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Tom Yevsikov
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Launch On6 Apr 20. 10 AM EST
Launch Ends11 Apr 20. Midnight EST
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Refund Policy30 Days
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Product:  Swypio
PROS:  Using the Proven Power of Mobile Swiping; 1st of it’s kind, brand New Mobile Lead Generation & Engagement system; uses highly addictive Swipe Cards
CONS:  Won't help you if you are not doing social media marketing - but I suggest start now with Swypio...
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Swypio is the first of it’s kind, brand New Mobile Lead Generation & Engagement system using highly Addictive Swipe Cards

Below this are all the details that you will also find on the sales letter of the product “Swypio“. (I have just put them systematically into simple legible blocks for you),  so if you wish, you can skip it all and click this Get Instant Access button and go straight off to the sales page. However, do scroll down if you want to see the extra NAGS’ BONUSES you get when you buy Swypio from my link here.

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What Problem does Swypio Solve?

People are now using their mobiles more than ever, for every single thing. They are Addicted to Swiping – they swipe left, they swipe right, they just swipe swipe swipe…

People Consume Content Beyond BELIEF On TikTok Because ALL They Have To Do Is… Swipe Up & Down For New Content

Bombarded with ads 24 x 7, people’s attention span is now lower than ever. Generating leads and sales is getting harder and harder every day.

Swypio solves this very problem

Swypio is the most addictive, the most engaging way, proven by psychology, to generate leads and sales on demand. No more boring landing pages or never ending Quiz funnels crippling your conversions…

Swipe Left. Swipe Right. Swipe, Swipe, Swipe. And Boom, there’s the Optin Form!

You can use these swipe cards to generate leads for your online or local business, to promote

orange-tick-bulletCPA offers

orange-tick-bulletAffiliate marketing campaigns

orange-tick-bulletecom campaigns

Only your imagination is the limit

Swypio is the First to Allow Anyone To Swipify Every Business

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What are the Benefits of Swypio?


Collect Leads In A Single Swipe & Store Unlimited Leads In Your Dashboard.

green-tick-bulletBecome FULLY Mobile Compatible For The First Time Ever.

green-tick-bulletIncrease Time On Site Drastically & Get More Rankings, Ad Revenue & Returning Visitors As A Result.

green-tick-bullet100% Cloud App, Create Campaigns & Swipe Cards From ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

green-tick-bulletBridge The Gap Between YOU And The 3,500,000,000 Mobile Users That Are USED To Swiping EVERYTHING & Ignore Your Content.

green-tick-bulletCASE STUDY: How We Got 3,304% More LEADS With This

green-tick-bulletDummy Proof, Anyone Can Create AMAZING, Attractive & Attention Getting Swipe Cards In Minutes

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Who will Swypio really Benefit

ltblue-tick-bulletListbuilders & Affiliate marketers – will see a massive increase in optins and quality of leads and of course conversions and sales.

ltblue-tick-bulletContent Creators & Bloggers – will see an increase in engagement, returning visitors and time spent on site. And of course, ad revenue and rankings.

ltblue-tick-bulletSEO’ers – will see a huge increase in rankings and as a result, traffic because of the time spent on site and quality score of the site increasing.

ltblue-tick-bulletVideo creators and video marketers – will see an increase in video views and engagement as well as more exposure to your videos in general thanks to video swipe cards.

ltblue-tick-bulletProduct Vendors – will of course see an increase in sales, but also time spent on site, rankings, engagement, satisfaction and I personally feel every single aspect will be dramatically improved if you sell your own product.

ltblue-tick-bulletSocial Media Marketers – will get INCREDIBLE feedback, MORE engagement, WAY more traffic moving around to your links or promotions or deals and overall a lot more user satisfaction.

ltblue-tick-bulletEcom Marketers – will see an increase in ROI, overall sales volume and engagement across the ENTIRE funnel thanks to engaging, modern, young and captivating swipe cards.

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Who is Swypio Recommended for?

This is recommended for YOU if you want to


Bridge The Gap Between YOU And The 3,500,000,000 Mobile Users That Are USED To Swiping EVERYTHING & Ignore Your Content.

red-tick-bulletRank Higher & For Longer Term Thanks To Longer Time Spent On Site (This Is The #2 Most Important Ranking Factor IN 2020)

red-tick-bulletEXPLODE Conversion Rates On Lead Generation Campaigns By 3,304%.

red-tick-bulletHave People Spend More Time On Your Site, Without Going Back And Forth, Like Landing Pages, Videos & More.

red-tick-bulletGain Endless Benefits With no Changes To Your Current Marketing Strategies.

