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IM Checklist Book is a BULLETPROOF System that allows Kevin to simplify absolutely every part of his Business and gets him results every single time It’s a system he used to build his own 7 figure

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IM Checklist Book is a BULLETPROOF System that allows Kevin to simplify absolutely every part of his Business and gets him results every single time

It’s a system he used to build his own 7 figure business and help countless of his students build their 6 and 7 figure businesses as well…

It’s a system that’s…

Below this are all the details that you will also find on the sales letter of the product “IM Checklist Book“. (I have just put them systematically into simple legible blocks for you),  so if you wish, you can skip it all and click this Get Instant Access button and go straight off to the sales page. However, do scroll down if you want to see the extra NAGS’ BONUSES you get when you buy IM Checklist Book from my link here.

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These are the EXACT checklists that Kevin uses to build his 7 figure business.

green-tick-bulletThis is just like having a 7 Figure Marketer taking you by the hand and giving you everything you need to have success in every aspect of online business.

green-tick-bulletComplicated and time consuming tasks will become SIMPLE, which means that any chance of failure will be eliminated.

green-tick-bulletIt will keep you focused on tasks that actually matter, which means you will save more time, be more productive and will make more money.

green-tick-bulletIt Will Give You an Absolute Unfair Advantage

green-tick-bulletTake Your Business To The Next Level

green-tick-bulletSave you time and countless hours 

How to Profit from These

ltblue-tick-bulletRebrand & Sell Over & Over Again

ltblue-tick-bulletTurn Into a Video Product Of Your Own

ltblue-tick-bulletRebrand and Add Theme as an Upsell In Your Funnel

ltblue-tick-bulletTurn Into a Webinar Presentation

ltblue-tick-bulletTurn Into High Quality Unique Blog Posts

ltblue-tick-bulletUse As a Bonus For You Affiliate Marketing Promotions

ltblue-tick-bulletUse It As Content For Your Membership Site

ltblue-tick-bulletUse Them to Build Your Email List

ltblue-tick-bulletIncrease The Value Of Your Existing Product

ltblue-tick-bulletUse Them In Your Coaching Program

ltblue-tick-bulletTranslate them into different languages

ltblue-tick-bulletUse Them To Setup Your Own Webinars!

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if

red-tick-bulletYou want improve Your earnings

red-tick-bulletYou are looking for the most straightforward path to success  

red-tick-bulletYou want to help a lot of people save time and money by making these checklists available to them.

red-tick-bulletYou want to bring the best type of leads and customers to your business

red-tick-bulletYou don’t want to spend a single penny on paid advertising

red-tick-bulletYou have No Prior Skills Or Experience Required. 100% Newbie Friendly  

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

What You Get


Product creation is one of the most profitable ways you can make money online. If you are looking to create and launch your own product, inside these checklists you will find the exact, tested and proven process for launching your own digital products with massive success.

pink-tick-bulletEMAIL MARKETING
Email Marketing is the base of any online business and one of the most valuable skills you can learn. Inside these checklists you will find my closely guarded email marketing secrets that are responsible for my 6 figure affiliate campaigns!

Do you struggle to create highly engaging content that generates you traffic on complete autopilot? Inside you will find my “secret” Social Media Marketing strategies I use to drive massive amounts of traffic and attract hordes of new customers!

This is you chance to become a SUPER AFFILIATE almost instantly! Inside these checklists you will find my EXACT step-by-step system that I use to generate $227.81 per day in affiliate commissions!

pink-tick-bulletVIDEO MARKETING
Video Marketing is great and very effective way to drive traffic, grow your audience and attract new customers. Inside these checklists you will find the best practices you can use to get the most out of your video marketing!

pink-tick-bulletCANVA DESIGN
Whether you want to create stunning graphics for your own business or your clients – Canva is a great software that you can take advantage of. Inside these checklists you will learn how I use canva for my own business, saving hundreds of dollars every single month. And not only that, but you will also learn how you can use canva to sell graphic design services to other businesses.

pink-tick-bulletNEWBIE MARKETING
If you are absolutely new to internet marketing, inside these checklists you will find the exact steps you need to take to achieve guaranteed success in the next 90 days! This is the most surefire blueprint for generating your first money online!

