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Make Money Making Posts from VIRAL Content in minutes

Establishing An Online PRESENCE Has Never Been Easier!

==> Let me walk you through how you can create engaging posts very easily in just a few minutes

There are just 3 Simple Steps To Your Perfect Post

1. Search & Select Your (Viral) Content and Pick & Choose The Best Content For Your Post.

2. Pretty Up Your Post With Viral Media

3. Publish To Your Blog & Social Media

Let’s walk you through how to create engaging posts in just a few minutes

With MyPostBuilder you can now

[+] Source Most Viral Content From 20+ Different Sources
Pull from various Authority & Viral Sites, News Sites, Free Image Databases and Video Platforms

[+] Improve Your SEO Ranking In Minutes
Boost your SEO ranking with original articles on your sites, and various posts to social media platforms!

[+] Not Reliant on RSS Feeds
Works with actual articles published to the web and therefore does not rely on RSS Feeds

[+] Build Your Posts In Minutes
Cut down your hours of writing content for your pages. Use this All-In-One Post Builder to leverage what’s already being shared on the web, and profit from it!

It’s no secret that Google loves content.

And as a factor for SEO, nothing beats regularly publishing fresh, hot, relevant content.

Websites With Blogs Get FOUND 434% MORE By Search Engines!

Not only will the Google-bots love your site, but searchers will also more readily view your blog as an authority hub, a resource for answering their most pressing questions and solving their problems.

For 4X Results, You Need To Play On VOLUME!

According to Hubspot, B2C companies that blogged 11 times or more got more than 4X as many leads than those that publish only 4-5 posts per month.

BUT, Here’s The PROBLEM Today’s Bloggers Face!

[x] Blogging Takes A Lot Of Time
[x] Lack of Quality Content
[x] Don’t Know If Their Blog Will Go VIRAL
[x] Blog Posts Don’t Earn an Immediate ROI
[x] Hard To Staying Motivated Thinking Of New Blogs To Post
[x] Hard To Get Traffic To Your Posts
[x] Nearly Impossible To Create Enough Content
[x] It’s A BIG Job To Create Everything Around The Post: The CONTENT, The IMAGES, The VIDEOS
[x] Suffering From Writer’s Block
[x] No Idea On How To Create ENGAGING Content

But Now, Finally, With MyPostBuilder, You Can …

[+] Create Blog Posts In Minutes Using Proven Viral Content
[+] Post Articles Using Different Viral Sources Sites
[+] Monetize Each Blog Post You Publish Using Amazon!
[+] Get Quality Social TRAFFIC You Need to GROW Your Business!
[+] Source Content From Authority Sites, Viral Posts, Captivating Images, Attention Grabbing Videos!

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

Step #1 – Curate Content & Media From Viral Site

Step #2 – Assemble Your UNIQUE Article From Different Sources

Step #3 – Share Your Post On Your WordPress Site & Social Media

MyPostBuilder has, in ONE Dashboard, EVERYTHING that you need to write VIRAL posts in 10X the time!

MyPostBuilder Will Make You An Influence AND EARN You Great Commissions!

==> Get Early Bird Access Today For A ONE-TIME Price at 10 am EST today!


Launch Bonuses

You get these Special LAUNCH Bonuses… Only During This Launch Period

Bonus #1 – Full Page Call-To-Action Pagebuilder For WordPress
Bonus #2 – 47 PRE-MADE Professional Presented Intro & Outro Videos
Bonus #3 – 45 PRE-MADE HD Call-To-Action Presenter Videos
Bonus #4 – Call-To-Action Video Tree Software
Bonus #5 – 2,500+ Cartoons, Graphics, Images!
Bonus #6 – 1500+ Background Images
Bonus #7 – 100+ Background Stock Videos

Vendor Bonuses

Get These Vendor Bonuses…Only During This Launch Period

Bonus #8 – MyPostBuilder Exclusive Facebook Group Membership!
Bonus #9 – 90 Minutes Of Professional Training!
Bonus #10 – MyPostBuilder WP Plugin

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these special NAGS’ Bonuses only available here

Bonus #11 – Crazy Marketing Video Tutorial
An insane content creation and marketing technique that will make you crazy money! If you already have an online business or a blog or a website, marketing it on the internet is your next stop

Bonus #12 – Video Creation Guru
Learn How YOU Can Create Your First High Quality Screen Capture Video In Just Thirty Minutes! Video products, video for marketing or video tutorials can be done by doing screencasting or simply capturing your computer screen.

Bonus #13 – Video Ad Placer
For WordPress website owners who use video in marketing messages. Gain Complete Control Over YouTube Videos So You Can Use Them To Drive Sales And Earn Higher Profits! Display ads and messages at specific video play times!

Bonus #14 – Mastering and Marketing Online-Video-Made-Simple
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Videos Online! Changing technologies have sourced paradigm shifts in the way companies used to do their business.

Bonus #15 – Rebranding PLR Videos
Discover how you can rebrand any Private Label Rights video with a few simple and easy tweaks, so that you can begin running your profit-pulling machine autopilot!

Get Instant Access to MyPostBuilder with All my Bonuses here at 10 am EST today!

Bonus #16 – Videos For Profit
This is 31-part video course including practical examples. Discover how to make powerful demos, presentation and tutorials with just a smartphone, your Mac & affordable tools. You will learn how simple tools, used in creative ways, can produce incredible results.

Bonus #17 – Big Bundle Of Live Footage Videos – Amsterdam
Professional quality video footage for you to use on your website or in your web presentations! If you are good at doing video creation, you know how important stock videos as one of your tools and media to be in your project.

Bonus #18 – Content Syndication
A product with great content is like gold: Very hard to find and extremely valuable.

Bonus #19 – Content Management
Regardless of the type of website you‘re working with, one thing is constant… you’ll always need to provide some sort of content.

Bonus #20 – Content Marketing Blueprint
You have to have an understanding of what content marketing is and isn’t and learn how to create content that will engage your audience quickly



Get Instant Access to MyPostBuilder with All my Bonuses here at 10 am EST today!


So let’s Recap – what are you getting here today?

[+] Build Posts from Top Viral, News, Images and Videos Sites Using The First Ever Smart Content Selection Technology!

[+] 400% Better Ranking Chance on Search Engines (SEO)

[+] Become An Influencer & Double Your Sales With Content That Warms Up Your Prospects

[+] The Only Post Builder You’ll Need In One Easy To Use Dashboard

[+] Build Viral Pages FAST In Just Minutes

[+] Get 4X MORE LEADS Posting Multiple Times Per Week

[+] Get 5X MORE TRAFFIC By Posting Daily.

[+] Facebook Integration For Easy Posting To Your Social Media

[+] Build Numerous Posts With Copy/Paste Simplicity

[+] A HUGE collection of 20 relevant Bonuses to help you with MyPostBuilder

Get Instant Access to MyPostBuilder with All my Bonuses here at 10 am EST today!

Grab this for A ONE-TIME Price before they change it to a monthly subscription!

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