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News News is BIG business. Daily – even hourly – billions of people go online for the latest updates. And thanks to today’s political climate, news is bigger now than EVER. It’s more than a

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News is BIG business. Daily – even hourly – billions of people go online for the latest updates. And thanks to today’s political climate, news is bigger now than EVER. It’s more than a fad or trend – it’s an addiction.

These are the top News Sites according to Alexa ranking

#1 – Reddit
#2 – CNN
#3 – The NY Times
#4 – Huffington Post

And these are the DAILY Passive Revenues generated by the popular News Sites

Huffington Post – $29,896 PER DAY
Mashable – $15,781 PER DAY
TechCrunch – $14,816 PER DAY
Engadget – $3,918 PER DAY

Why NewsBuilder

NewsBuilder allows you to launch fully-monetized automated, self-updating sites that pull Trending content from 138 leading News sources

 Sites that drive passive profits in ANY niche … Without you writing a word of content, needing a list or creating any products. 

NewsBuilder is a FRESH and proven way for marketers of any level to make job-replacing, 100% passive income. WITHOUT the hassles of product creation, list-building or video marketing. The timing couldn’t be better – NEWS is the new ‘black’ and audiences can’t get enough – now YOU can profit JUST LIKE the huge news sites do!

NewsBuilder is an all-in-one passive income solution that includes self-updating, monetized sites packed with viral content and ALL the free traffic you will ever need.

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[+] 138 Viral Newsfeeds PLUS Custom RSS Let YOUR Customers Setup General Or Niche Profit Sites For INSTANT Authority And Ongoing Passive Profits!

[+] Simply by selecting specific sites and custom topics, you can

  • Profit from self-updating sites in MULTIPLE niches – including sports, entertainment, finance, politics, technology and so much more
  • Create geo-specific sites with content relevant to different countries
  • Target audiences by interest, region or BOTH – and literally monetize ANY hobby without writing a single word of content

[+] The front end of NewsBuilder comes loaded with a powerful WordPress plugin, theme, and their proprietary, award-winning TrafficBuilder software.

[+] Step-by-step video training shows users how to effortlessly create set & forget MONETIZED sites that drive unlimited traffic, leads and profits WITHOUT paid ads.

[+] Pulls TRENDING Content From 138 Leading News Sources, including TOP Traffic-Driving Sites Like These, And Many More


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[+] Other awesome features include

  • 100% Mobile Responsive – sites render perfectly across all devices
  • Self Updating Sites – on YOUR Schedule – have your sites update every 5 minutes, every 24 hours, or anything in-between
  • List Building – include optin forms that integrate with any autoresponder
  • Translate Posts – Into Over 150 Languages – pull content from anywhere & translate it into any language
  • Text Spinner Support – direct integration with SpinRewriter lets you spin posts into unique content for a huge SEO boost
  • Custom RSS Support – allows you to plugin any RSS feed for fresh content from unlimited sources
  • Complete Content – the software pulls FULL articles from source including feature images
  • Custom Posts – set parameters to publish articles based on content length, title length & keyword
  • Customize Content – modify the post title & content before publishing
  • Passive Commissions – drive higher profits by automatically replacing keywords with affiliate links
  • Custom Engagement – enable / disable comments & pingbacks for every automated post
  • Multiple Post Options – convert any article into a post, attachment, revision or menu item


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Make Ongoing Passive Income In 3 Simple Steps:

Step #1 – Upload the NewsBuilder plugin & theme to your WordPress site

Step #2 – Customize your very own passive income NEWS sites by following the step-by-step guides

Step #3 – Run the INCLUDED traffic software to drive 100% passive profits 24/7

Get Instant Access to NewsBuilder with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Check out NewsBuilder in action here


Make Profit-Driving, SELF-UPDATING NEWS sites Like These With Just A Few Mouse Clicks:


Get Instant Access to NewsBuilder with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


[+] Automated, Self-Updating Viral Websites

  • The plugin & theme let users create AUTHORITY news-style sites in any niche … without any tech skills or content creation.
  • The software pulls FULL articles from 138 top news sites to build & automatically grow viral sites for users.
  • It supports RSS feeds for even more fresh content …
    And AUTOMATICALLY updates these sites with new articles as often as people want – from anywhere between every 5 minutes to once every 24 hours

[+] A Proven Passive Income Solution

  • Your customers can monetize their NewsBuilder sites ANY way they choose. AdSense, Amazon Ads, Affiliate / CPA Links, Banner Ads & more … they can even use these sites to sell their OWN products. The included theme makes it point & click simple to monetize sites for passive profits.
  • Even better – the software features a keyword replacement tool – so people can AUTOMATICALLY replace article keywords with affiliate links. These ‘in-article links’ convert at extremely high rates … driving even higher passive income for your customers.

