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Product:  Taking Action Online
PROS:  Step by Step Tutorials for the newbies, there's no hype here, if you're tired of buying one product after another, stop right here and follow THIS
CONS:  This won't work if you don't take action; and the scarcity here is not a gimmick - you will be paying monthly if you don't get in NOW
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TAO is an action plan designed from the ground-up to provide a complete end-to-end blueprint for any internet marketer who wants to become successful as an affiliate or to grow their tribe and following. Their training is based on over a year of case studies and real data to show that what they teach actually works!

TAO Is Your Action Plan with each step taking you further towards building a brand, becoming a leader to your tribe, making more sales, generating more leads, building a profitable email marketing list, and more. You can now skip the pain and heartache of only collecting pieces of the internet marketing puzzle, and can take action using only what has been proven to work for them.

TAO contains over 30 hrs+ hours of training inside which they outline how to take any niche or product and build a business from the ground up. Choose one which suits your needs and implement it to drive more traffic and visitors to a website.

You’ll Also Be Getting Over-The-Shoulder Videos, Whiteboard Sessions, Software Tutorials & AND MORE!

Get Access to Taking Action Online with all Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


  • Hours of 100% Newbie Friendly Video-Based Training
  • Over 95 Videos, PDFs, Cheatsheets, and MORE
  • Action-Based: Completely over-the-shoulder theory and practical training.
  • EVERY basic and advanced step is covered
  • Completely FREE Traffic Training Included
  • Intermediate Paid Traffic Training
  • Focused on affiliate marketing skills, no “weird” fad tactics that will be gone in 6 weeks…
  • Includes detailed videos about list building, video marketing, affiliate sales, and more
  • Complete White-Hat & ethical Training
  • Engaged community already built-in to the members area
  • Beginner Friendly, Expert Potential; Both “newbs” and “vets” will learn Actionable Content that gets Results 

What You Get Inside TAO

Just a FEW Of The Secrets You Will Learn Inside the Members Area…

  • The 6 huge reasons why most people fail to make any money as an internet marketer – Video 1.1
  • There is ONE skill you are required to master to generate the most money from your online business. HINT: It’s not traffic, video, SEO, social or anything like that… – Video 1.2
  • This is the THE FIRST THING they tell new students. This major adjustment is a requirement if you want to move from short-term thinking to long-term success – Video 1.4
  • An exclusive case study showing exactly how they used the above 3 secrets to generate over $2,292 in 24hrs, which then grew to over $1,500 – Video 1.5
  • You might know what you need to generate a targeted list of email subscribers, but the reason it doesn’t work for most marketers is THIS – Video 1.7
  • They’ll share with you the entire roadmap that they’ve both followed to quit our jobs and work from home full-time inside THESE 20 steps! – Video 2.0
  • So you think you “need” to become an expert before you can teach others – WRONG! They will prove exactly why that’s not a LIE in this section – Video 3.1
  • So you don’t want to be in the make-money-online niche? They’ve got a list of over 1,500 of the most profitable & trending niches in the world right now to choose from – Video 3.2
  • How they target their dream customers and find hyper-active buyers on Search and YouTube with THESE keyword-locator strategies – Video 3.4
  • In THIS training they will show you how to use a free tool to identify the key influencers in your niche you can model your business after – Video 3.7
  • Most marketers are making this business crippling mistake and failing to build a brand around themselves! They will take you by the hand and show you how to start from Day #1 – Video 4.1
  • Video is the #1 way to connect with your tribe, they will tell you exactly what equipment and software you can use to copy our most successful videos – Video 5.2
  • These 12 STEPS are key to key to ranking videos on YouTube and they apply them every time they start a video ranking campaign which has brought them thousands of views, hundreds of subscribers and more – Video 5.3
  • One of our students was blown away when she learned that she could find targeted keywords for her YouTube videos that had almost ZERO competition with this technique! – Video 5.5
  • BONUS: How we applied the exact strategy mentioned above and got and ranked #1 for their keyword on YouTube in 24 hrs, and brought in an additional 854 targeted visitors to our site this year because of it – Video 5.6
  • Why it hurts to BE EVERYWHERE on social media, and how you actually get more results from focusing on just 1 platform – Video 6.1
  • One of our students wanted to grow their social media following, but didn’t have any funds to do it – so we put together these social media strategies to increase your followers and traffic for free – Video 8.1
  • Philip and JayKay both have TINY LISTS of subscribers, yet can make it to the top of most sales leaderboards. This video will show you how they leverage these tiny marketing lists – Video 13.6
  • Taking your business to next level means stepping up your game to generate more followers, more sales, more leads, and more results. They’ve put together 4 STEPS to get this done fast – Video 14.1
  • Every successful marketer that they’ve encountered does this ONE THING that contributes to their success. In 100% of situations they’ve measured this, it is always a key component of every 5 or 6-figure marketer’s toolkit – Video 17.1
  • Time is the most important asset in your business, and in your life. They’ve been able to drastically multiply the time in a day by leveraging this asset to give them more time with their friends and family – Video 18.1
  • Their businesses have leveraged the power of networking to significantly add more sales and revenue for us everyday, in this module they will show you how they did it – Video 20.1
  • Continuing to grow your list of subscribers everyday is CRUCIAL to your success as a marketer, so they’ve included THESE 7 STRATEGIES they use to grow their list of subscribers every single day – Video 21.5
  • Growing your list of subscribers requires an effective landing page, they will show you live over-the-shoulder how they are growing our subscribers everyday with this one type of landing page and funnel – Video 21.4
  • How Philip leveraged his success after just his first year as a marketer to create a 5-figure product on his first attempt – Video 22.1

