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Generate 32,452 Leads in 21 Days Using a Single Silent Siphon Campaign You can now start generating leads in any market from scratch in a single day. ==> See how you can setup a campaign and

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Generate 32,452 Leads in 21 Days Using a Single Silent Siphon Campaign

You can now start generating leads in any market from scratch in a single day.

==> See how you can setup a campaign and start collecting leads in as little as 3 minutes

Collect leads. Build retargeting audiences. Start making sales.

Hold on. Let’s slow the roll a bit here.

See, there are these problems when you go into a new market …

[+] It takes a lot of time and cash to go into a new market.
[+] You must create content.
[+] You must find your audiences.
[+] You must spend money to create engaging content people will love

This is why most people never get started.

There is a better way, and today I want to show you a very unique way to generate leads with social media

It allows you to grab leads, generate sales, and drop etargeting pixels on authoritative content of others.

== > When you watch the demo, you will see it’s easy, powerful, and super simple to use

It’s called Silent Siphon. It’s a powerful, easy to use WordPress plugin that will help you generate a flood of leads, build HUGE lists, custom audiences and more more…

The best part is you can launch your first campaign in two minutes. This is the most powerful, cost effective way to get started in any niche. You can even use free traffic to get started. It’s THAT powerful.

Another great thing, it works in ANY industry, and can help you build massive authority and attention, even if no-one has heard of you…

It also will allow you to:

[+] Place Call-To-Action’s Anywhere
[+] Share Links & Drive Conversions
[+] Monitor Engagements & Results
[+] Tap in to FREE Viral Traffic
[+] Boost your List Building Fast
[+] Instantly Monetize ANY Viral Content
[+] Target Customers in ANY Niche

You get these Special Bonuses from me when you pick up Silent Siphon here

Bonus #1  – Internet Advertising for Traffic Leads and Sales
Learn the insider secrets to getting more traffic and sales on your website!

Bonus #2  – List Building With Stories – Conversion Explosion
Learn how to convert leads into customers!

Bonus # 3- 100 Fast List Building Methods And Techniques
Building a list is important as well as a cheap and authentic technique of building leads, delivering valuable content, and building trust and rapport with the customers.

Bonus #4  – How To Create A Lead Magnet
The goal of any lead magnet is to convert traffic into leads. With the right lead magnet, you can increase the number of prospects and customers you have joining your list.

Bonus #5  – Affiliate PDF Brander Software
Giving your visitors a free report that they can use as lead magnet to their email marketing campaign is a great way to get your leads

Bonus #6  – Lead Generation For Beginners
Easy to follow 5 day crash course on the power of lead generation for your business!

During This Special Launch Period They are Also Adding Two VERY Powerful Bonus Addons That SUPER-CHARGE Everything

BONUS ADDON #1: – Video Smart-Share Siphons (Value $47)

Now You Have the Ability to Tap in to the RAW Viral Power of Millions of Videos…

How Facebook Currently Shows YouTube Videos – Dead BORING, Ineffective and Useless…
[+] Facebook Does not LIKE Full Embeds of YouTube
[+] They Give PRIORITY to Their Own Video Embeds
[+] Videos are the #1 Content Shared and Clicked
[+] Silent Siphon Gives You a HUGE Advantage
[+] Now You Can Leverage Millions of Viral Videos
[+] Silent Siphon Supports Both YouTube & Vimeo Videos

The NEW Way With Silent Siphon Instantly Gives You a HUGE Advantage with Both YouTube & Vimeo

BONUS ADDON #2: – Silent Siphon Sequences (Value $97)

Get 10 of Sean’s Personal “Fill In The Blanks” Perfect Follow Up Sequences That Work in ANY Niche

For the First Time Ever Sean is Releasing his Email Marketing “Secret Weapon” that he uses EVERYWHERE… That’s Over 100 Professionally Written Emails to Specifically Designed to Engage & Convert…

