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Instead, why don’t you have a look at some of these Evergreen Products? I’m sure you will find one in the Niche you want.

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Content fuels the web and without written content – you just won’t rank in Google and won’t tap into the huge organic traffic source.

If you want to make a financial KILLING from selling 100% unique content, then InstantContent is made for you! It allows you to get all the benefits of unique SEO content – with zero extra work.

PLUS – it’s a fully fledged video AND content curator that integrates with ANY WordPress blog and themes.

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[+] Powerful and intelligent software that will rewrite any piece of content – and this will be human-readable, make-sense content!

[+] Turn any video into content: that’s right with InstantContent , you’re a push of a button away from transcribing any video into an article!

[+] Better rankings: With just a click of your mouse you will have 100% unique content that search engines (especially Google) will love. This means better rankings!

[+] 100% Copyscape passed: InstantContent creates content that is unique for search engines and will pass the Copyscape test.

[+] Easy-to-use: This effective software is so easy to use that even newbies can use it without getting lost!

[+] Multiple streams of content: from turning videos into articles, to automatically curating and then rewriting content, to making ANY article you insert in it unique, InstantContent takes care of ALL your content generation needs.


Radu Hahaianu & Mike Mckay


Just 3 simple steps 

You can just insert your keyword, and InstantContent will curate content, relevant videos AND automatically make it unique and post them all on your site.
Tap into both the VIDEO frenzy and content marketing traffic goldmine.
Turn any video into a 100% unique content with a crazy new technology.



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[+] This Amazing App Is Compatible With Both Mac And PC

[+] It turns ANY VIDEO into ARTICLES

[X] NO fees in paying content writers

[X] NO time wasted correcting mistakes from writers

[X] NO need to waste hours writing content yourself

[X] NO stress over your content writers running away with the money

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Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if

[+] You are an internet marketer who wants to make money online by selling 100% unique content

[+] You are a Video marketer who want a second way of using and monetizing their videos, by turning them into unique articles and tapping into free Google traffic

[+] You are a Lazy person who want 100% unique content with the push of a button

[+] You are a SEO enthusiast who want to enjoy higher rankings

[+] You are anyone who wants to save money AND time while not sacrificing ANY quality

[+] You are an Affiliate marketer or website owner

[+] You DON’T want to Write the content yourself (you don’t have the time to do that)

[+] You DON’T want to Hire a content writer (some of them can be really expensive)

[+] You DON’T want to Buy useless article spinners that produce garbage and unreadable content (a poor choice at best)

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing. If you want to finally sell your articles and never get penalized by duplicated content, InstantContent is for you

Get Instant Access to InstantContent with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


Launch Bonuses

Raduh has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy from my link here

Bonus #1 – Udemy Profits
Bonus #2 – Video Optin
Bonus #3 – WP BlogBook
Bonus #4 – WP Buzz Machine
Bonus #5 – WP Flash Pages
Bonus #6 – WP Link Tweet
Bonus #7 – WP Scarcity Lock
Bonus #8 – WP Squeeze Question

Special Reseller Bonuses

You also get these Special Reseller Bonuses when you pick up InstantContent here

Bonus #9 – WebbyApp  – turns any WP site into a fully fledged mobile app (iOS & Android)
Bonus #10 – UltraVid  – creates 1-click video sites complete with monetization
Bonus #11 – VidPix  – lets you place buy buttons, optin forms and even videos on top of your images
Bonus #12 – Hashtag Genius – brings you viral social media traffic at the push of a button, all with the power of hashtags

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy InstantContent from my link here

Bonus #13 – WP Cash-O-Matic  
Create cash-o-matic product pages for your own or affiliate offers instantly to make more commissions 

Bonus #14 – WP Profit Page Creator  
Instantly create money-making pages that are SEO friendly and help you make money 

Bonus #15 – WP Reports Plugin  
Displays post and comment activity per blog and per user so you can track which content is more effective for you. 

Bonus #16 – WP Bot Blocker Plugin  
Blocks all bot attacks keeping you secure your hackers You can Install on Unlimited Sites + CLIENT SITES 

Bonus #17 – WordPress Fast Track 2.0
Discover how to become a WordPress site building expert in just one hour 

Bonus #18 – SEO Ranking Research Tools
Find out how you can track all your keyword rankings without having to check manually all the time! 

Bonus #19 – SEO Traffic Thief
Google Algorithm keeps on changing. Well, you do not need to worry anymore. Inside this amazing product is a piece of software that is a huge help in doing your SEO procedure. 

Bonus #20 – SEO Tactics  
Learn the Modern Take On SEO Tactics! 

Bonus #21 – WordPress Hacker Prevention Video Course
Brand New Techie Training Videos That Are Brain-Dead Simple To Follow on How to Secure Your WordPress Website! 

Bonus #22 – WordPress Security Tips
Top ways you can use to protect your WordPress site 

Bonus #23 – WP Security Mastery
Secure Your Online Business Empire Using this Amazing WordPress Security Techniques and More! 

Bonus #24 – SEO Strategies Now and Then
Learn About These Money-Making SEO Strategies! The first goal of any search engine optimization strategy is to get your web pages indexed. But even before that can happen, you need to get the search engine crawlers to visit your website. 

Bonus #25 – WordPress Security Guard
Guard Your WordPress Website 24/7! 

Get Instant Access to InstantContent with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


Earlybird 11am-3pm EST at $16.93 price after early bird $22.93



Here is the Funnel for Instant Contrent

OTO #1 – Instant Content Pro @ $37

Take InstantContent To The Next Level And Become A Pro Marketer in 60 seconds

  • Developers License – Sell Generated Articles – $1670 VALUE
  • Publish To Unlimited Sites – $535 VALUE
  • Drip-Feed And Schedule Posts – $735 VALUE
  • TOTAL VALUE : $2940

OTO #2 – InstantContent Whitelabel @ $47

Get Hundreds Of Clients Hooked On InstantContent: Sell InstantContent Licenses & Cash In The Profits!

  • Seamless Software Rebranding – $1970 VALUE
  • Resellers License To InstantContent – $2970 VALUE
  • TOTAL VALUE : $4940

Get Instant Access to InstantContent with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Real User Reviews

Instant Content already has got thousands of users getting #1 rankings for the past year with rabid testimonials – take a look


Get Instant Access to InstantContent with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


Let’s Recap, what are you getting here Today

[+] Fully Fledged Content Curator (Value $197)

[+] Push Button 100% Unique Articles (Value $497)

[+] Transform ANY Video Into An Amazing Article (Value $197)

[+] Automatic Video Curator And Poster (Value $297)

[+] Plus A Ton More:

  • Integrated Copyscape checker
  • Multiple SEO optimization options
  • Spintax ready
  • 100% readable content
  • Newbie friendly
  • Easiest way to generate articles
  • 100% SEO friendly content

Get Instant Access to InstantContent with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

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