Internet Marketing Newsletter at $1

Internet Marketing Newsletter at $1

Why 99% of PLR is Just WRONG [The Secret to REAL Success ] Would you like to know the REAL secret to business success? It’s working ON your business instead of slaving away IN your business. ==> If

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Why 99% of PLR is Just WRONG [The Secret to REAL Success ]

Would you like to know the REAL secret to business success?

It’s working ON your business instead of slaving away IN your business.

==> If you are an Internet Marketer, Your Biggest Headache Has Just Been SOLVED!

Why waste your time writing IM content that may not work…

When you can ‘hire’ a pro to create hot money- generating IM content for you…

…and for just $1.50 a page???

Let’s face it… Writing Sucks! You know it and I know it.

So stop your suffering now and stop wasting your time creating mediocre content and start making money today.

Let Nick and his team of talented graphic designers, create a continuous stream of Hot IM Newsletter Content for you

Well you may very well say

Nergis, HOW do I get an IM veteran to write me 32+ pages of amazing content each and every month for less than $2 a page?

Until now, the only way I could answer that question with : At gunpoint!

After all, why would an online marketing veteran who’s generated $millions online write PLR content?

He wouldn’t !

He might, however, be persuaded to sell private label rights to his member’s only monthly newsletter, (The Internet Marketing Newsletter).

==> And that is EXACTLY what is happening right NOW.

Now, Don’t confuse this with ordinary PLR – it’s not.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR is like none other because:

[+] It’s written by an IM professional and his team, not clueless ghostwriters.

[+] This is content originally written exclusively for his $40 a month subscribers, never intending to release the rights to it. It’s that good.

[+] EACH ISSUE is in a 32+ page glossy e-magazine format – no other IM newsletter or magazine comes close to the size or quality of The Internet Marketing Newsletter.

[+] The Internet Marketing Newsletter does something ordinary publications don’t do – it teaches REAL methods for making REAL money online.

[+] The Internet Marketing Newsletter contains the latest Internet marketing news, resources, proven techniques and profitable methods for marketing online in every single issue

[+] The PLR can be used in magazine format with a ready PDF you can distribute, along with its editable .doc file– just change the magazine name and author’s name to your own – excellent for list building – or just deliver it as is!

[+] The PLR content can also be re-purposed in blog, posts, products, emails, articles, autoresponder sequences, videos, e-courses, etc. The ONLY limit is that you cannot resell rights to it.

Members are still paying $40 per month for this content

But for A FEW DAYS ONLY you can get full Private Label Rights to it for just $1.50 PER PAGE.[+] You Get 32+ Pages of Content Every Month!
[+] You Get a Ready PDF You Can Distribute As Is!
[+] You Also Get The .Doc File To Edit It!
[+] And You Can Use The Raw Content As You Wish!You can use this any way you choose…Make products …emails …blog posts… ecourses …autoresponder series …videos …or your own monthly newsletter / magazine (template included)

Here are a few topics and features you can come to expect each month within each upcoming issue of your newsletter

[+] YouTube: Easy insider tricks to making brain dead simple videos that send you traffic and sales on autopilot

[+] Blogging: How to get your readers positively addicted to you and your blog from the very first time they visit.

[+] Conversions: How to literally quadruple your sales conversions, guaranteed. Make 4 times the profits from the SAME traffic

[+] Outsourcing: This is the key to making millions, yet most marketers get it totally wrong. Here’s how to use outsourcing to make your first 5, 6 and eventually 7 figure incomes.

[+] JVs: Scared to death to do JVs? Think you don’t have anything to offer? Guess again! Here are over 20 methods to get JVs with almost anyone.

[+] Offliners: Tough time getting in the door? Here are 5 simple services you can offer that will have brick and mortar businesses begging you for more.

[+] Persuasion: Top 20 tactics for quickly and easily turning prospects into buyers using the Jedi mind tricks of master hypnotists.

==> Don’t Miss Out on the Internet Marketing Newsletters 

[+] Fiverr: How to earn $500 or more per week doing simple little things that require almost no skill.

[+] Facebook: How to make a killing on Facebook with a $50 budget and zero experience.

[+] Free Marketing Tips: How to completely differentiate yourself from every other offline marketer out there and show your clients how to make far MORE money without spending a dime on advertising!

[+] Niches: 50 niches that are just begging to be exploited. We’re talking low competition and high profits.

[+] Listbuilding: How to continually build a red hot list of buyers without ever selling a single product (Ingenious!).

