic is being PULLED AWAY from your site!

Nearly 4 Out Of 5 Of Your Site Visitors Are Being Pulled Away From Your Website

On average…..71.4% of your website visitors will leave without taking any action, because they are distracted by a notification (from Skype,
Facebook, their email provider etc.)

That’s 71.4% of your Potential Leads, Commissions, Sales and Money G – O – N – E

YOU need to Hook a visitor who’s left PULLING them back to your website ………like a LASSO!

Look how Facebook Uses this “Lasso” technique

Which tab gets your attention?? Facebook! ​

They practically FORCE people to look at their tab and come back!

​Facebook, as well as Google Mail, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, Intercom etc., have figured out a covert, psychological tactic that can practically force someone to come back to their site……

​Regardless of how many tabs they have open!

Create Flashing, Visual AND Sound ‘Notification’ Tabs For ANY Website And Pull Back More Than 50% Of Your Lost Traffic INSTANTLY

Get eLasso Today at 10 am EST!

With this ismple & fast Traffic Magnet Machine
You will stand out in a sea of other browser Tabs
And Re-Engage your lost visitors in SECONDS….

No More Lost Traffic!

Instead, Increase Your:

Sales ==> Commissions ==> PROFITS!

So, how does eLasso work?

Let’s say someone is reading your sales page, your website, blog etc…

They get interrupted by a message from Skype, or a notification from Facebook saying someone’s left a message for them….

…..and they ultimately leave your site in a background tab.

If you have eLasso on your site, this clever technology will detect this and flash a ‘notification’ message as well as create an attention grabbing sound of your choice in the browser tab.

Because it looks and sounds just like a notification, it triggers curiosity in any human, a very powerful psychological trigger.

And because the human brain is hardwired to never leave things unfinished, you visitor is bound to click back to your website where you have a second chance to re-engage them!

Get Massively Discounted Access Now For A Very Limited Time Only at 10 am EST today!

[+] Unlimited Download
[+] Unlimited Domains
[+] Unlimited Campaigns
[+] Unlimited Page Views

Create your own custom ‘Notification Style’ Browser Tabs in just 3 Fast & Easy Steps

Step 1 – Create Custom Tab Message
Step 2 – Customize Tab Message
Step 3 – Copy & Paste Auto-Generated Code

eLasso Works Perfectly On ANY PLATFORM

eLasso Is So Simple To Use, ANYONE Can Create Custom Notification Browser Tabs In Under 2 Minutes FLAT (even if you’re a complete newbie or technophobe)

THIS Is The Fastest, FREE Route To:

[+] More clicks
[+] More engagement
[+] More opt-ins
[+] More sales


OTO #1 – Developer’s License

You will be able to install eLasso on unlimited domains and install it for your clients on their websites.
You can charge customers for this service however you see fit. Including monthly fee.

OTO #2 – Whitelabel (Limited License)

You can resell eLasso under your own name and your own brand. To as many customers as you want.
You cannot sell it under $27. You can brand it under any name you want as long as you don’t use eLasso Brand.
You will get the sales page you can use as well.

OTO #3 – Facebook Video Ads Course

You will learn how to drive more traffic to your businesses, offers, products or services by using the power of video ads on Facebook. This way you can make full use of eLasso by being able to generate traffic on demand.

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Bonus #1 – Instagram Traffic
This master guide will help you to master the instagram traffic for your site. You can then simply bring free traffic using Instagram and make more sales & adsense revenue from your site. 

Bonus #2 – LinkedIn Traffic Strategies
There is no other professional platform out there to connect with people more professionally like the way LinkedIn does. So target people using these unique strategies to bring traffic and generate leads. 

Bonus #3 – WP Notify Pro
Stop chasing traffic and discover how this new cutting edge software will instantly boost visits, clicks, conversions, and sales … regardless of your niche! Traffic is said to be the blood of your online business 

Bonus #4 – Viral Images
As we like to do every week, we asked the almighty Google its opinion on a particular photo subject, and it always, it gives us a definitive answer. But you don’t have any copyrights to use those images. So here we provide you a bundle of viral images you can use to target to your fanpage audience and run FB ads. 

Bonus #5 – Case Study – How to turn $7.62 into $370
The case study on how Ivana Turned $7.62 in $370 With Google Adwords retargeting. 

Bonus #6 – Case Study $1092.98 in 2 days with affiliate marketing
This case study is will show you the exact steps I took to generate $1092.98 in commission in just 2 days with affiliate marketing. 

Bonus #6 – Authority Blog Success
Walk through the steps it takes to build a content marketing machine that positions you as the authority blog within your industry. … Online-Searches-Content-Marketing. Without a doubt, mobile optimization is key to your content marketing and overall blogging success. 

