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Sorry, PLR Viral Video Quotes has been discontinued by the Vendor.

Instead, why don’t you have a look at some of these Evergreen Products? I’m sure you will find one in the Niche you want.

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PLR Viral Video Quotes gets you 100 eye grabbing, click and share-worthy “Viral Videos” you can post on your social media accounts for free viral traffic.

Each videos contains a LIKEABLE quote over a beautiful background (royalty-free stock-photo) and is professionally made, safe to use, and ready to deploy.

Aside from personal use, you ALSO get PLR License, so you can resell the whole package as well for instant profit, edit them, rebrand them, do whatever you wish!

Plus you are getting them in different formats like JPG, MP4 as well as the Source files in PSD, PPT, Camtasia.

Below this are all the details that you will also find on the sales letter of the product ” “. (I have just put them systematically into simple legible blocks for you),  so if you wish, you can skip it all and click this Get Instant Access button and go straight off to the sales page. However, do scroll down if you want to see the extra NAGS’ BONUSES you get when you buy   from my link here.

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

How does it Work?

You all have seen short viral videos floating around the internet, right? And most likely also shared them on FB, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels.

It’s a known fact that these viral quote videos are really powerful as they immediately catch people’s attention.

People don’t care where they come from. They just go ahead and share them! Which means that if you just post these viral videos on social media and link back to the your site, you can definitely expect a surge of traffic and SALES come your way. Isn’t that exciting? 

orange-tick-bulletNow, you can make money having fun making and posting these. Plus you can also sell them outright and keep 100% profit with the PLR rights!



Use to generate your own free viral traffic

green-tick-bulletSell as your own for 100% profit

green-tick-bulletHigh quality video + image bundle

green-tick-bulletComes with done-for-you professional marketing materials

green-tick-bulletSell unlimited copies, no expiration

green-tick-bulletOne-time payment, no hidden charges

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

What’s Done For You


Product Research
It may sound easy, but finding a potential bestseller “product idea” is a challenge in itself. No worries, they’ve done that for you.

pink-tick-bulletHot Quotes Compilation
“Googling” quotes is easy. But it gets tiring and boring if you’re compiling 100 quotes. No, you don’t have to sweat it.

pink-tick-bulletStock Photos Collection
You don’t want to get in trouble because of copyright issues. So, they made sure they only use royalty-free images in these quotes.

pink-tick-bulletSales Materials Production
You don’t have to worry about writing sales copy, designing sales page, and other marketing pages. They’re expensive and tiring to make.

pink-tick-bulletOverall Design
We’ve hired professional graphic designers to create eye-catching design concepts for you. They’ve included the source files so you can edit them if you wish.

pink-tick-bulletViral Videos Production
You get videos that were done professionally. You even get the source files so you can edit them.

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

What You Get

orange-tick-bulletModule 1 – 100 Viral Quotes Videos
100 fresh, high quality, engagement producing “viral videos” (or motion posters) you can post on your social media accounts for free viral traffic. Each video contains a share-worthy quote over a beautiful background (royalty-free stock-photo). File format included: MP4

orange-tick-bulletModule 2 – 100 Viral Quotes Images
They’re done by professional graphics artists so you know they’re of high quality. These viral posters can be used on various occasions and platforms (like social media channels) to bring you free flowing traffic. File format included: JPG

orange-tick-bulletModule 3 – 100 Camtasia Project Files
You get full control to edit each video. Add your name, logo, URL or whatever element you want. You can even change colors, fonts, add a different background image or change the quote itself – it’s up to you! File format included: CamProj

orange-tick-bulletModule 4 – 100 PPT Files
You get the “raw” Powerpoint files for easy access and editing as well. With this, you can copy + paste high impact quotes and use for whatever purpose you like (i.e. adding text quotes in your social media, or blog posts). You can repurpose them and turn them into posters, viral images, or anything your imagination takes you. They’re neatly arranged in Powerpoint slides so you can easily edit them. File format included: PPT

orange-tick-bulletModule 5 – 100 PSD Files
You get the viral posters’ source file for easy editing. For example, you can re-use the professionally made background and insert a new quote, or vice versa. The design is clean, crisp and professionally made. You can use Photoshop or a free software like GIMP to edit these files. File format included: PSD

orange-tick-bulletModule 6 – 100 Background Music
Music renders everything more flavorful (attractive, and sale-able). That’s why I’m giving you the background music files used in our video posters. You can use these to mix and match the existing background music on the viral video posters in case you find there’s a need for that. You can also use these music for other projects. This gives you more variety in the video posters you create. File format included: MP3

orange-tick-bulletModule 7 – License Pack
You get the private label rights license (which outline what you can, and cannot do with this package) as well as professionally written end user license agreement which you can give to customers that buy this package from you. With this, they’d know what they can and cannot do with these images as well.