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

What are the Features of Swypio?


UNLIMITED Campaigns per month

pink-tick-bulletUNLIMITED swipe cards per campaign.

pink-tick-bulletImage embed including GIF

pink-tick-bulletEmbed Swypio cards on any website

pink-tick-bulletUrl redirection or msg display after submission

pink-tick-bulletLoader page customisation

pink-tick-bullet10 ready made campaigns for 10 niches

pink-tick-bullet100+ Isometric illustrations

pink-tick-bullet1000+ stock images

pink-tick-bullet500+ stock videos

pink-tick-bulletCommercial License for the assets and campaigns

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Who are the Vendors of Swypio?

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

What are the Steps for Swypio?

Just 5 simple steps to Crack Mobile Traffic Wide Open…

Step #1 –  Integrate
Login To Your Swypio Account, Integrate Your Autoresponder

Step #2 –  Create
Create Stunning Swipe Card Campaigns With Ease In Just Few Clicks

Step #3 – Publish
Publish Your Campaign Directly Or Embed To Your Website

Step #4 – Collect
Skyrocket Your Traffic, Engagement & Collect Leads Like Never Before With Swypio. (Works On Both Mobile & PC)

Step #5 – Profit
Just Sit Back, Relax And See Your Profits Grow And Making Sales 24X7X365

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Why Do YOU need Swypio?

Here are all the reasons WHY Swypio Can Change Your Life

yellow-tick-bulletAnyone can do this and get fantastic results.

yellow-tick-bulletMobile use & swiping in general is getting massively more significant in people’s lives, don’t go backwards, go forward.

yellow-tick-bullet Slap on any page or even replace a landing page, this works for any business.

yellow-tick-bullet​No technical skills required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible.

yellow-tick-bulletUnlimited potential, how many visitors is your niche getting on Mobile? How many were not able to swipe your stuff before? Well all these will now fall in love with you

yellow-tick-bullet​Leverage the ability to capture leads permanently and sell to them again and again, and have insane conversions because users will give over their details more likely after engaging with your swipe card.

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Does Swypio have a Demo?

Check out this product in action here


Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Is there any Proof for Swypio’s Results?

See the Results they got during  a test on a MaxBounty Offer

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Are there any Bonuses for Swypio?

Fast Action Bonuses

Launch Bonuses

Tom has also agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here

bonus-bulletBonus #12 – Mobile Marketing Simplified (Value $27)
bonus-bulletBonus #13 – Mobile Marketing Secrets (Value $27)
bonus-bulletBonus #14 – Build Your Tribe(Value $27)
bonus-bulletBonus #15 -Instagram Marketing Secrets (Value $37)
bonus-bulletBonus #16 – WP Mobile Optimizer (Value $37)
bonus-bulletBonus #17 -Native Advertising Exposed (Value $27)
bonus-bulletBonus #18 – Messenger Bot Marketing (Value $27)
bonus-bulletBonus #19 – Smart CPA Offers (Value $37)
bonus-bulletBonus #20 – WP Video Focus (Value $47)
bonus-bulletBonus #21 – $10K Clickfunnels CaseStudy (Value $47)
bonus-bulletBonus #22 – Unshakeable Business (Value $47)
bonus-bulletBonus #23 – WP In-Content Popup Pro (Value $47)


NAGS’ Bonuses

Plus you also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy Swypio from my link here

bonus-bulletBonus #24 – Keyword Research Ninja 2.0
Don’t just rely on Google, this one actually provides you with awesome keyword data from SIX sources: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ebay, YouTube, and Amazon! 

bonus-bulletBonus #25 – Social Media ABC Report
Learn about the importance of social media in successful internet marketing 

bonus-bulletBonus #26 – Social Media Income
How to build your brand, grow your business, get more leads & sales! 

bonus-bulletBonus #27 – Social Signals
Learn how to use Social Signals to rank for Keywords in Search Engines 

bonus-bulletBonus #28 – WP Social Locker
Allows you to lock a part of content on a web page until a user clicks one of the social buttons (Facebook Like, Tweet Button, Google +1) and help you to get more likes/tweets/+1s, traffic and customers! 

bonus-bulletBonus #29 – Social Group Infiltrator
A foolproof method of getting targeted traffic by promoting to any Facebook group you choose on autopilot without getting banned!  

bonus-bulletBonus #30 – Social Media Genius
Discover how to use Twitter and Facebook to develop a niche marketing empire from scratch! 

