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Why Instagram & EngagerMate? Instagram is the worlds fastest growing social network & is what is going to make you bank, it’s as simple as that. 1 BILLION ACTIVE USERS There are over 1 billion

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Why Instagram & EngagerMate?

Instagram is the worlds fastest growing social network & is what is going to make you bank, it’s as simple as that.

There are over 1 billion active users, engagement levels are 52 times greate than facebook and 127 times greater than twitter.

IT’s no wonder why over 90% of the worlds top brands are on instagram making millions from this untapped platform (and I’m about to show you how to do this also).

Instagram is the GO TO social network for 85% of the worlds top companies.

EngagerMate is a tool that drives you free traffic literally within the hour & is the tool that’s going to make a huge difference for your Instagram Marketing this year.  

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mauve-tick-bulletAUTO LIKE / FOLLOW / UNFOLLOW
Engagermate will like and follow hundreds of photos from users in YOUR target market a day, while unfollowing users for you that are not engaged in your content!

mauve-tick-bulletFOLLOWING OPTIONS
Follow users based on hash tags you enter. E.g. If I enter #tennis I will follow users who have posted pictures with the hash tag tennis.

Have your instagram account follow the FOLLOWERS of ANY page you choose (Even your competitors).

Instantly follow people who have ENGAGED with any profile you choose(the most active fans).

mauve-tick-bulletUNFOLLOW USERS
Engagermate lets you unfollow users who don’t follow you back and unfollow users who Instaeasy followed only (which will ensure anyone YOU have followed will still be there).

mauve-tick-bulletLIKE BASED ON HASHTAGS
Have your account liking photos from any hash tag you choose 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

mauve-tick-bulletLIKE AND FOLLOW
Hundreds to even thousands of users a day 

mauve-tick-bulletBONUS LIKE FEATURES
Engagermate allows you to have the option to only have your account ‘like’ the latest pictures from users & also to only like photos with X amount of followers. e.g. You may not want to engage with users who get 5k likes per photo who may not see that you engaged with them.

Engagermate allows you to follow users who have been to a place – both geographical locations like a country, state or city or even establishments.

mauve-tick-bulletLIKE NEWSFEED CONTENT
Ensure your CURRENT followers are always shown you care by liking their content whenever they post it.

Engagermate Optimizer tracks exactly where your engagements come from to give you the EXACT areas to target your likes and follows from the interests and pages you have entered. This ensures you only engage with users who are most likely to convert).

Engagermate has a built in tracker which will show you exactly what users you have engaged with LIVE as it happens.

Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Luke Maguire & Simon Harries (JV Manager)


Luke Maguire is known for his Aussie Accent, his extreme sales videos and his super selling social media software, that have allowed, not only him, but many of his students, to create multiple 6 & 7 figure incomes. 

Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Just 3 simple steps 

Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Check out EngagerMate in action here


Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


pink-tick-bulletEngage 24/7 With your exact target market even while you sleep.

pink-tick-bulletLike & Follow thousands of niche specific users content and profiles.

pink-tick-bulletEngage with Your COMPETITORS Followers 24/7

pink-tick-bulletEngage with users based on location & places they have been.

pink-tick-bulletSend Automatic Direct Messages to your brand new followers.

pink-tick-bulletInteract With Potential Customers ONLY.

pink-tick-bulletWatch 1000’s of targeted leads & sales come to your page and sites starting TODAY.

Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


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Organic growth by the week

Reach 4x greater than Facebook

Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Launch Bonuses

Luke has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy EngagerMate from my link here

orange-tick-bulletBonus #1 – Instagram for Business
Learn Why Instagram Is Good for All Businesses! Of all the methods that will help your business, this one will rise above. It is something people have been doing for many years (even before the internet) and it continues to work due to the excitement factor. This method is to hold a contest on Instagram.  

orange-tick-bulletBonus #2 – Instagram Marketing 3.0. Made Easy
Instagram is a photo sharing social network. In practical terms, it is a visual discovery platform focused on user generated content and with predominantly social media oriented features. Instagram has many benefits for businesses that are too often overlooked by marketers that focus their conversation on advertising

orange-tick-bulletBonus #3 – Instagram Mastery
Instagram is a rich platform that people use to share photos, short videos and information about their day to day lives. Interestingly, the platform has over the years caught the eyes of investors and marketers who have continued to design ways of promoting their products with their followers. Instagram can be used to promote your business online  

orange-tick-bulletBonus #4 – Instagram Monetization Checklist
Discover How To Monetize Your Instagram Account And Turn It Into A Sales Machine! Far and away one of the most frequently visited and often utilized social media platforms, even more so than Facebook, Instagram has become the “go to” platform for serious business owners, advertisers, and marketers that are looking to build their business online.  

orange-tick-bulletBonus #5 – Instagram Stories
How to Tell Your Own Success Story With Instagram! Instagram is often described as being ‘Twitter’ with images and this is largely a fair description of what the social media platform does and how it works. But to say that that is all Instagram is would be a big disservice. Instagram is actually an incredibly powerful tool and a highly nuanced platform  

orange-tick-bulletBonus #6 – Keyword Research Ninja 2.0
Don’t just rely on Google, this one actually provides you with awesome keyword data from SIX sources: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ebay, YouTube, and Amazon! 

Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

orange-tick-bulletBonus #7 – Social Media ABC Report
Learn about the importance of social media in successful internet marketing 

orange-tick-bulletBonus #8 – Social Media Income
How to build your brand, grow your business, get more leads & sales! 

orange-tick-bulletBonus #9 – Social Signals
Learn how to use Social Signals to rank for Keywords in Search Engines 

orange-tick-bulletBonus #10 – WP Social Locker
Allows you to lock a part of content on a web page until a user clicks one of the social buttons (Facebook Like, Tweet Button, Google +1) and help you to get more likes/tweets/+1s, traffic and customers! 

orange-tick-bulletBonus #11 – Social Group Infiltrator
A foolproof method of getting targeted traffic by promoting to any Facebook group you choose on autopilot without getting banned! 

orange-tick-bulletBonus #12 – Social Media Genius
Discover how to use Twitter and Facebook to develop a niche marketing empire from scratch! 

orange-tick-bulletBonus #13 – Social Quiz Plugin
For every share, dozens of people will click the link, driving the traffic numbers up by hundreds or even thousands of visits per day. What could you do with that kind of traffic? 

orange-tick-bulletBonus #14 – Social Media Hero
A new and innovative way of getting one’s views and information across to others in an interactive platform that has proven to be quite effective and popular. 

orange-tick-bulletBonus #15 – 200 Social Media Marketing Tactics
Reach thousands of new customers without ridiculous advertising costs, generate new leads every minute of the day without struggling 

OTO Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Instagram Marketing 3.0. Made Easy Video Upgrade
Instagram is the new bandwagon in online marketing industry with whooping over 300 million daily active users and it has taken the world by storm. Photos and videos are the best way to grab attention of a viewer and Instagram is providing both the facilities together. It engages and connects the world through videos and images  

Bonus #2 – Instagram Stories Deluxe
How to Create a Killer Fitness Lifestyle or Travel Brand With Instagram and Instagram Stories! Did you know that Instagram is actually the second largest social network in terms of users? Did you know that it has some of the very best engagement out of any platform too? Many people aren’t aware of just how big Instagram is.

Bonus #3 – Instagram Ads Made Easy
Use this Latest Instagram Advertising Techniques to Boost Sales and Profits for Personal Use Only! This exclusive training will show you step-by-step, topic by topic, and tool by tool, what you need to know to dominate Instagram Ads, in the easiest way possible, using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever.

Bonus #4 – Rapid Instagram Profits
Instagram continues to grow by millions of members every single month. If you want to tap into this amazing source of traffic, you need to do it systematically and methodically. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with mediocre results at best. At worst, you’re not going to get any results at all.  

Bonus #5 – How To Build Your Brand With Instagram Images
How To Build Your Brand With Instagram Images! In record time, Instagram has been able to absolutely explode into one of the most popular and frequently visited social media networks on the planet. Even before being purchased by Facebook, Instagram had close to 1 billion users logging into it social media network every single month  

Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


All Upsells Iincluded

(Launch Week Only)

Yes you read that right, if you are seeing this message you will receive ALL of the following upsells as a FREE BONUS.

ENGAGERMATE allows users to send users an INBOX of their choice the moment they follow their profile – this is the first tool EVER to allow this.

ENGAGERMATE actually tracks WHERE your fans come from, allowing you to engage with the content that your customers ACTUALLY are.

ENGAGERMATE shows you in real time your growth, engagement, and reporting of what your market is actually doing with your profile.

ENGAGERMATE integrates with instagram through android and iphone apps FIRST before connecting to our cloud system. users can actively change and view their engagements and view real time stats of their proress.

pink-tick-bulletVIP FACEBOOK GROUP
ENGAGERMATE has a group on Facebook where you can connect with other Engagermate users.

ENGAGERMATE gives you access to FB Font Changer, a little hack which allows you to change the font of your facebook page.

Refund Policy

14-day-moneyback14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If in the first 14 days you don’t like the software for whatever reason or decide you want the money back to go buy that new shirt instead, Luke will give you ALL your money back with his 100% money back guarantee.

To top this off, if you use this software for 60 days, work with their support team & himself personally & STILL don’t get any results, he will DOUBLE your money back. You won’t see this deal from any marketer ever.

Get Instant Access to EngagerMate with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

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