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Instead, why don’t you have a look at some of these Evergreen Products? I’m sure you will find one in the Niche you want.

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Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity!] Pay Once, Use Forever! – Pixel Studio FX & Social Studio FX Together


How would you like to stop paying for eCovers, Online Graphics and Social images FOREVER? I just did today!

==> And if you pick up Lifetime Studio FX – you too can do just that!

I didn’t want to recommend this till I had reviewed it, and I was totally amazed with what I saw in this!

Lifetime Studio FX is LITERALLY the last graphics software you will ever buy

It is a bundle of Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX !

These two have been bundled together for the first time EVER – and under $50!

Get Lifetime Studio FX with 15 Bonuses at 10 am EST ››

With Lifetime Studio FX you will get

[+] Lifetime access to Pixel Studio FX eCover Software ($120/yr.)

[+] Lifetime access to Social Studio FX Graphics Software ($80/yr.)

[+] One low price. No monthly or annual payments!

[+] Instant access, online software. No headaches!

Pixel Studio FX has helped over 12,000 digital marketers make over 190,000 eCovers since 2015. It is the “goto” eCover & product cover software for marketers, with 12 different eCover styles and 250 amazing templates. 3,000 Social Studio FX users have generated over 30,000 social graphics with drag-and-drop simplicity. Both softwares allow you to generate great looking, inexpensive graphics in 60-90 seconds. Without learning Photoshop or anything else!

Both products are available online so no installation headaches, upgrades or compatibility issues – works great on both Macs and PCs!

==> Check The Demo Video of Lifetime Studio FX!

One more thing – it’s priced like a dime sale and will be going up in price every day! Get over there now!


Get these AWESOME BONUSES When you pick up Lifetime Studio FX here


Bonus #1 – 30 Bonus PixelStudio FX Templates … $3,000 Value
Bonus #2 – Lifetime Membership in IM.Tools Academy … $197 Value
Bonus #3 – Marketers Dozen MRR Bundle … $324 Value
Bonus #4 – Social Media Income Bundle … $197 Value

Total Early Bird Bonus Package – $3,718.00

Exclusive NAGS’ Bonuses:

Bonus #5  – Graphics Wiz
If you think that you need to be a graphic designer to produce mind blowing graphics you’re in for a big shock.

Bonus #6  – 1000 Icons Galore
Hardware, Seasonal, Blog & CMS, Country flags, Desktop, Email Application, Navigation, Software Icons & many more!

Bonus #7  – Instant Graphics Collection
Of all the challenges facing Internet marketers in the personal development niche, getting quality graphics at affordable prices has to be #1 on the list.

Get Lifetime Studio FX with 15 Bonuses at 10 am EST ››

Bonus #8  – 123 Logo Kit
Get Instant Access to 38 Eye-Popping, Ready-Made Logos You Can Use For Your Next Product or Business! Simply Choose a Logo, Customize And You’re Done!

Bonus #9  – 300 Logo Templates
300 Ready-Made Logo Designs – Great For Offline Clients!

Bonus #10  – 5 Graphic Sets
5 different graphic sets that will help you with the design of your webpage  

Bonus #11   – 15 Niche Headers
15 original website headers for various niches that can customise and use on as many websites as you want  

Bonus #12   – 24 Web Advertising Banners
Fully layered Photoshop advertising banner files that can be edited in seconds! Perfect for creating banners for affiliates  

Bonus #13   – Abstract Image Collections 1
Ready to use abstract images for your own or your client’s campaigns

Bonus #14   – Abstract Image Collections 2
Ready to use abstract images for your own or your client’s campaigns  

Bonus #15   – Instant Web Graphics
Mega Package With Over 1,600+ Professional Quality Web Image Collection  

What exactly is Lifetime Studio FX?

Lifetime Studio FX is a never before offered bundled package of Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX at a ridiculously low one-time price.

Pixel Studio FX is an online service that allows anyone to create professional, high converting eCovers and box art in 60 seconds or less. Our 12,000 members have created 190,000+ eCovers.
With more than 28,000 unique designs, 8,000 stock images, 6,000 web icons, and 650+ pro templates, it’s easy to see why Pixel Studio FX is one of the world’s easiest-to-use design tool for eBooks.

Social Studio FX is an online service that allows anyone to create beautiful, highly-engaging designs for social media & advertising in three simple steps. Social Studio FX allows you to design 66+ different platforms and sizes, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and even popular website banners, we have the perfect size for your projects. It is trusted by over 3,000 members worldwide!

What Can you create with Lifetime Studio FX over and over again?

[+] High converting eCovers
[+] Professional looking box art
[+] Beautiful designs for advertising
[+] Highly-engaging designs for social media
[+] Facebook banners
[+] Twitter banners
[+] Instagram banners
[+] Website banners
[+] Youtube banners
[+] Kindle eCovers
[+]Pinterest banners
[+]LinkedIn banners
[+] And so much more!!

Get Lifetime Studio FX with 15 Bonuses at 10 am EST ››

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to install it on my computer?
Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX are both 100% cloud based. You login and access the design studio online so the only REQUIRED component is an active internet connection.

Q. Does It Work On Windows and Mac?
Yes! In fact, it works on any device that can access the web! We’ve tested both Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX on multiple devices and different operating systems, even tablets and mobile devices!

Q. Can I Upload Your Own Images Into Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX?
Absolutely. We allow you to upload up to your own images to be stored on our servers! 50 MB for Pixel Studio FX and an additional 50 MB for Social Studio FX.