(Only Available for a Short Time)
Every single one of these emails is designed to achieve maximum engagement, value building and conversions and allows you to create the perfect relationship with your new prospects generated by Silent Siphon…
Vol 1 – People who Signed up for Your Free Report
Vol 2 – People who Signed up for Your Marketing Report
Vol 3 – People who Joined Your Affiliate Program
Vol 4 – People who Have Bought Your Software
Vol 5 – People that Signed up for Your Newsletter List
Vol 6 – People that Joined Your Membership Site
Vol 7 – People that Downloaded Your Software Demo
Vol 8 – People that Bought Your eBook
Vol 9 – People Interested in Reprint Rights
Vol 10 – Mining Gold with Autoresponders

However, once this special promotion period is over, these bonus addons vanishThis is Your ONLY Chance to Get These Bonuses.

==> Get Started Now & Lock in Your Charter Access Discount

These special discounts are only available for a very limited time & will rise soon

So, What Can Silent Siphon do For YOUR Business?

Here are a few ways Silent Siphon will accelerate your marketing success starting now…
[+] Add a Powerful Call-to-action to Every Link you Share…
[+] Generate Customers, Brand & Engagement in ANY Market…
[+] True Set & Forget List Building &Lead Generation…
[+] Siphon Leads From the Leveraged Authority of Viral Content…
[+] Join 10,000s Smart Marketers Who Drive Conversions Through Curated Content
[+] Generate Floods of Laser-Targeted Traffic Automatically…
[+] Turn Your Social Media Sharing in to Streams of Affiliate Revenue…
[+] Skyrocket Engagement & Alignment With Your Market…
[+] Leverage 1000s of Hours of Research and Testing…
[+] Discover What REALLY Captures Viewers Interests…
[+] Audience Discovery Allows You to See Who LOVES Your Content…
[+] Drop Retargeting, Tracking & Affiliate Cookies Silently
[+] Segment Your Audiences Based on ACTUAL Interests
[+] Launch Your First Silent Siphon Campaign in Under 60 Seconds…
[+] Silently Create HUGE Segmented Custom Audiences
[+] Develop TRUE Authority in Industries Where No One has Heard of You…
[+] Easy Split Testing Squeezes Every Ounce of Conversions from Campaigns…
[+] Hybrid Content Marketing Strategies that ACCELERATES Success…
[+] Instantly Discover Content PROVEN to Engage & Convert…
[+] Leverage Technology Used by the LARGEST Businesses in the World…
[+] Use Their ClickBait to BOOST Your Business Faster than Ever Before…
[+] Create an Ever Growing Flood of Focused Silent Siphons Working 24/7…
[+] Generate HUGE Social Engagement FAST…
[+] Leave Your Struggling Competitors in Your Dust…
[+] Connect With All the TOP Autoresponder, CRMs, Etc.
[+] Wrap a Campaign Around Your OWN Content for Even More Power…


Q. Are the Campaigns Hosted on Your Servers or Are They Hosted on My Site?
This is a plugin that installs on YOUR self-hosted WordPress website and the campaigns are hosted on your site. You are 100% in control of your marketing and you have NO restrictions at all. That just makes your life much easier…
Q. Can I Use This Amazing System on My Existing Site?
The CORE system is a powerful plugin that is pre-loaded with yummy marketing goodness and this works great with ANY theme out there. You just tell the system to use our template override for a page. However, we do also offer a very powerful “Theme” that goes with this that adds even more power to the core system…
Q. What are the System Requirements for Silent Siphon?
All you need is a standard host, a self-hosted WordPress site with a minumum of PHP 5.4 (5.6+ Recommended). This is standard on 99% of good hosts and is the minumum standard for most commercial plugins…
Q. Are There Any Monthly Fees or Hidden Fees With Silent Siphon?
No, we do not charge any monthly fees, just a one-time cost and you can pick the right package that suits your needs. Also, there are no hidden-fees… We want you to hit the ground running and know that you can focus on creating Silent Siphon’s and put your call to action on any link you share without all the hassle…

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