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

What You Can Do With These

mauve-tick-bulletSell the package for up to $47 or more

mauve-tick-bulletAdd to a membership site

mauve-tick-bulletRe-bundle with other products for more profits

mauve-tick-bulletUse them to drive free traffic to other offers

mauve-tick-bulletUse as a bonus

mauve-tick-bulletBuild a list by giving away selected images as a gift


Shelley Penny

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Check out a few of the PLR Viral Video Quotes here


Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Launch Bonuses

Shelly has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here


Bonus #1 – Infographics Bounty
Drive massive viral traffic to any link of your choice at will . How do big sites get massive shares, likes and fans? Interactive images such as infographics.
People love them, and they get shared. Your customers are going to have a huge set of professionally designed infographic templates that they can render and share as-is right out of the box OR edit to suit theirs or their clients needs. Infographics are a high demand, high profit product that people want and need. Everyone knows how Infographics perform. That’s because they share them in their own social media streams. Infographics will not go out of style, as long as social media exists, and your customer wants a quick, easy and affordable way to produce them for their business.
File Format(s) Included: PNG & PSD

bonus-bulletBonus #2 – Ecovers Bounty
20 top quality eCovers created For Online Marketers. These ebook covers give you everything you need to get your next product or free giveaway report out there quickly. The graphics are HIGH quality, and everything is extremely EASY to modify. These 20 ebook covers will save you time, save you money, and ultimately they will make you a lot of money. File Format(s) Included: PNG & PSD

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy PLR Viral Video Quotes from my link here

bonus-bulletBonus #3 – Video Background Bundle
Pack of 20 beautiful video backgrounds that you can use anywhere 

bonus-bulletBonus #4 – Video Gold
A collection of professional videos on video marketing and list building ideal for a beginner or an expert 

bonus-bulletBonus #5 – Video Marketing Hack
Use Videos to draw massive traffic, grow your list and boost profits 

bonus-bulletBonus #6 – Video Backlinks
Automated software that starts putting your backlinks on the top ranking videos – 100% Whitehat Method 

bonus-bulletBonus #7 – Video Lab Profits
A simple system that you can use to generate consistent money working only part-time 

bonus-bulletBonus #8 – WP Viral Traffic Ninja
Simple automated traffic system you can use to get unlimited visitors to your blog for FREE!  

bonus-bulletBonus #9 – Viral Traffic Tornado
Permanently increase your traffic using these powerful viral marketing secrets!  

bonus-bulletBonus #10 – Viral Marketing Made Easy
One of the strongest marketing techniques to spread positive word of mouth and drive laser targeted audience  

bonus-bulletBonus #11 – Viral Marketing Made Easy Advanced
Designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of Viral Marketing.  

bonus-bulletBonus #12 – Viral Marketing Tactics
Powerful techniques on viral list building, affiliate marketing and brand name building while leveraging on the internet!  

bonus-bulletBonus #13 – Video Optin
Create awesome video background optin pages for your offers, services and more 

bonus-bulletBonus #14 – 10 Secrets Of Highly Lucrative Video Marketing
Ten tips to get you started in the right direction and learn how to use more video in your business make those videos get your viewers to take action 

bonus-bulletBonus #15 – Live Video Marketing
Learn some of the best ways to use live video to promote your own products and generate the kind of interest companies like Apple do!  

bonus-bulletBonus #16 – How To Create Your Own Physical Video Products
Video products are very important because they have a higher perceived value. Also, you can charge more for videos than you typically can for ebooks 

bonus-bulletBonus #17 – Viral Marketing Mania
Make nonstop noise and traffic through viral marketing!  

bonus-bulletBonus #18 – Viral Article Producer
How to produce profit-pulling “Viral Article” mini-sites in minutes! No HTML knowledge required!  

bonus-bulletBonus #19 – Viral Marketing Tips and Success Strategies
Harnessing the power of Viral Marketing where everyone is suddenly talking about your company, product or service  

bonus-bulletBonus #20 – Viral Master List Builder
Build a highly profitable optin mailing list automatically by harnessing the proven power of viral list building!  

