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PointRank creates Simple Little Videos that rank for multiple keywords on page #1 of both Google & Youtube in minutes AND that stay on top for years! This is done without any Backlinks & without any

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PointRank creates Simple Little Videos that rank for multiple keywords on page #1 of both Google & Youtube in minutes AND that stay on top for years!
This is done without any Backlinks & without any SEO experience using the DFY videos that are created by PointRank

This All-In-One Cloud Software Will Generate, Optimise & Rank Simple Videos in Minutes & Make Them STAY There For Good!

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  • Get Page #1 Rankings In MINUTES Without Backlinks, Video Creation OR ANY SEO Knowledge.
  • This All In One Cloud Platform Creates, Optimizes & Ranks Videos For You By Leveraging The Power Of MILLION DOLLAR+ Videos!
  • 1st of it’s Kind – AUTOMATE And Schedule Your LIVE EVENTS On YouTube For Month With A Few Clicks and Enjoy FREE & Highly Targeted Traffic Every Single Day!
  • Go LIVE With Pre-Recorded Videos
  • AUTOMATE The Entire Month Of LIVE EVENTS In Few Clicks, Set & Forget (1st VIDEO Software To Do It Ever)
  • Use Same Video/ Or Different Video For Each Live Stream, Our Unique Technology That Makes Each Video Unique
  • Make Your Videos Stand Out With Their In-Built Video Revamp Tool and Thumbnail Editor
  • Set Up Once And Enjoy FREE Traffic For Months To Come.

How PointRank Works

Here’s how it works step by step. PointRank has it’s engine built based on a 4 Step Formula 

Step #1- Leverage Videos

This step leverages Million dollar videos, the SEO titles, descriptions and tags that MILLION dollar videos use to RANK! This step is all about LEVERAGE.

In a few seconds, it will take exactly what makes those big super ranking videos that make as much as millions per months, reverse engineer the SEO elements that make it rank, and grab it for your own video! This is so simple and pretty effective. This is the foundation on which you cannot rank without. 

Step #2- Generate & Upload Video

Here you generate a video of your own in 1 second, to rank! In your niche. Google (and YouTube) like unique videos. And this software will generate that for you… in seconds!

And yes, you can go deeper, and edit with more depth and add extra elements, but you don’t need to, if all you seek is…TRAFFIC!

Step #3 – Rank the Video

Now is the time to Rank the video using an automated live event submission without actually going live and do it to multiple videos at once

This is the Engine that drives your traffic in the first place, and pushes everything upwards quickly. It is NO secret that live events are popular, and it’s because they WORK! Youtube and Google promote live videos over standard videos and rankings are usually higher. 

But there are a few issues..

Issue #1 – You need to go live without being live or else it’s a waste of time and difficult
Issue #2 – Even as you go live, you need to make sure everything is fine without you being present!

Well, Step 3 does it for you and gets you insane rankings in minutes.. 

Step #4 – Long Term Rankings

Get Long Term Rankings with sticky technology that ranks the video again and again by going live again and again in a proven manner.

This is by far the part you’ve been looking for because it kills two birds with one stone and gives you amazing automation, and this is the feature no one else has. So now that your video is live and gets rankings, it’s only a matter of time until it falls back down, and if it’s not persistent enough, you won’t rank for hard keywords as well.

This is why Pointrank will keep bumping your live video on page #1, and so you ALWAYS get long term rankings. Months… years even. And this also becomes persistent enough so you rank for harder keywords.

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!



Just 4 simple steps 

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Check out PointRank in action here


Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


  • NO Manual Complicated Work Because The Software Does Everything You Would Otherwise Need To Do Manually
  • RESULTS IN Minutes Thanks To The Live Event Technology
  • No Hidden Expenses Or Paid Traffic Thanks To A Brilliant Innovative Method To Rank
  • LONG Term Rankings For Long Term Traffic Thanks To Sticky Live Event Technology!
  • NO Video Creation, Use Our Built In Video Generator!
  • NO Backlinks Because You Simply DON’T Need Them To RANK!
  • NO RESEARCH – Use Existing Keywords & Other SEO Elements That Are ALREADY Ranking! With AN EDGE 🙂

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Check Out These REAL, Non-Blurred Multiple Google & Youtube Rankings

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if

[+] You have $0 budget, no ads, no backlinks, hidden costs, video creation or SEO experience.

