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Instead, why don’t you have a look at some of these Evergreen Products? I’m sure you will find one in the Niche you want.

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Live Engager is a breakthrough app that allows you multi-control over several lucrative Fanpages…

In fact… it makes you a 1-person social media mega team all in one!…

And WITHOUT doing all the hard work that’s holding everyone else back…

Now you can have the leverage only huge companies can afford yet at pennies on the buckster!

Live Engager is truely a state of art tool that will get you more views and longer interactions in a way that you have NEVER experienced before!

This works in ANY niche and the sky is truly the limit with Live Engager!


So what can you do with it?

You can Launch Multiple Fanpages in Multiple Niches, Create New Income Streams On Each New Fanpage, Schedule Live Stream Video Polls That Bring Massive FB Leads, Get Active Analytics from REAL Time Reactions To Boost FREE Traffic, Create Game Guessing Games That Make People Beg To Optin, Easily Create Tons Fanpages That Bring In Cashflow Over and Over, Start your own social media company operating as 1-person yet putting out the work of a full team and so much more… Get all the details below.



[+] Real time reaction counts in your videos to boost engagement

[+] News Ticker: Display your offers like news tickers on live video. (CUSTOMIZABLE)

[+] Live guessing game, Set game rules and display winners name at the end of the video

[+] Set time, how long the live poll will run.

[+] 25+ premium background for live poll.

[+] History of Game winners.

[+] Detailed statistics of published videos

[+] Background Music: User can add background music along with their poll video. We will provide 20 royalty free background music.

[+] FB Live Scheduler: Create and post a live schedule announcement of live with user’s or page’s profile picture, before a specific hours (set by user) ago of live video, telling audience about the upcoming live video.

[+] Voting with Reaction (Total 6 Templates): With this feature you can make your fans choose between 1 to 6 different choices.

[+] Voting with Bars (Total 6 Templates): Create Facebook LIVE Voting with Bars. Users will love this funny way to show a voting contest with reactions!

[+] Voting with Hashtag (Total 6 Templates): You can create voting contest where users can vote by writing #hastag in the comments of your Facebook LIVE.

[+] Countdown (Total 6 Templates): Create Facebook LIVE with Countdown as you wish, both future or past events, all in just few steps.



See Live Engager, the simple to use software that helps gets you huge engagement and leads, in action below!




Live Engager can help any struggling or even experienced online business owner get the most out of every fan page they own while cutting the workload to shreds.

And with all of the advancements that Facebook is making with their technology, it’s become easier than ever to profit with any Fanpage you own!

[+] Get More Views and Longer Interactions
It’s a known fact that Facebook Live videos are watched up to 3X longer than videos that aren’t live. Using this knowledge along with Live Engager can not only increase sales, but also create rabid fans in the process!

[+] Supercharge Your Results With Live Video
Listen, nothing works better than video. And rightfully so since we all are visual people. When you incorporate video into your marketing and Fanpages, you exponentially increase your brand awareness, profits, leads, and more…only about 1000X faster!

[+] Makes Being Social TRULY SOCIAL
We all love social media, but let’s be honest; social media hasn’t really given itself to making people more social. If anything, it’s done the opposite. And that’s where Live Engager shines. Because you can show live reactions, it actually helps pull people into the poll and comments where dialogue and curiosity are created.

[+] Be Everywhere All At The Same Time
If you manage multiple groups and pages, now you can schedule live videos in every single one without having to do it one at a time. Imagine the amount of time this will save you while you reap the benefits!

[+] Can Work For Any Niche Or Any Market
As we said earlier, engagement is key. And with Live Engager, you can stir up any market there is on the planet. Every market or niche desires a certain result and when you use Live Engager to help find what that result is while at the same time generating tons of interests in your polls and videos, you’re sure generate a ton of sales and leads on demand. The sky truly is the limit!

[+] Get More Comments Which Gets More Traffic
Live videos have been known to get up to 10X more comments than regular videos. All because people are interacting with the content in real time. So when you compare that to regular videos, all things being equal, if a regular video could produce $10 in profit, then a live one with the same parameters should product up to $100 in profit! And all for doing the same or less amount of work.

Recommended for?

