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6000 Full HD Royalty-Free Videos [under $30 + 75 new/mo. for $0] Video is no longer a “nice to have” in marketing  It is a 100% requirement. How would you like to stop paying for

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6000 Full HD Royalty-Free Videos [under $30 + 75 new/mo. for $0]

Video is no longer a “nice to have” in marketing 

It is a 100% requirement.

How would you like to stop paying for Royalty free Premium FHD Video Backgrounds and footage while super charging your content to the top? 

4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Wouldn’t you?

Video on a landing page can increase conversions over 80%

Does it seem like the price of stock video is always going up while everything else in technology is coming down?

I’ve paid $79 for a single Full HD stock video? Honestly!

If you’ve ever paid too much for a stock video, or never bought a stock video because of the crazy price, you’re going to love this…

Stockocity provides one of the best formats for any asset sale on JVZoo

Instead of giving buyers 30 zip files of unsearchable videos, they provide a full membership club.

Buyers can see full previews, browse videos and keyword/tag search their assets. And they don’t need to download and store 280 GB of files on their hard drive.

==> Watch Stockocity 2 in Action here and decide

This is a monthly membership site called Stockocity 2

[+] Pay a ridiculous low one-time price to join (no recurring payments)

[+] Get instant access to 6,000 Full HD footage videos

[+] Get 75 new Full HD footage videos every month

[+] All FHD videos are 100% royalty-free

==> Right now during this early bird you can join for $24.95. That works out to less than 1/2 cent per video.

I’m not sure what these guys are thinking, but I’ve never seen a better price on high-quality FHD videos. One more thing – this ISN’T a “firesale” or “collection” where you get a 100 GB dump of a bunch of files with generic file names.This is a fully searchable, fully browseable, fully previewable membership site.

And since this just launched, the guys over at Stockocity 2 have decided to add Designer / Developer rights any no extra cost!

You can use all of these royalty-free stock videos in your projects & videos and also in your clients projects & videos!

Take a look a what’s included:

[+] 6,000 royalty-free Full HD stock footage videos,

[+] And now 75 new FHD stock footage videos every month,

[+] All videos available in popular lower resolutions,

[+] Unlimited 24×7 access to full previews,

[+] Unlimited 24×7 video downloads,

[+] Bonus developer/designer rights,

[+] And it’s completely hosted in the cloud so you don’t need to download 100 GB of videos files


Get these special Bonuses form me when you get Stockocity here

Bonus # 1 – 240 Extra HD Video Backgrounds $12,191.00

Bonus # 2 – 240 Royalty Free Music Tracks $3,840.00

Bonus # 3 – Royalty Free Stock Images $4,000.00

Bonus # 4 – YouTube Marketing Made Easy $197.00

Bonus # 5 – YouTube Ads Made Easy $197.00

Bonus # 6 – Social Media Income $297

Bonus # 7 – Editing Video for Free & Web Video Production for Non-Professionals $197

Bonus # 8 – Bonus Designer / Developer Rights $997.00

PLUS ++ New Bonuses Added
Bonus # 8 – Places and Things Stock Images
101 Places & Things Stock images for you to use in your projects and your clients’ projects.Bonus # 7 – Professionally Marketing Funnel Graphics Set up a complete marketing funnel with professional graphics … All with point & click ease!Bonus # 9 – Latest Humans Stock Images
108 Humans Stock images for you to use in your projects and your clients’ projects.Bonus # 10 – 50 FB Blank Timeline Covers
Plug in your images and text and use these Facebook timeline covers instantly

Bonus # 11 – Things and Stuff Stock Images
134 Things & Stuff stock images for you to use in your projects and your clients’ projects.

Bonus # 12 – Abstract Image Collections 1
Ready to use abstract images for your own or your client’s campaigns

Bonus # 13 – 24 Web Advertising Banners
Fully layered Photoshop advertising banner files that can be edited in seconds! Perfect for creating banners for affiliates


 After you get Stockocity2 don’t forget to check out Stockocity2 Professional  and other OTOs. Let’s see what you get in these:

Stockocity2 Professional

“Triple Up” Your Stockocity 2 MembershipUpgrade to Professional – 18,000 Full High-Def Videos for 81% Off, And they will Add 250 New FHD Videos Every Month. Tomorrow this offer will only be available at the upgrade price of $197.00. That’s an 81% savings right now.