[+] You want to start as you are right now

[+] You have no technical skills 

[+] You want Unlimited potential to get unlimited visitors  on google and youtube in your niche 

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Who Trusts

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Fast Action Bonuses

For The Fast Action Takers If You Get POINTRANK Within The Launch Period

Fast Action Bonus #1 – 666,317 YouTube Views Case Study! – Value $97
How to properly leverage the power of YouTube, the second largest search engine online! See the exact video that got over 666,317 views and the exact strategy and method behind it.  In this 6-part Over-the-shoulder video course, we take you through the entire process of how to start a fresh Youtube channel and generate real targeted traffic from YouTube!

Fast Action Bonus #2 – Special Live Webinar Training – Value $297
How To Land Local Clients That Pays $500 PER MONTH For Ranking Their Videos On Google with PointRank. This is how you take it to the next level for recurring revenue, because these campaigns can be done in a completely hands-off way once you set it up. Discover how to get paid at least $500/mo for less than 30 minutes effort setting up a simple and repeatable system.

Fast Action Bonus #3 – Video Template Builder – Value $37
Stand-out from crowd. Create and select a template for your Automation campaign and every time any of your video goes LIVE, PointRank will add this template to grow your brand and trust. Add intros and outros as videos/images, add your own Logo or watermark, add in-built lower thirds and texts, add your website link. Now doing this manually for each video takes hours and hours, but you can re-brand any number of videos in just few seconds. Awesome right?

Fast Action Bonus #4 – Image/Thumbnail Editor – Value $37
Imagine you found a good video, add all the ranking factors, used our PointRank software and got ranked. But if people don’t like your thumbnail, they won’t be clicking on your video. And you won’t be getting any traffic. With this in-build image editor, you can create beautiful video thumbnails in just few minutes. Boost your traffic with this little hack.  

Launch Bonuses

Gaurab & Tom have agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here

Bonus #5 – Youtube Authority
Learn how to start and grow a successful Youtube business for your brand or business.This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to get started on YouTube.Discover how to properly optimize your YouTube channel so that you can be successful on the platform. 

Bonus #6 – WP Youtube Leads
With this plugin you can enhance the user engagement of your Youtube videos and increase your mailing list.Integrate any YouTube video and start converting right away. Use the time-stamps with the video to maximize interest and action. 

Bonus #7 – Video Marketing Profit Kit
With this course discover how to use video marketing to build a thriving online business! You’ll Learn How To Find Winning Video Topics, Create Persuasive Marketing Videos, Save Money On Video Creation, Make Money From Your Videos 

Bonus #8 – Unbreakable Links
In this special report, you are going to learn the very best ways to build effective links in2018 and beyond, as well as the best practices for finding and obtaining those links. It will show you how to set up proper link structures and what to avoid so that you are building high-powered linking campaigns that are designed to last for the long-haul. 

Bonus #9 – Music Loops
This music loops package contains 25 royalty-free music loops. You can use it in yours or your clients projects! 

Bonus #10 – Tube Channel SEO
Topics covered are Introduction to YouTube Video Traffic, What This Is NOT, What Google Wants & The Strategy, The Ring, How to Automate The Ring, Account Creation, Outsourcing, Testing

Bonus #11 – 10K Case Study
Learn How I Made 10K dollars with Clickfunnels without ever selling them.In this 2 part videos,i reveal everything i did to make $10K in commissions from the offer to traffic. 

Bonus #12 – Branding Secrets
Find Out The Tips, Techniques And Exact Steps To Build Your Brand And Develop a Social Media Strategy! 

Bonus #13 – WP Affiliate Fix
People love to share about movies, music and TV shows on Facebook. Combine this with Pointrank. Promote music and profit! Now is your chance to tap the billion dollar music industry w/ WordPress + iTunes + Amazon 

Bonus #14 – $10 a Day Traffic Plan
In a world where driving traffic has become highly competitive and expensive, you can start getting a ton of traffic for as little as 10 bucks a day! Uncover the secrets to dramatically increasing your traffic using these 3 different types of traffic effectively. Learn how to inject a shot of adrenaline into your traffic campaigns overnight! 