Messenger marketing currently is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and if you are not using it – you’re definitely leaving a lot of money on the table! Inside these checklists you will find strategies you can use to get the most out of your messenger marketing.

The goal is to work on your business, not in your business. Inside these checklists you will find a proven process to outsourcing the hardest and most time consuming tasks while you can do the things you enjoy the most!

pink-tick-bulletSELF PUBLISHING
One of the best ways to grow your business, generate passive income and attract high paying clients – all at the same time – is by publishing your own book. In these checklists we simplified the entire process to a simple steps so that anyone could write and publish their own book, but WITHOUT actually writing it!

Ready to turn your passion to profession? In these checklists you will find a bulletproof blueprint for building a business around your passion and monetizing it!

Looking to start an offline business? Inside these checklists you will find the proven process to building an offline business. Everything from coming up with an idea to coming up with a bulletproof execution plan!

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Kevin Fahey



These Checklists will allow you to increase your earnings in 3 SIMPLE steps!

Step #1 – Go To The IM Checklist

Step #2 – Follow The Steps

Step #3 – Increase Your Earnings

It doesn’t get any easier than that, does it? You have to just get these step by step checklists and follow the simple and already proven processes they show you!

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

Who Trusts IM Checklist Book

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!


Launch Bonuses

Kevin has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here

bonus-bulletBonus #1 – 12 Months Full Access to IM VIP Training. Value $359

With this membership access, you’ll get access to…

  • Their entire collection of video training courses covering 15 topics!
  • Multiple case studies, templates, resources, hours of video training and everything you need to build a successful online business!
  • PLUS LIVE Monthly Webinars!

bonus-bulletBonus #2 – Access to IM Funnels PRO Value $197

With this bonus, you’ll get access to…

  • 16 Done For You Funnels That Brought In $,xx In 2019 Combined!
  • Ability to use these funnels as your own and keep 100% of the profits! This is where I’m literally handing you a system that’s proven to make money.
  • These are my BEST products with proven-to-convert funnels that you know will convert and make you money!
  • PLUS much more…

bonus-bulletBonus #3 – Access to Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group Value $197 

During this mastermind access, you’ll…

  • Have 24/7 access to a group of like-minded marketers who are willing to help!
  • Build your connections and get all of your questions answered!
  • Hang out with other members, and share ideas to move all parts of your business forward!

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy IM Checklist Book from my link here

bonus-bulletBonus #4 – Lead Generation On Demand
Find out how to link to potential customers with proper SEO practices. Discover why webinars are the best way to demonstrate your business expertise and win more customers. Learn how to generate more leads with a solid email marketing campaign. And much more!  

bonus-bulletBonus #5 – Responsive Webinar Follow-Ups
So why does it not convert? In the specific video series we will be covering the biggest mistake that people tend to make when it comes to selling with webinars; including the most overlooked mistakes so that you do not make the same mistakes and lose sales.  

bonus-bulletBonus #6 – How To Start Online Coaching Business
Every person has at least some information or interest in information that they can potentially make money with. When you sell your expertise in the form of a course, an online program, or some sort of book, you get paid to talk about stuff that makes you curious or which pushes you to investigate.

bonus-bulletBonus #7 – Uncensored Affiliate Secrets
Affiliate marketing is a great place to get started. If you’re scared about creating your own products, which a lot of people are, then affiliate marketing is a great place to start.

bonus-bulletBonus #8 – Affiliate Advantage Plugin
Do not post about another product or write another review until you’ve installed this profit boosting WordPress plugin

bonus-bulletBonus #9 – Affiliate PDF Brander
Create a high quality ebook or report which promotes your product or service

bonus-bulletBonus #10 – The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy
The internet can help you to live your dreams and to design the perfect lifestyle that will make you truly happy. As an internet marketer, you can make a truly ‘passive income’. That means earning a living by writing an amazing website once or creating a product once and then letting the income roll in forever more.

bonus-bulletBonus #11 – Email Nuts and Bolts
Become A Guru On One Of The Most Powerful Marketing Tools Online! Email marketing starts with your email list 

bonus-bulletBonus #12 – Email Marketing Tips And Tricks
Grow your business by increasing your Email Click-through rates 

bonus-bulletBonus #13 – Email How To Videos
Simple and tactful methods on writing emails to boost open rates and trigger your subscribers to be interested with your offer all the time!