[+] Webinars: The step-by-step system anyone can use to host profit-pulling webinars – even if you don’t have anything to sell and you hate speaking!

[+] Podcasting: Don’t just do any old podcast – design yours to become a non-stop money maker with these 25 little known techniques.


You get the News and latest hot Resources AND Hot Ideas all related to Internet Marketing.


Join today and you will also receive these Super Bonuses

Bonus #1 – A Ready To Deliver ILLUSTRATED Internet Marketing Newsletter / Magazine

Bonus #2 – The Unfair Advantage Swipe Files
Copies of all Nick’s sales letters dating back to 2001. Together they helped him to bank a whopping $14,547,652.36

Repurpose your monthly in any way you choose:

[+] Your own PDF newsletters
[+] Your own (online/offline) magazine
[+] Your money-making autoresponder series
[+] Attention getting blog posts
[+] Hot selling products
[+] Your own audio recordings, podcast or ‘radio show’
[+] Your own ebooks
[+] Your own list building reports
[+] Recurring payment memberships
[+] And so much more.

Bonus #3 – The Simple Product Profit Formula 

A 160 page manual and accessories first, which sells on its own website for $97

[+] How To Choose A Highly Profitable Market
[+] How To Find The Perfect Idea For An Information Product
[+] How To Write Pages Of High Demand Content
[+] How To Package, Price and Position Your Newsletter
[+] How To Create A Mini Sales Letter For Your Newsletter
[+] How to Setup A Website to Sell your Newsletter
[+] How To Turn Your Newsletter Into A Six Figure A year Business

Extra Report 1 – 7 Day Checklist For Writing Small Reports
Extra Report 2 – 50 Red Hot Ideas For Your Next Information Product
Extra Report 3 – How To Improve Your Information Writing
Extra Report 4 – the Beginners Guide To Promoting Your Newsletter
Extra Presentation – 90 Minute Presentation From Stage About Creating Info Products.

Bonus #4 – The Premium Product Profit Formula

This builds upon The Simple Product Profit Formula and then goes on the explain to you how to command higher prices…

[+] 4 Shifts To Creating Premium Products
[+] What Does A $97 Look Like?
[+] The Process Timeline For Creating $97 Products
[+] My #1 Strategy For Creating $97 Products In 48 hours Or Less
[+] How To Create Video Based Products
[+] 7 Proven Ways To Add Value

Plus, you will also receive the extra accessories regular customers paying the full $97 receive including.

Accessory 1. – Multiple Format Training Modules including PDF, MP4 and MP3.
Accessory 2. – Printable Premium Product Checklist
Accessory 3. – Premium Product Outline PDF Guide
Accessory 4. – Power Point Slide Templates
Accessory 5. – Premium Product Sales Letter Template
Accessory 6. – Premium Product Delivery or Fulfilment Page Template
Accessory 7. – Premium Product Student Q&A Session Transcription.


80+ Back Issues of  Internet Marketing Newsletter

Get Private Label Rights To EACH and EVERY Back Issue Of The PLR Newsletter – With Over 50 Pages Per Issue… That’s Over 4,000 Pages Of Pure Gold Content!

This PLR Is So Good You Can Monetize It Faster Than Usain Bolt Could Run The 100 Meters! Want a peak at what kind of stuff you can expect?