Bonus #15 – No Cost Commission
Make your first affiliate commission today with this method without any extra costs.No cost commissions is a newbie friendly which enables anyone to make affiliate commissions even if they have a minimal budget. 

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy PointRank from my link here

Bonus #16 – WordPress Fast Track 2.0
Discover how to become a WordPress site building expert in just one hour

Bonus #17 – RSS Pro WordPress Plugin
An easy way to add search engine friendly, regularly updated content to your WordPress blogs

Bonus #18 – WP Installation Tips & Tricks
Learn how easy it is to set up a website using the free platform WordPress!

Bonus #19 – Subscribers Only WP Plugin
Get more subscribers or make your post go viral or simply make your subscribers a treat to something valuable and helpful to them.

Bonus #20 – SEO Ranking Research Tools
Find out how you can track all your keyword rankings without having to check manually all the time!

Bonus #21 – WP EZ Viral Contest
A subscriber-increasing WordPress plugin that will allow you access to quick and easy responsive contest pages. It will keep your visitors engaged.

Bonus #22 – Foolproof Plugin Design
How to quickly and easily create your own hot-selling WordPress plugin!

Bonus #23 – WP AD Hub Plugin
Maximize your WordPress website using WP Ad Hub plugin

Bonus #24 – Membership Launch Formula V2
A complete step-by-step system that walks you through the process of easily and effectively launching your own WordPress based membership site!

Bonus #25 – WP Funnel Profit
30 brand new WordPress ‘How To’ Videos!

OTO Bonuses

Bonus #01 – WP LeadGen Magic Pack  
This easy to use WordPress Plugin is for adding your Facebook leads to your email list without manually importing them! A great solution for generating quality leads from Facebook with extremely little effort. 

Bonus #02 – WP Viral TrafficBoss 
Fully automated WordPress Plugin generates viral traffic with literally no effort on your part by ethically “bribing” visitors. Takes just a few minutes to set up and an avalanche of traffic on autopilot follows. 

Bonus #03 – WP VidTraffic Avalanche  
Automatically rank higher in all the major search engines with a lightning fast search engine optimized WordPress theme! Instantly increase your profits using our smart Ad Bar! Link Cloaker built-in. Quickly post related and relevant YT videos to your blog with the super easy to use YouTube Video Tool. 

Bonus #04 – BacklinkBoss Software 
Find UNLIMITED Relevant Backlinks With A Few Clicks with this easy-to-use software! 

Bonus #05 – EZ Pop Bar Software  
Easily Create Popups using Powerful pop up technology to create ads, add to your blog, and use on all your blogs at no additional cost 

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!



Here is the Funnel for PointRank

Upgrade #1 – PointRank Pro @ $67  

  • Unlock the power of UNLIMITED Youtube Accounts & UNLIMITED Automations. Drive UNLIMITED traffic to your offers.
  • Add UNLIMITED Youtube Accounts
  • Create UNLIMITED Single Events
  • Video Revamper
  • Image/Thumbnail Editor
  • *Full HD Quality Live Stream – 1080P

Upgrade #2 – PointRank Social @ $47 

  • Every time any of your video go LIVE, it takes your link and share it to different social media platforms to get more traffic and link juice.
  • Automated Traffic From Social Media
  • Unlimited Accounts In Social Media
  • Ability To Configure Data Posting Format In Social Media
  • Automatic Repost After 2-5 Days
  • Ping all the links of social media posts

Upgrade #2 – PointRank Reseller @ $197

With a Reseller Rights License you can sell it to other online and offline marketers and make a bank. Comes with their sales material and Reseller Panel to add/remove users on your own.

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Real User Reviews

Here’s what real users have to say

Refund Policy

30 Days Full Guarantee 100% Refund Policy

If you encounter any technical problem with the software and support cannot help you resolve it, we will refund you. Also, you can test it out risk free for 30 days.

Get Instant Access to PointRank with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

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