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

OTO Bonuses

Get any 5 of these Bonuses for every OTO you get from my link


Bonus #1 – Editing Videos For Free
This 8-part video series will teach you the essential skills to use Youtube editor for your video marketing campaigns, how to adjust length, add a watermark etc 

bonus-bulletBonus #2 – 10 Ways to Create The Perfect Online Video
With this ebook you will learn the techniques to bring you the best and quickest methods of generating an income and improving online video 

bonus-bulletBonus #3 – Home Studio On A Budget
learn how to setup a mini-studio in your home or office, and start churning out pro-quality videos, podcasts & music 

bonus-bulletBonus #4 – Create Video with Camtasia 9
Camtasia 9 makes video creation simple whether you want to record simple video, presentation style with a program like Google Sheets or Powerpoint. In this 42-module course you will find out how to use every aspect of Camtasia 9 

bonus-bulletBonus #5 – Create Video with Camtasia 9 Advanced
These Videos Take You Step By Step Through The Technical Parts Of Putting Your Marketing Strategy in Place! This Is a Practical Video Course With 15 Additional Video Tutorials Showing You How to Do What You Learned in The Course.  

bonus-bulletBonus #6 – Viral Marketing Madness
This system will exponentially grow your business by letting an army of loyal followers spread the news about your internet business!  

bonus-bulletBonus #7 – Viral Source Review Pack
Make money online as an affiliate by promoting Viral Source product!  

bonus-bulletBonus #8 – Viral Growth Training
Learn how to grow the virality of your content and your marketing efforts!  

bonus-bulletBonus #9 – Viral Traffic Tornado
Permanently increase your traffic using these powerful viral marketing secrets by keeping in mind the basic requirements of every viral campaign. 

bonus-bulletBonus #10 – Viral List Autopilot
Discover how to build a highly profitable List by using this untapped viral strategy!  

bonus-bulletBonus #11 – Viral Content Crusher
Just one highly effective viral marketing campaign can be more significant than years of regular advertising.  

bonus-bulletBonus #12 – Creating Split Screen Videos
Learn How To Create Split Screen Videos Using Camtasia Studio!  

bonus-bulletBonus #13 – Video Marketing Excellence
Discover The Secrets To Video Marketing And Leverage Its Power To Bring Countless Targeted, Relevant Visitors To Your Offers 

bonus-bulletBonus #14 – Video Marketing Excellence – UPSELL VIDEOS
Video marketing has the ability to grab attention and to help you establish authority in ways that no other form of marketing  

bonus-bulletBonus #15 – Video Marketing Revolution
Get your hands on the video marketing tools & Strategies that are generating million dollar revenues.  

bonus-bulletBonus #16 – Video Marketing Revolution Video Upgrade
Video marketing Revolution HD Video Training teaches you how to use video strategically to accomplish specific business objectives  

bonus-bulletBonus #17 – Video Marketing For Beginners
Check out these five reasons why you should be using online video marketing and what you stand to gain by making this decision.  

bonus-bulletBonus #18 – Video Marketing 2.0 Made Easy
Video marketing training, designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting out of Video Marketing. 

bonus-bulletBonus #19 – Video Marketing Mayhem
Learn How To Crush It With Online Video! If you are just starting to dabble in online video marketing, this is a very wise business decision.  

bonus-bulletBonus #20 – Video Marketing Blueprint v2
Use Videos To Market your business and generate massive leads. Learn how to get torrents of traffic in just a few easy steps.  

bonus-bulletBonus #21 – Video Marketing Blueprint – Video Upgrade
Includes Video Marketing Blueprint, Finding Profitable Products To Promote, How to Create Your Give Away Offer, Creating Videos The Easy Way and more 

bonus-bulletBonus #22 – Magnetic Video Marketing
How to Earn a Living Online Using the Power of Magnetic Video Marketing! Step-By-Step Method To Make Money Online Using Videos 

bonus-bulletBonus #23 – Magnetic Video Marketing Video Upgrade
Fast Track Your Success with Video Marketing thru this Video Upgrade 

bonus-bulletBonus #24 – Are You Using Video Marketing With Your CPA Offers
This is a technique that can bring a lot of traffic to your CPA campaigns  

bonus-bulletBonus #25 – The Video Marketing PLR Pack
A basic introduction on how to get started with video marketing!  