[+] TRAFFIC Built-In

  • Sites are optimized for SEO and social sharing.
  • The software integrates with SpinRewriter so users can choose to have articles spun into completely unique content – for an even bigger boost in rankings.

[+] NewsBuilder + TrafficBuilder = A WINNING Combo

  • Reddit is ranked #1 of all news sites by Alexa. When it comes to traffic that LOVES news, Reddit leads the pack.
  • The TrafficBuilder software works with Reddit … so NewsBuilder site owners can drive boatloads of ultra-targeted traffic directly to their articles & monetized sites.
  • Meaning higher passive profits from huge volumes of engaged visitors!

[+] Make CONSISTENT Daily, Weekly & Monthly Income …

  • WITHOUT Spending A Dime On Traffic OR Updating Your NEWS sites – EVER

newsbuilder-benefits-1 newsbuilder-benefits-2 newsbuilder-benefits-3


Check out just some of NewsBuilder’s results


Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if

[+] You want to make CONSISTENT Daily, Weekly & Monthly Income

 … WITHOUT Spending A Dime On Traffic OR Updating Your NEWS sites – EVER

Get Instant Access to NewsBuilder with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Exclusive Bonuses

Gee has agreed to give these exclusive bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here

Exclusive Bonus #1 – Azon Profit Builder (Value: $97)
Exclusive Bonus #2 – Video Traffic Siphon (Value: $97)
Exclusive Bonus #3 – SociTraffic Pro (Value: $97)
Exclusive Bonus #4 – Amazon Finder (Value: $97)
Exclusive Bonus #5 – Traffic Pro (Value: $97)
Exclusive Bonus #6 – Facebook Lead Finder (Value: $97)

Launch Bonuses

Plus you get these Launch Bonuses when you buy from here

Bonus #7 – WP Amazon Software
Bonus #8 – WP Blogbook
Bonus #9 – WP BuzzMachine
Bonus #10 – WP Link Tweet
Bonus #11 – WP Scarcity Blog
Bonus #12 – WP Short Code CTA
Bonus #13 – WP Squeeze Question
Bonus #14 – FB Alert Plugin
Bonus #15 – Viral Traffic Ninja
Bonus #16 – WP Adburn Plugin
Bonus #17 – WP List Build
Bonus #18 – WP Leadgen Theme
Bonus #19 – WP Paypal Cart
Bonus #20 – WP Superstyle Plugin
Bonus #21 – WP Plugin Powerpack

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy    from my link here

Bonus #22 – How to Find Hot Spots in the Internet Marketing
Developing a niche is key to the success of your Internet marketing efforts. 

Bonus #23 – Internet Marketing for Newbies
Perfect for you if you are a newbie and new insights for those who aren’t 

Bonus #24 – Add Hundred Of Subscribers Weekly Video Course
A video course that will show you how you can grow your subscriber base 

Bonus #25 – Better SEO In Less Than A Month Report
Blueprint for kicking profits into high gear with a blog that’s getting massive traffic 

Bonus #26 – Exit List Pro Software
Easily Add Powerful Exit Popups To Your Web Pages – To Build Your Mailing List On Autopilot! 

Bonus #27 – Rank Your WordPress Site on 1st Page of Google Video Course
An 8-part video series that will teach you how to get your blog site ranking to the first page of Google 

Bonus #28 – Get Targeted Traffic From YouTube Video Course
Learn how to make YouTube videos rank high and direct the resulting targeted traffic to your website 

Bonus #29 – Viral Master List Builder Software
Create software products without writing a single line of code 

Bonus #30 – Authority Hijack 2
Hijack the authority from authority websites to your advantage – the very legal way! 



Earlybird price for 30 site licence: 21.00 then jumps to $24.00 after 2pm EST

Price increases every 3 hours after this. 

The final price will be $37 at the end of launch

Coupon Code

Coupon code “news2” valid throughout launch and funnel. Available from start of launch even during early bird.