  • How To Make $100,000 Per Year In Internet Marketing [Easier than  you might think]
  • 7 Methods Of Getting Free Traffic To Your Blog
  • How To Get Marketers With Huge Mailing Lists To Promote For You [Even If They’ve Ignored You In The Past, They’ll Gladly Mail For You When You Use This Method]
  • How To Ethically Hijack Breaking News Stories And Generate Tons Of Media Coverage
  • 4 Ways To Create Hot Selling Products =Super-Fast
  • The Exact Process That Million Dollar Earners Use To Build Their IM Business
  • 9 Ways To Sell More Of Your Products Starting Right Now
  • 5 Ways To Dramatically Increase Conversions On Affiliate Products
  • 8 Tricks For Coming Up With A Killer Product Name
  • The Exact Product Creation Outline You Can Use To Develop Any Product From Start To Finish In One Afternoon.
  • 9 Ways To Use HubPages To Drive Traffic, Raise Money And Make Sales
  • How To Activate Hidden Universal Desires In Your Customers To Make Them Automatically Buy Your Products Without Even Thinking About It [Please Use This Responsibly]
  • How To Stop The Customer From Asking Should They Buy Your Product And Instead Ask HOW MUCH They Should Buy From You.
  • How To Make Your Freebie Go Viral [Imagine The List You Can Build]
  • My Personal Headline Go-To Cheat Sheet [Cannot Fail Headlines Every Time]
  • The Best Video Creation Tip Ever
  • The One Product Idea That Practically Never Fails [Blueprint Included]
  • How To Absolutely Know In Advance If People With Buy Your Product Or Not
  • How To Make A Million Dollars In Less Than A Month, $5 At A Time [Seriously This Is How One Marketer Did It]
  • 11 Crucial Steps To Quitting Your Job And Pursuing Your Online Business
  • 9 Words That Increase Conversions By 75%
  • 8 Email Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Sales And Subscribers
  • How Adding A Simple Decoy To Your Sales Page Will Dramatically Increase Sales [This Is Bizarre Yet 100% Factual – It Works!]
  • 13 Tips For Capturing More Opt Ins
  • How To Make Money And Build Your Own List With ANY And EVERY hot Selling WSO
  • How To Double Your Sales By Using One Special Kind Of Email
  • How To Get Your Twitter Account To Pay You [This Could Be A Profitable Hobby]
  • 5 Ways To Increase Sales In ANY Business
  • How To Spy On Affiliate Leaders And Use Their Exact Methods To Get Rich
  • The Weird Trick To Making Your Readers And Customers So loyal To You, They Wouldn’t Think Of Looking Elsewhere
  • 4.5 Tips To Make You Look Like A Star On Video Chats
  • 12 Different ‘Baits’ That Get Super Relevant, Super Powerful Websites To Link To You And Boost Your Rankings
  • How To Handle those Nasty Blog Comments And Win Over the hearts And Minds In The Process
  • 9 Simple Steps To Using Live Event Blogging To Increase Reader Interaction, Increase Traffic And Make You Look Like A pro
  • 7 Fun & Simple Ways To Get Your Customers To Happily Promote You And Your Business To their Friends
  • Secrets Of A $315 Million Dollar Blog [Can You Build A Blog And Sell It For Millions? Actually Yes You Can!]
  • 11 Key Ingredients To Making Any Launch A BlockBuster Event
  • The Single Technique That Can Add Thousands To Your Bottom Line Each Month With Very Little Effort
  • The Incredible Magical Conversion Tool [Use This To Close More Sales On Your Website]
  • 31 Ways To Market And Promote Anything On A Shoestring Budget
  • 10 Ways To Earn More Money In Your Internet Business Starting Now
  • The Eugene Schwartz / John Carlton Headline Swipe Files [these Headlines Have Made Millions]
  • 13 Ways to Increase Your Click Through Rate On Ads And Emails
  • 10 Surprising Places To Find A Great Idea For Your Next Hot-Selling Info Product
  • 16 Pitfalls To Avoid And Tips For Success When Publishing On Kindle
  • 22 Powerful Tips For Marketing Your Business On Facebook
  • How To Get Radical Results In Your Online Business FAST!
  • 33.5 Money Making Twitter Tips To Take Your Business To the Next Level
  • How To Double Your Online Business Revenue Overnight
  • 7 Steps To Getting Tons Of Free Publicity From Bloggers
  • 15 Click Inducing Ideas For Your Next Headline Or Subject Line
  • How To Earn 34.81% More Simply By Being Specific
  • How To Convert 35% More Of Your Visitors Into Happy Subscribers
  • 12 Unusual Ways To Build Relationships With Your Readers
  • 20 Ways To Get More People Watching And Recommending Your YouTube Videos
  • 7 Tips For Killer Video Email Messages
  • 8 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You’re Making Right Now
  • David Ogilvy’s “APPALLING” Copywriting Habits That Made Him A Fortune [Yes, Lazy Can Sometimes Be Better!]
  • How To Make Money Giving Stuff Away For Free
  • 5 Powerful YouTube tricks You Don’t Want To Miss
  • the Drop Dead Simple Techniques For Finding A Hot Selling Kindle Topic
  • 3 Complete Systems to Build Your List While Simultaneously Making Money
  • 4 Ways To Find A hot Topic for Your Next WSO
  • 6 Down & Dirty Product Ideas To Make A Hot Product Fast [And Get A Quick Can Infusion]

And by the way, this list only represents a small portion – about just 5% – of what you’ll find inside these 80+ issues

Get the Internet Marketing Newsletter today & Breathe Easy

This Exclusive Offer Closes once the Launch is Over and the price goes back to $40 /mo

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