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Rank Page 1 for NICHE sites & Videos + Free Traffic How would you like to be able to automatically rank BOTH your videos AND your niche sites? AND get Targeted, Free Traffic in 48 hours

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Rank Page 1 for NICHE sites & Videos + Free Traffic

How would you like to be able to automatically rank BOTH your videos AND your niche sites?

AND get Targeted, Free Traffic in 48 hours or less…

A brand new tool has just hit the market that has simplified the video and niche site ranking process..

It’s producing page 1 rankings after page 1 rankings and it does ALL the hard work for you!

Another thing that is constant though is that you can NEVER have too much traffic.

==> See this LIVE case study video to learn how to get Page #1 Rankings for videos & sites

Allowing you to generate targeted, free BUYER traffic, sales and leads at will!

The creators have called it Syndlab and it automatically syndicates your content to over 21+ high-quality social syndication sites on complete autopilot!

We all know how powerful social syndication is for ranking #1, right?

If there’s any source of backlinks that have produced more page 1 rankings than any other it’s social syndication!

And Syndlab:

[+] Gets you first page rankings, FAST!

[+] Builds over 21+ high-quality syndications to ANY URL that you want

[+] Has one-click posting capabilities so it does ALL the work for you in ONE click!

[+] Has a built-in drip feeding option to give your campaigns that natural feel

[+] Has a built-in scheduler to schedule up to 14 days of syndication!

[+] Allows you to see full reports of your campaigns

[+] And much MUCH more!

==> See the case study and demo here

You can make professional looking videos and niche sites ALL day long, but until those assets get you traffic and sales, you’re running a non-profit organization!

Today, all of that changes!

Today, you can put your video and niche site monetization on complete autopilot!


If you thought SyndLab couldn’t get any better, we’ve got some limited-time bonuses for you that will allow you to go from ZERO to profit as fast as possible with SyndLab!

However, you must act before this offer closes. Because once it does, these bonuses will NOT be available anymore

Bonus #1 – Live 90 Minute Training Session with Q&A (Value $197)
Some ninja strategies that you won’t hear any where else. Plus, all your questions answered LIVE!

Bonus #2 – 20 professional YT Thumbnails (Value $37)
These professionally designed thumbnail images will ensure that your videos stand out from the crowd.

Bonus #3 – 20 professional CTA Images (Value $37)
Don’t be like every other marketer who use preselected thumbnails that YT suggests.

Bonus #4 – Zamurai Keyword Bootcamp (Value $37)
In this bootcamp training you’re gonna learn Josh’s 7 favorite types of keywords that have made him thousands of dollars in commissions.

Bonus #5 – Zamurai Video Immersion (Value $297)
This was a LIVE 4-week video marketing immersion training Joshua held with a small select group of people. They each paid $297 for this training and you can get it as a free bonus for SyndLab.

Get SynLab with all my bonuses at 11 am EST today

Bonus #6 – Over the Shoulder Gold Digging Video (Value $27)
In this video Josh will walk you through how to find the perfect keywords for high conversions. You also see him uncover keywords live.

Bonus #7 – SEO Ranking Research Tools (Value $37)
Find out how you can track all your keyword rankings without having to check manually all the time!

Bonus #8 – Traffic Generation (Value $47)
There’s no end to the amount of traffic you can generate by picking the right keywords

Bonus #9 – Video Backlinks Bomber Software (Value $67)
Automated software that starts putting your backlinks on the top ranking videos – 100% Whitehat Method

Bonus #10 – WP Viral Traffic Ninja (Value $47)
Simple automated traffic system you can use to get unlimited visitors to your blog for FREE!

Lets Recap here, what Syndlab gives you

1 – SyndLab’s Proprietary Syndication System Value /Month $97

2 – SyndLab’s Proprietary Scheduling System Value $497

3 – SyndLab’s full Syndication Reporting And Analytics System – Value /Month $300

4 – 10 Special Bonuses to enhance the SynLab System – Value $1000+

Get SynLab with all my bonuses at 11 am EST today


OTO 01 – Powerful 4 Part Offer

Here you are gonna be able to:

[+] Create and unlimited # of campaigns and remove all limitations on syndication
[+] Be able to unlock out tiered linking feature which will allow you to create multiple-tiered campaigns for more powerful link juice.
[+] You’ll be unlocking an additional 5+ networks you can syndicate to
[+] AND be able to syndicate to video sites as well

OTO 02 – SyndLab Plugin

Here you are going to be able to access their SyndLab plugin which will allow you to connect any and all WP sites to your account and set up automatic syndication for ANY new or old blog post you want syndicated. You’ll be able to rank your niche sites even faster with this and/or revive any old site you haven’t worked on in a while. You’ll also be unlocking your VA license so that you can give access to as many Virtual assistants asyou’d like.

OTO 03 – Video Chief Templates

Here you will be getting access to thier powerful Video Chief membership site. You’ll be able to get access to over 350+ video templates that you can instantly rank using Syndlab.

All in all, they’ve create the PERFECT match for maximum conversions!

OTO 03 – X Ranker 360

Here you will get access to their X Ranker 360 product which is seamlessly integrated with SyndLab. This will allow you to get FAST page 1 video rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is SyndLab?

SyndLab is a web-based app that can be accessed from ANY computer from ANY location as long as you have an Internet connection.

Once you login, you’ll be able to quickly and easily connect to over 21+ social syndication sites.

Once connected, you’ll be able to syndicate ANY content you’d like, whether it’s videos, blog sites, web 2.0 sites, pretty much ANY content you’d like.

You’ll also be able to syndicate your content immediately, or schedule them for up to TWO weeks in the future!

This will allow you to get FAST page 1 rankings on complete autopilot.

Q. Is SyndLab Mac Compatible?

Yes. In Fact, SyndLab works on ANY computer. It’s a WEB-BASED App, which means all you need is a web-browser and an Internet connection and you’ll be able to use SyndLab.

Q. Do I need any proxies or Captchas to make SyndLab work for me?

Nope. We’ve created SyndLab in a way that you don’t need any captchas or proxies to make it work. Many ranking tools require captchas and proxies, but SyndLab doesn’t.

Q. Is there a guarantee policy?

Yes, absolutely. We are extremely confident in what we’ve created. So confident that you’ll be able to use SyndLab for a full 30-days and if within those 30 days you feel SyndLab is not for you, then just shoot us an email and we’ll give you a full refund.

Q. Does SyndLab work for local marketing?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve built SyndLab to work for ANYTHING you’re looking to do online. Local, Affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, eCommerce, pretty much anything that you need targeted traffic for.

Pick up Syndlab NOW with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST today!

(Special Discount Ends Soon after Launch)

Hurry and get there before the price goes up!

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