Bonus #7 – List of 49 Freelancing sites
A well researched information is kept here to get your every step outsourced. You’re good at many things, but certainly doing everything is NOT a good idea. So outsource your work right away. 

Bonus #8 – Pinterest Made Easy
What hasn’t changed is – ‘People’s love for the images’. And you can leverage the same to bring traffic to your site. 

Bonus #9 – WP Ad Slinger
WP Ad Slinger creates Facebook-style ads on any WordPress site. This provides users with an instant customized income stream while displaying ads in a format that over 1 billion internet users have growth quite accustomed to. 

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Bonus #10 – WP Viral e-Mail Optin
Plugin to help you caprute emails and build list with your wordpress site. 

Bonus #11 – Facebook Fan Page Profits
Facebook has changed the way we market our business online. Learn to market to a certain audience, anywhere across the world with FB Fanpages 

Bonus #12 – 22 Ways To Get Liked On Facebook
22 ways to get liked on facebook to increase engagement and traffic to your site – comes with pdf, source document, PSD ecovers and ecovers 

Bonus #13 – Facebook Strategies and Profits
Become a master of promoting your business through FB with basic and advanced strategies 

Bonus #14 – Facebook Friends Inviter WP Plugin
Add customizable text links and customizable graphic buttons that are visible to anyone who visits your WordPress site using widgets and shortcodes 

Bonus #15 – Facebook App Software
Now You Can Easily Add A Add Facebook App To Your Facebook Page! 

Bonus #16 – Getting Facebook Traffic
Exploit Facebook’s advertising system for cheap traffic, laser targeted leads, and more online profits in your business! 

Bonus #17 – Facebook Legal Documents Creator
Anyone who puts apps on Facebook needs this one. This creates Privacy and Terms documents that comply with the latest Facebook requirements 

Bonus #18 – FB Authority Secrets
Catch the attention of your followers and get them to engage with your posts by posting interesting content about your product or services 

Bonus #19 – FB Covers Monster
Having a great business facebook cover is a must! This pack includes over 130 facebook covers which are fully editable. 

Bonus #20 – FB Lead Miner
How to be a 6-Figure Facebook consultant without ever having to meet clients or even leave your home! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is eLasso?
eLasso is a super simple, technophobe-friendly, cloud-based software that allows you to stand out in a sea of browser tabs that a visitor is likely to have open at any time.

eLasso harnesses the power of visual and sound ‘notifications,’ just like the ones Facebook, Google and Skype use.

eLasso can actively bring your lost visitors back to your site, after they’ve left due to being distracted by social media messages, emails etc.

Q. How easy is it to set up?
We’ve designed eLasso to be completely newbie-friendly, and even complete technophobes can have their own customized browser tab in under 2 minutes flat!

And remember, you can have this on as many websites as you want, there are no restrictions!

Q. How does eLasso make me money?
Current studies show that just over 70% of all traffic become distracted whilst on a website due to email notifications, social media instant messages etc.

That’s almost 4 out of 5 people. And once someone leaves your site, they rarely come back.

eLasso is PROVEN to bring back 50% or more of your lost traffic.

Q. Does eLasso come with a guarantee?
We personally use eLasso on many of our sites, and we know how powerful it is.

Which is why we stand behind eLasso 100%. That’s why you get a full 14 days to make sure this is for you.

In fact, the only way you can lose here is by NOT getting your hands on eLasso, and waiting for the price to rise and become a monthly subscription, instead of grabbing it while it is at a low, one-time fee…

Q. Can I see eLasso in action?
Test it for yourself. Open their home page, https://elasso.io/, then switch to a different tab. Decide for yourself if eLasso gets your attention and you want to come back to our website!

Q. How does eLasso work?
When a visitor of yours leaves your website on a background tab, eLasso will show a flashing message with a sound on your browser tab, mimicking that of an instant message.

You can fully customize the message, the look, what sound notification you want, and how long after a visitor leaves you want eLasso to ‘lasso them back.’

Q. How many eLasso campaigns can I run on a single domain?
You can have unlimited eLasso campaigns. This means, on a single domain, you can have different messages on your browser tab to correspond to different pages!

Also, you get unlimited domains – no matter how many websites you have, you can now triple your clicks, opt-ins, and sales by having eLasso pull back your lost visitors.

Q. Who is eLasso for?
Honestly, if you are doing ANYTHING online, you need eLasso.

This is for anyone who loves the idea of not working harder (by trying to drive even more traffic to their site) and working smarter (by reengaging lost traffic).

Q. How do I install eLasso on my website?
As soon as you’ve customized your browser notification tab, eLasso will create a little snippet of code (just like how you add Google Analytics to your site, or other web functions).

Just copy and paste this snippet into your site and you’re done!

Get Instant Access to eLasso with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

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