This is recommended for YOU if

[+] You want a Brain-Dead-Simple-No-Fuss Way of Siphoning Tons of Leads and Cash From Any FB Page You Own… On Complete Autopilot

[+] You want to plug in and get started immediately!

[+] You want to use the power of live video streaming with live polls…

[+] You want to generate leads up to 1000X faster than you normally would…

[+] You want to  add dynamic call to actions…

[+] You want to get 10X more comments & engagement than you would with normal videos



Premium Bonuses

Bonus #1 : Reseller Rights – VidKala ($197 Value)

Create Viral Fb Videos With Trending Hashtags For Any Keyword In Under 60 SECONDS To Get FREE Targeted Traffic

[+] Add “Call To Action” To All Your integrated FB Pages
[+] Enter Keyword to search videos on Youtube – User can insert more than 1 keyword to search for videos with a comma between each keyword – only creative commons videos will be shown
[+] Filtering Results by Relevance, Rating, Title, Date and Most Views
[+] Schedule/Publish Single video post
[+] Schedule Bulk video post
[+] Create Viral Hashtags for Videos to get more traffic
[+] Publish & manage all videos scheduled for your unlimited Facebook FB pages & video affiliate sites from single centralized system
[+] See VidKala add viral video posts to your Fb Pages for more traffic & sales
[+] Fully SEO optimised

Bonus #2: Lead Gate Pro White Label ($97 Value)

LeadGate Pro locks the content your viewers want to see, making them take action to unlock!

[+] Collects Unlimited Leads From Your Website/blog
[+] Integrated with Popular Autoresponders and Email Marketing Platforms
[+] 5 Additional Optimized Templates
[+] Multi-Language
[+] Import/Export (CSV)
[+] Google/Universal Analytics event tracker supported
[+] And more…

Bonus #3: WP Lockdown White Label ($97 Value)

[+] The “WP Lockdown” plugin will take password protected pages to a whole new level.
[+] This plugin is only limited by your imagination so we hope you enjoy it.
[+] You can now do things like setup a free course, advertise it on your site and display a list of page titles in a dropdown menu, but none of them are accessible until your visitor becomes a subscriber.

Bonus #4: Auto Post Wiz White Label ($97 Value)

Manage your blog postings using this plugin. This software is for anyone who wants to take their lead generation efforts to the next level and build a profitable business.

[+] Connection to unlimited lists
[+] Seamless Integration
[+] One-click install
[+] Simple Setup
[+] No cost monthly charges
[+] User guide and video demo
[+] Capture New Subscribers
[+] And so much more


Launch Bonuses

Chris has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy from my link here

Bonus #5 – WP Viral Click Plugin ($47 Value)
Secret, “Plug-and-Play” WP Plugin Will Unleash An Unstoppable Tsunami Of Visitors Straight To Your Blog! And The Best Part Is That You Only Need A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse To Generate This Kind Of Insane Traffic!

Bonus #6 – Keyword Suggestion Software ($37 Value)
A Handy Tool That You Can Use In Many Ways:
Get Ideas For Niche Domination.
Use it For Pay Per Click Campaign.
Use it To Get Better Ranks With YouTube Videos (YouTube Tags).
And much more!

Bonus #7 – VidRolls WordPress Plugin ($47 Value)
VidRolls WordPress Plugin allows you to take control of your videos and present them in a way you’ve never been able to before, simply by adding pre-and post-roll content to your site.

Bonus #8 – Facebook Hot Content Seeker Plugin ($47 Value)
Discover How to Quickly & Easily Find and Share the Hottest Facebook Content in Your Niche!

Bonus #9 – WP Slideshow Master Plugin ($37 Value)
WP Slideshow Master Plugin is a fantastic and VERY powerful plugin that allows you to instantly create eye-catching, conversion-increasing slideshows that will impress your visitors and make them stay longer… maximizing your chances to transform them into paid customers.

Bonus #10 – True Tags Software ($47 Value)
Did You Ever Wonder Why You Never Stood A Chance Ranking Your Video? Discover The Power Of ‘True Tags Software’!

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy Live Engager from my link here


Bonus #11 – Facebook Fan Page Profits
Facebook has changed the way we market our business online. Learn to market to a certain audience, anywhere across the world with FB Fanpages  

Bonus #12 – Facebook App Software
Now You Can Easily Add A Add Facebook App To Your Facebook Page! 