Q. I’m Not Tech Savvy And Am Worried That I May Not Understand. Is There Training?
Of course! We made sure that there is PLENTY of training! We have training videos designed to help you LEARN Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX in and out. Most our users don’t even need the videos, but we put them there JUST in case. We even labeled each video by category so you can quickly jump right to the best one for your question.
I’m Not Sure Where To Get Images. Do You Include Any Stock Images Or Fonts?
Yes! We’re including 8,000+ stock images plus over 6,000 clipart and web icons with Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX. And guess what? They are ALL royalty free. That means we already paid to have them so you can use them as many times as you want!

Q. Is Any Of The Work “Done For You”?
Yup! You’ll get instant access to over Pixel Studio FX 250 Pixel Studio FX pre-made designs and 200 Social Studio pre-made designs in over 23 niches.

Q. Is It A One Time Fee Or Monthly Membership?
Guess what? Everything is ONE-TIME-ONLY with your Lifetime Studio FX membership! No hidden monthly charges or ongoing fees!

==> Get Instant Access to Lifetime STudio FX + 15 Bonuses Today at 10 am EST!


OTO 1 – Enterprise / PRO

“Super Charge” Your Creative Capabilities by Upgrading to Lifetime Studio FX Enterprise – get Double+ the Assets Groupshot Studio & Developers Rights. The OTO 1 includes the upgrades to PSFX Enterprise and SSFX Enterprise. Current pricing for this is $400/year.

[+] You get triple the number of Pixel Studio FX done-for-you templates – 650 instead of 250
[+] Triple the number of Social Studio FX done-for-you templates – 600 instead of 200
[+] You will get 2 1/5  times the number of Pixel Studio FX eCover styles – 30 instead of 12
[+] 66% More Pixel Studio FX Web Fonts – From 180 to 300
[+] Double Cloud Storage for your Pixel Studio FX uploads – 100 mb instead of 50 mb
[+] Double Cloud Storage for Social Studio FX uploads – 100 mb instead of 50 mb
[+] Groupshot Studio for Pixel Studio FX is an Enterprise only feature that allows you to quickly and easily create amazing, powerful 3d eCovers and product box bundle group shots.
[+] Enterprise License with developer rights – You’ll have the ability to create and sell eCovers and graphics to ANY client at ANY price you want.


OTO 2 is a one-time payment for 12 months of PSFX Monthly Template Club ($37/month, $444 value.) This includes 360 additional pro templates. There is also a lower offer of 3 mo. for $47 ($111 value.) All templates available now (not monthly)

Here’s what you get with OTO2  

[+] 12 months of our Pixel Studio FX Template Club Library
[+] You get all 360 templates instantly – no waiting up to 12 months
[+] The cost to build 30 Pixel Studio FX Templates would be about $80-120 each
[+] A $3,000 value each and every month
[+] Total value of $36,000 in exclusive templates
[+] Available to less than 240 of our 12,000 members ( less than 2% )
[+] One payment today – No recurring feesExclusive templates in all 23 niches
[+] Employment, Education, Spirituality & Religious Beliefs, Games, Travel, Politics, Betting and more
[+] 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Pass Up This Exclusive Template Offer and Pay Much More Later…


OTO 3 is a never before offered opportunity to earn 100% commission on the Lifetime Studio FX bundle FE and up to 70% commission on the rest of the funnel.
[+] $127 for 500 licenses.
[+] $97 for 50 licenses.
[+] $67 for 20 licenses.

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!

[+] You simply send the visitors to our sales page through your special reseller link and you earn 100% commission on their Lifetime Studio FX Membership purchase.
[+] You don’t need to setup a website, buy hosting, upload a site template or setup a payment button.
[+] We’ll take it from there. Once your customer signs up, we’ll provide them with 24×7 access to Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX. You don’t need to setup any tools, scripts or software.
[+] We’ll support all of your customers from beginning to end. If your customers have any issues, we will handle them all. You don’t need to provide any technical support.
[+] Once your customer signs up for their Lifetime Studio FX Membership, we will send them through our upsell funnel and share the revenue with you – up to 70% for you. You don’t need to handle anything except your profits!

Reseller FAQs

Q. Can I Give Lifetime Studio FX away?
No. You must sell the Lifetime Studio FX membership. Since we are providing access to the videos and end-user support, we require that you send customers to Lifetime Studio FX through your unique reseller partner link. We will collect the revenue and distribute your 100% commission. This prevents fraud signups, spamming signups and account abuse.

Q. Can I start selling these today?
Sorry no. Due to the overwhelming response to this reseller package, we need to ensure our support staff is fully in-place and available – this guarantees that your customers receive the best possible support. You will be able to resell these package starting November 3rd.

Q. How Much Are Additional Accounts to Sell?
Your reseller renewal price will be locked for life. You will always be able to purchase more accounts at the price you pay today, regardless of the current reseller costing and regardless of the Lifetime Studio FX standard pricing.

Q. This Looks Easy. Am I Guaranteed To Make Money?
No. We offer no promises. Your result and your success will be based upon what you do with the product. Results may vary. Our offer provides you with a complete turnkey business where you can earn 100% of the Lifetime Studio FX membership fees. You are responsibility for sending traffic to your unique reseller link. If you don’t take action and you don’t send traffic, then it will result in you generating no income from this offer.

Q. Can I set my resale price for Lifetime Studio FX?
Yes and no. We set the price on the one-time payment for Lifetime Studio FX at $97. As a reseller partner, you can offer your customers private coupons for $10 or $20 to bring the price down below our selling price. Pricing of Lifetime Studio FX may change in the future, but reseller partners will alway have coupons so you can offer the membership at a better price than the standard price.

==> Get Instant Access to Lifetime STudio FX + 15 Bonuses Today at 10 am EST!

Get Lifetime Studio FX with 15 Bonuses at 10 am EST ››

SAVE 87% When you pick up Lifetime Studio FX TODAY! NO RECURRING COSTS!

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