Here is the Funnel for NewsBuilder

OTO 1 – NewsBuilder Unlimited @ $37 

  • Unlimited site license – You can create as many passive income sites as you want
  • INCLUDES commercial rights – you can create & sell sites to your clients

OTO-2 – NewsBuilder Pro @ $37 

  • 300 ADDITIONAL premium news sources to let you create even more powerful niche sites
  • Advanced theme for custom sites in any category
  • All-In-One ‘Authority Site’ Functionality – You can create broad sites & break each down into categories to duplicate the profitability of aggregate news sites
  • Built In Monetization Widgets – make it even easier to passively monetize with ads & banners

OTO-3 – NewsBuilder DFY Sites @ $57 

  • TWENTY completely DFY viral news sites built FOR you 
  • The FASTEST way for anyone to make passive income – you can instantly launch up to 20 viral traffic sites
  • Fully customizable so you can monetize with your own links & add leads to your own autoresponder
  • Incredible value – 20 stunning sites set-up & ready to profit for a single low price

Get Instant Access to NewsBuilder with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Refund Policy

newsbuilder-moneyback-guaranteeUnconditional 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee 

Pick up NewBuilder now and use it for a full 30 days. If you’re not thrilled, reach out and they’ll help you get the results you need, or refund your purchase – your choice.

So go ahead, your investment in NewsBuilder is completely risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The only skill you’ll need is to be able to install the plugin & theme on your WordPress site – and we’ll show you exactly how.

None. Zilch. Nada. Once set-up, these NEWS sites continue to self-update automatically. The only thing you MAY want to do is replace your affiliate links from time to time, when you find higher-converting offers

This will vary based on individuals & the niches chosen … BUT – you can have your 1st passive income site online within 30 minutes of getting started … THEN start getting consistent traffic & results within 24 hours. You’ve seen above how many testers started profiting in even less time.

Simple. Use the software to create more NEWS sites, then run more campaigns with the included TrafficBuilder software

Absolutely everything – we’ve laid out the training to be step-by-step simple for someone with zero tech skills or experience. .


How to install the theme & plugin
How to set up your NEWS sites
How to connect with news sources & RSS feeds
How to configure Google Translate
How to set your NEWS sites to autoupdate on your schedule
Plus COMPLETE training on how to use the powerful TrafficBuilder software

Absolutely! We use both NewsBuilder & TrafficBuilder ourselves, and keep a full time support & development team in place. Your access today includes all future updates and 24/7 access to support.

Get Instant Access to NewsBuilder with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

What I liked Best about NewsBuilder

[+] One of the really powerful features of newsBuilder is the ability to translate your posts into over 150 languages. This allows you to create news websites in countries in which you might not otherwise be able to target.

[+] You can also spin your articles which will boost your SEO. You also have the ability not to spin the article title. This has a 2-fold advantage. One, you’re making sure that the same article is not pulled in again, and two, why re-invent the wheel, enough thought has already gone in to create a catch and attention catching title, just leave it alone to do the same for you!
Another feature I really liked was that the plugin will not post the same article twice on your site. As you know many articles are syndicated and you might see the same piece on more than 1 website. NewsBuilder makes sure the same articles are not posted twice.

[+] The other huge advantage you get here is full access to their flagship software, that uses Reddit, and this will allow you to absolutely dominate the news and world news sub-reddits which will get you literally 1000s of visitors to your website very quickly

How will NewsBuilder make ME Money

You must be wondering how you are going to make money with this plugin.

Well, the main way you are going to make money with NewsBuilder is from a CPM based ad network, like Adsense.

Why are CPM ads probably going to be the major source of your income from sites built with NewsBuilder?

The reason for that is, the ads you are going to run on your site are going to be very specific to the niche of your website and therefore will be highly targeted to your audience. This is because the content your site visitors are reading is typically very specific to your site niche and that allows Google to deliver ads that are also very targeted to those relevant topics – plus these ads pay far more than any generic ads that you may see on other sites.

So How do you achieve this this level of targeted ads for your sites? You do, because with NewsBuilder, you can pull news from around 135 major news sources such as NBC, CNN Fox, ABC, Google News and plenty more major news networks. And the latest news is automatically flowing to your site, keeping the content fresh and dynamic at all times.

With NewsBuilder you can build different kinds of websites. You can either have your website dedicated to a very specific niche like car racing, IT start-ups, pc gaming etc; or you can create a general news website that has a good mixture of different kinds of content.

Get Instant Access to NewsBuilder with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

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