bonus-bulletBonus #14 – How To Write A Product Launch Email Campaign
To launch your own product online you need to write professional emails 

bonus-bulletBonus #15 – Growing An Email List
Email marketing needs to be an important component of your marketing campaign

bonus-bulletBonus #16 – Create Engaging Emails
How many emails do you delete without reading, every day? Most people will answer they delete hundreds of emails per day. That’s huge! 

bonus-bulletBonus #17 – Responsive Email Marketing
Top tips for boosting the responsiveness of just about ANY Email List! 

bonus-bulletBonus #18 – Cautionary Email Marketing
Your e-mail marketing campaigns could be at risk if you violate these simple rules! 

bonus-bulletBonus #19 : Email Marketing Profits
Learn how to make a full time living with email marketing! 

bonus-bulletBonus #20 – New Email Marketing Profits
Learn how to make a full time living with email marketing! 

OTO Bonuses

bonus-bulletBonus #1 : Product Launch Authority
A product launch is the most powerful way to build a lot of excitement and anticipation for a product, as well as to guarantee a huge explosion of sales 

bonus-bulletBonus #2 : Product Launch Authority Gold
10 HOT, Over-The-Shoulder, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials! Creating a digital product is by far one of the best ways to make money from a website 

bonus-bulletBonus #3 : Your First Info Product
Discover How You Can Be Up and Selling Your First Info Product Online In No Time Flat! 

bonus-bulletBonus #4 : Rapid-Product-Creation-Tactics
10 Ways to create your very own Info Products from Scratch 

bonus-bulletBonus #5 : 5-Step Launch Jacking Formula
Follow these 5 steps to hijack any product launch and make bank! If you really want to make thousands if not millions of dollars online, launching your own product is highly recommended 

[Put in a ticket at Nags’ Support with a copy of your purchase receipt/s for any Bonuses you didn’t get]

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!



Here is the Funnel for IM Checklist Book

OTO #1 – IM Checklist Membership @ $197

We’ve tested this as an upsell and 43% of customers are jumping on board knowing they’ll save hundreds with our 1 time payment option. Customers will get access to 395 checklists with Private Label Rights in 5 different formats, video training, exclusive bonuses and more with 18 new checklists added every month.

OTO #2 – 10 Day Boot Camp @ $297

The same coaching program which has helped dozen of marketers break into 6 figures per year. Included is 10 webinar replays, homework sheets, access to me personally and more exclusive bonuses.

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

Real User Reviews

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

Refund Policy

No Refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is IM Checklist Silver Edition?
A. IM Checklist Silver Edition is a collection of 287 marketing checklists that will simplify every single task in your business, and give you a proven step-by-step blueprint to making money online.

ques-iconWhat Is Included With IM Checklist Silver Edition?
A. With IM Checklist Silver Edition you get:

  • IM Checklist Silver Edition Book Of 287 Marketing Checklists
  • 12 Months FULL ACCESS To IM VIP Training
  • IM Funnels Pro – 16 “Full Blown” Done For You 6 Figure Funnels
  • Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group

ques-iconWhy Should You Get IM Checklist Silver Edition?
A. This is the next best thing to having 7 Figure Marketer show you how to ACTUALLY get results online. These checklists come from over 10 years of online business experience, and you can get your hands on them today at a MASSIVE discount.

ques-iconHow Much Does IM Checklist Silver Edition Cost?
A. Regular price for IM Checklist Silver Edition is $297. But TODAY you have a chance to get it at a MASSIVE 50% discount!

ques-iconHow Long Does It Take To Get IM Checklist Silver Edition Book Delivered?
A. Printing takes 3 – 5 days and you can expect delivery within 7 – 14 days depending which part of the world you live in. We ship Worldwide. US and European customers can expect faster delivery.

ques-iconHow Do I get IM Checklist Silver Edition at The Lowest Price Possible?
A. You can grab IM Checklist Silver Edition at the best price by clicking the button below!

Get Instant Access to IM Checklist Book with all my Bonuses at 9 am EST Today!

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