Bonus #13 – Getting Facebook Traffic
Exploit Facebook’s advertising system for cheap traffic, laser targeted leads, and more online profits in your business!  

Bonus #14 – Facebook Legal Documents Creator
Anyone who puts apps on Facebook needs this one. This creates Privacy and Terms documents that comply with the latest Facebook requirements  

Bonus #15 – FB Authority Secrets
Catch the attention of your followers and get them to engage with your posts by posting interesting content about your product or services 

Bonus #16 – FB Covers Monster
Having a great business facebook cover is a must! This pack includes over 130 facebook covers which are fully editable. 

Bonus #17 – FB Lead Miner
How to be a 6-Figure Facebook consultant without ever having to meet clients or even leave your home!  

Bonus #18 – FB Timeline Express Software
Start Making $97 for 5 minutes of work with this Facebook Software and easy $197 checks by selling it. 

Bonus #19 – FB Cash Formula
A real, proven and step-by-step system to build a profit-generating, sustainable online business that exclusively uses Facebook  

Bonus #20 – FB Redirect Pro WP Plugin
Expanding your Facebook page by putting external links to redirect traffic anywhere on the web!  


Early Bird 11am – 4pm
Price starting out at $27 & $37 will go to $39.95 on the Premium at 4pm





Here is the Live Engager Funnel


OTO1 – Live Engager Pro @ $47

[+] Auto comment reply: Live Engager Pro comes with comprehensive auto functionality. Send Auto Set Message on Every Comment based on keywords. To be in detail, users can send the auto reply, and post the auto comment on anywhere they like on Facebook. This platform actually makes the best use of hashtags and keywords to optimize the task of customer management on Facebook.

[+] Automatic Inbox Message sent: Automatic Inbox Message sent When someone Comments with a specific keyword(s) set by user. With this auto features, Live Engager Pro allows you to even message directly to user’s inbox.

[+] Auto Like: Auto like on every new comments.

[+] Social Syndication: Publish live video on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, pinterest, tumbler, stumbleupon.

[+] Reveal Voting: We will hide a content (video/image) and reveal it, little by little, based on reactions received.

[+] Word Search Puzzle: A real interactive LIVE Game where your fans have to find Words inside a puzzle of Letters.

OTO2 – Vidinflux @ $67-$97

“Tap Into BILLIONS OF Video Visitors Using Special Social Videos That VidInflux Creates In 1 MINUTE!”

[+] Drop dead attention getting & effective Social Videos In seconds
[+] ZERO Graphical Or Technical Skills Required
[+] FREE Viral & Organic Facebook Traffic
[+] 100% Newbie-Friendly, Drag, Drop & Publish
[+] Set CAMPAIGNS on Autopilot
[+] Cloud Based, No Installation needed, 24/7 Uptime

OTO3 – Live Engager Reseller  @ $97 – $147

[+] Resell rights to sell Live Engagger.

OTO4 – Vidinflux Reseller @ $97 – $147

[+] Resell rights to sell Vidnflix.

Real User Reviews

Check out what their past customers & beta users have to say…



Refund Policy

imchecklist-v9-money-back100% No Risk Guarantee

Take the next 30 days to test drive Live Engager for yourself. See how easily Live Engager can help explode your fan pages with full on engagement that helps generate leads and sales. And if after 30 days, you don’t agree it’s worth your investment today, they will buy it back no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Live Engager work with any niche or any market?
Yes engagement is key. And with Live Engager, you can stir up engagement in any market. Think about it people no matter what interests they have they all love to interact. So with Live Engager you’re sure generate a ton of sales and leads on demand.

2. Is This Facebook Compliant?
Yes, Live Engager has been approved by Facebook with all necessary API permissions to perform every action inside the software.

3. Will This Work on my Mac/Windows?
Yes! Live Engager is a fully cloud-based solution and will work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

4. Does this work if I have multiple Fan Pages?
Yes if you manage multiple pages, now you can schedule live videos in every single one without having to do it one at a time.

5. Is Training Included?
Absoltely – a complete video knowledge base is included to walk you through every step of setting up and operating the software

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