OTO Bonuses

bonus-bulletBonus #1 – Social Quiz Plugin
For every share, dozens of people will click the link, driving the traffic numbers up by hundreds or even thousands of visits per day. What could you do with that kind of traffic?  

bonus-bulletBonus #2 – Social Media Hero
A new and innovative way of getting one’s views and information across to others in an interactive platform that has proven to be quite effective and popular.  

bonus-bulletBonus #3 – 200 Social Media Marketing Tactics
Reach thousands of new customers without ridiculous advertising costs, generate new leads every minute of the day without struggling 

bonus-bulletBonus #4 – Social Traffic Rush
You’ll find out why many marketers love Pinterest and how they use it to drive traffic to their website and landing pages! You’ll see the benefits of marketing your content on both SlideShare and LinkedIn. And so much more!  

bonus-bulletBonus #5 – Social Media Income – Pinterest
There are lots of social media networking sites that you can choose from but one platform that also stands out in the industry is Pinterest. If you want to learn how to attract and generate leads from this amazing social media platform, inside this product has the step-by-step guide that you can leverage 

bonus-bulletBonus #6 – Social Media Income – Instagram
If you are looking for specific people who usually love posting pictures or photos on their daily routine, Instagram is one of the best portals that you must engage with. So, once you are inside Instagram, what are the things you need to do? Inside this product is a video tutorial series that are essential to your Instagram Marketing Success.  

[Put in a ticket at Nags’ Support with a copy of your purchase receipt/s for any Bonuses you didn’t get]

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

What is the Pricing for Swypio?


Does Swypio have a Coupon Code?

No Coupon Code

What are the Upsells for Swypio?

Here is the Funnel for Swypio

OTO #1 – Pro @ $67

4x Your Traffic & Income Potential With The Pro Version.

-Instead of using Submission form you can use Social buttons, like Facebook, Google, Twitter, if you integrate this, users no need to even type name, email, they can fill swipe funnel on one hand. You will also get verified emails. This will be high converting, reducing the bounce rate even more.

– UNLIMITED Campaigns per month
– UNLIMITED swipe cards per campaign.
– UNLIMITED bandwidth
– Ability to embed videos
– 20 ready made campaigns for 20 niches
– Exclusive Swypio forum: 1st of its kind online forum for users where they can ask and interact with other users and us

OTO #2 – Coaching @ $297

Access to the Swypio Mastermind Community – Work & Engage with like minded entrepreneurs

4 Weeks of coaching with 1 on 1 skype or zoom calls
Video trainings delivered each week which you keep forever
Recordings of your coaching calls.

Completely CUSTOM Tailored Coaching,We Analyze Your Goals & Your Business & Prepare A Plan That’s BEST FOR YOU.
New DONE FOR YOU Affiliate Campaigns Every Month For 12

Straight Months That Include EVERYTHING You Need To Copy Paste Your Profits Including Swipe Cards, Niches, Products, Links, Training, Case Studies & More.


OTO #3 – Lightweight @ $37

Mobile Page Builder + Mobie Traffic + commercial.
Called Swypio Lightweight

Now that you are FULLY mobile compatible, it’s time to get mobile traffic, and create beautiful, simple, proven and responsive mobile pages!

Swypio Integrates smoothly with Swypio Lightweight pages that run super fast and rank super high.

These pages are very popular and sexy. Mobile traffic will enjoy your swiped business and your full mobile pages.

OTO #4 – Developer @ $97

Local Agency, the user has access to be able to add upto 50 sub-users.

It comes with a fully designed SEO ready website they can just upload to their host and start marketing as an Swypio marketing agency.

You can also resell these 50 accounts and charge 1-time or recurring fee from your clients.

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Does Swypio have a Refund Policy?

30 Days Full Guarantee

Use Swypio for 30 full days. If at any point you have a question, just connect with their support team and they’ll get you sorted.

They Do Not guarantee results. However, they Do guarantee that they did their BEST to make this software as effective as possible.

If you encounter any technical problem with the software and support cannot help you resolve it, they will refund you. And, you can test it out risk free for 30 days.

Get Instant Access to Swypio with all my Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

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