Stockocity1 Professional + TimewarpBundle

8,000 4K/HD Background Videos & Footage Videos & Time-wrapping your account

Check Out What’s Included in Stockocity 1 Professional
[+] Every Video from the Lifetime Stock Video launch and upsell. Stockocity 1 was previous sold as Lifetime Stock Video.
[+] 6,000 Footage Videos in 4K – That’s a whopping 3840×2160 resolution – 4 times our amazing Full High-Def videos.
[+] 1,500 Full HD Video Backgrounds
[+] 500 Video Backgrounds in 4K
[+] 300 Bonus Videos for Fast Acting Stockocity 1 buyers.

Check Out What’s Included with Stockocity 2 Time Warp
[+] Every Stockocity 1 Video will be available in your account today.
[+] Every Stockocity 2 Standard will be available in your account today.
[+] If you purchased the Stockocity 2 Professional upgrade or Premium upgrade, then every Stockocity 2 video from your upgrade will be available in your account today.
[+] You don’t need to wait up to 24 months for the monthly videos to be released into your account.

Bonus #1 – 480 Extra HD Video Backgrounds
Bonus #2 – 2,000 Royalty Free Stock Images
Bonus #3 – 480 Royalty Free Music Tracks
Just Added – Bonus #4 – Designer / Developer Rights


You simply send the visitors to our sales page through your special reseller link and you earn 100% commission on their Stockocity 2 Membership purchase. You don’t need to setup a website, buy hosting, upload a site template or setup a payment button.

Remember you get more Bonuses from me when you get any OTOs from my link

 Hurry up & Super Charge your marketing with these awesome video tools!

Stockocity 2 is LITERALLY the last stock video you will ever buy

One more thing – it’s priced like a dime sale and will be going up in price every day! Get over there now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Sell These Videos?
No. Although we have included designer / developer rights as an early bird bonus, you cannot sell these videos directly.
You can use these videos in your own work and you include these videos into a bigger project for clients. A couple of examples include a video carousel on a webpage or a sales video for a client. Another example would be if you created video intros or outros using our backgrounds – you would be able to sell those.

If you’re not sure of your designer / developer rights, just ask our support team and we will be sure to let you know.

Q. Do You Have A Reseller Program?
Yes. We do offer a reseller program where you can sell access to Stockocity 2 to your clients and others. We handle all account delivery, technical support and even manage the huge hosting/bandwidth fees of storing our library (over 1,600 GB) of HD videos.

This program is available only to Stockocity 2 members and will be offered to you after you join.

Q. Can I Purchase Reseller Rights or Distribution Rights?
No. We don’t offer reseller rights or distribution rights for Stockocity 2 for many reasons, including de-valuing the content.

Generally when a product offers resale rights, there are a handful of resellers that release the content for a very low price which hurts all resellers. We don’t play that game.

Q. Will These Videos Work With {scriptname}?
Yes. Stockocity 2 videos will work with any software, service or toolo that allows you to load / upload videos.
Our team has spent hundreds of hours resizing all Full HD videos into 4 size from 1920s1080 all the way down to 426×240 so you can continue to use your existing software & tools with no extra work.

Q. What Happens After 24 Months?
Your purchase today includes 24 months of updates.

After 24 months, you keep your Membership Access to Stockocity 2 and access to 7,800 Full HD videos – including the 6,000 videos from today as well as the 24 months of 75 new Full HD videos (1,800 new FHD videos.)

In 2020 if you’d like to continue growing your Stockocity 2 Library you can renew your membership and we’ll even “lock-in” todays pricing
(24 months of 75 FHD video updates for todays price.)

This optional upgrade in 24 months is not a requirement to continue accessing any purchase. The 6,000 FHD videos that come with your membership today and the 1,800 FHD videos over the next 24 months will continue to  be available for you to use.


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