[Put in a ticket at Nags’ Support with a copy of your purchase receipt/s for any Bonuses you didn’t get]

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Coupon Code

Use eb3 to get $3 off on the price

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Here is the Funnel for PLR Viral Video Quotes

OTO #1 – PLR Viral Video Quotes Pro @ $27

  • Module 1 – Income Generating Salespage
  • Module 2 – Sales Copy
  • Module 3 – Professional Graphics
  • Module 4 – Follow Up Emails
  • Module 5 – Product Banners
  • Module 6 – License Pack

OTO #2 – PLR Viral Video Quotes Setup PLR@ $97

They will FULLY Setup Your PLR at 50% OFF

  • They’ll setup your new site
  • Connect your payment button
  • Do the necessary product & web pages uploads
  • Insert your logo or branding
  • ​Load your autoresponder series, etc.

OTO #3 – PLR Viral Video Quotes Profit Multiplier @ $97/$167/$247

  • Inspirational Graphics And Video Package
  • Business Graphics And Video Package
  • Marketing Graphics And Video Package

Three Huge Complete Products That Include

  • SOURCE FILES IN ppt, camproj, psd FORMATS

OTO #4 – PLR Viral Video Quotes Developer @ $47

  • 20 Infographics Templates In PSD and PNG Format
  • High-Quality, Editable Images Files
  • Developer Rights
    • Can be used as-is to share on social media profiles, blogs, sales pages, websites
    • Can be edited and rebrands as your own
    • Can be edited and rebrand and sold to a client
    • Can be published as physical product (poster, course material)

OTO #5 – PLR Viral Video Quotes  @ $37/mo

Get these for every product they create, each and every month

  • 100 Viral Quotes Videos
  • 100 Viral Quotes Images
  • 100 Camtasia Project Files
  • 100 PPT Files
  • 100 PSD Files
  • 100 Background Music
  • License Pack
    • Income Generating Salespage
    • Sales Copy
    • Professional Graphics
    • Follow Up Emails
    • Product Banners
    • License Pack

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Refund Policy

30 Days Full Guarantee

During the guarantee period they will repair or replace, at no charge, any files that prove defective due to an error on their part.  

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What file formats are included?
For the videos: you get the MP4 formats. For the bonus images: you get the PNG files (ready for use) + PSD Photoshop/GIMP source files for each of the images so you can edit them as you wish.

ques-iconIs there a money-back guarantee?
During the Guarantee Period, once the file is downloaded, we will repair or replace, at no charge, any files that prove defective due to an error on our part. (please see full guarantee linked in footer)

ques-iconCan I resell these viral quote videos / images?
Yes, you can sell these social posters with personal usage rights. You can sell them as a whole, or redistributed in different bundles.

ques-iconDo I get a license agreement?
Yes, you get a document that outlines what you can and cannot do with package. You also get a DFY license that you can give to your customers.

ques-iconWhere can I use these videos / images?
Anywhere you want.

ques-iconAre the all the videos / photos used legally safe to use?
Yes, all the images and icons used in the viral quotes videos and images are royalty free and safe to use.

ques-iconCan I sell “resell rights” to this package?
No. You can only resell this with personal use license to others.

Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Let’s do a quick Recap and see what are you getting here Today

ltblue-tick-bulletModule 1: 100 High Quality Viral Quotes Videos
ltblue-tick-bulletModule 2:​100 Viral Quotes Images
ltblue-tick-bulletModule 3:​100 Camtasia Project Files
ltblue-tick-bulletModule 4: 100 PPT Files
ltblue-tick-bulletModule 5:​100 PSD Files
ltblue-tick-bulletModule 6: 100 Background Music
ltblue-tick-bulletModule 7: License Pack
Plus These Bonuses:
ltblue-tick-bulletBonus Module 1: 20 Infographics
ltblue-tick-bulletBonus Module 2: 20 eCovers
ltblue-tick-bullet43 Nags’ Bonuses


Get Instant Access to PLR Viral Video Quotes with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

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