Get Access to Taking Action Online with all Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


JayKay Dowdall & Philip Borrowman

Get Access to Taking Action Online with all Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


Check out the members area here


Get Access to Taking Action Online with all Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • 30+ Hours of Video-Based Training
  • 95+ Videos, PDFs, Cheatsheets, and more
  • Completely over-the-shoulder theory and practical training.
  • Every step – basic and advanced is covered here
  • Includes fully FREE Traffic methods Training 
  • Includes Intermediate Paid Traffic Training
  • Focuses on affiliate marketing skills
  • Does NOT have any “weird” fad tactics that will be gone in 6 weeks 
  • Includes detailed videos about list building, video marketing, affiliate sales, and more
  • Complete White-Hat & ethical Training
  • Engaged community already built-in to the members area
  • Beginner Friendly, Expert Potential
  • Both newbies and veterans will learn Actionable Content that gets Results 

Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if are ready to stop buying “Shiny Objects” and get down to taking action on your Online Journey

Doesn’t matter WHAT your niche is!

Get Access to Taking Action Online with all Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Who Trusts TAO

Get Access to Taking Action Online with all Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!


NAGS’ Bonuses

You get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy TAO from my link here

Bonus #1 – Internet Marketing for Newbies
Perfect for you if you are a newbie and new insights for those who aren’t 

Bonus #2 – Build Your Network
Learn how to build your network to maximize your profit windfalls 

Bonus #3 – Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
For anyone who is just starting out, there’s no easier or faster method of generating income

Bonus #4 – Affiliate Marketing Superstars
Calling yourself an affiliate marketer is easy. Profiting as an affiliate marketer takes a bit of work.

Bonus #5 – Magnetic Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is still one of the best internet business models around. You don’t have to create or store any products. You don’t have to distribute anything and you don’t even have to sell anything.

Bonus #6 – Essential Guide to Affiliate Profits
Affiliate marketing is an “evergreen” way of making money online. Internet marketing strategies and ‘fads’ come and go, but affiliate marketing remains eternally popular

Bonus #7 – Uncensored Affiliate Secrets
Affiliate marketing is a great place to get started. If you’re scared about creating your own products, which a lot of people are, then affiliate marketing is a great place to start.

Bonus #8 – Affiliate Advantage Plugin
Do not post about another product or write another review until you’ve installed this profit boosting WordPress plugin

Bonus #9 – Affiliate PDF Brander
Create a high quality ebook or report which promotes your product or service

Bonus #10 – The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy
The internet can help you to live your dreams and to design the perfect lifestyle that will make you truly happy. As an internet marketer, you can make a truly ‘passive income’. That means earning a living by writing an amazing website once or creating a product once and then letting the income roll in forever more.

Bonus #11 – Email Nuts and Bolts
Become A Guru On One Of The Most Powerful Marketing Tools Online! Email marketing starts with your email list 

Bonus #12 – Email Marketing Tips And Tricks
Grow your business by increasing your Email Click-through rates 

Bonus #13 – Email How To Videos
Simple and tactful methods on writing emails to boost open rates and trigger your subscribers to be interested with your offer all the time!

Bonus #14 – How To Write A Product Launch Email Campaign
To launch your own product online you need to write professional emails 

Bonus #15 – Growing An Email List
Email marketing needs to be an important component of your marketing campaign

Bonus #16 – Create Engaging Emails
How many emails do you delete without reading, every day? Most people will answer they delete hundreds of emails per day. That’s huge! 

Bonus #17 – Responsive Email Marketing
Top tips for boosting the responsiveness of just about ANY Email List! 

Bonus #18 – Cautionary Email Marketing
Your e-mail marketing campaigns could be at risk if you violate these simple rules! 

Bonus #19 : Email Marketing Profits
Learn how to make a full time living with email marketing! 

Bonus #20 – New Email Marketing Profits
Learn how to make a full time living with email marketing! 

OTO Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Internet Marketing for Newbies Deluxe
Perfect for you if you are a newbie and new insights for those who aren’t

Bonus #2 – Responsive Email Marketing Video Upgrade Top Tips
For Massively Boosting The Responsiveness Of Just About ANY Email List! Email marketing has been already proven and tested by many internet marketing gurus for how many years now. 

Bonus #3 – Cautionary Email Marketing Video Upgrade
Countless marketers are out there building their email lists, sending out broadcasts, and everything in between. 

Get Access to Taking Action Online with all Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!



Here is the Funnel for TAO

OTO#1 – Gold Card Program @ $25/mo

  • Their Gold Card program gives members updates fresh case studies and strategies which they use to enhance their progress.
  • They show you how to get cheap traffic, organic traffic and they show email campaigns which make $500+ each with simple and logical implementation plans.
  • They take the guesswork out of the equation and show everything they do to build a profitable business with detailed case studies and strategies.

OTO #2 – Underground Tactics @ $67

  • Every month they do 100% educational webinars where they talk about many aspects of building an online business, and they share these for free with their monthly members.
  • These webinars are educational and do NOT have any promotions, sales or ulterior motive, just education.
  • They will talk about strategies you can implement, mentality of running a profitable business and answer questions from you, their members, about any topics you might want to learn more about!

OTO #3 – Case Study Treasure Chest @ $197

This Treasure Chest includes $5,261.66 of Newbie friendly Case Studies where they will show you in detail how they made every Penny in these Case Studies!

Get Access to Taking Action Online with all Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!

Real User Reviews

Here’s what real users have to say

Refund Policy

“Stupidly Simple” 30 Days Full Guarantee

They are so positively, 100%, definitely, super-duper sure that you’re going to be blown away by the content inside the members area that they are going to give you 30 days to go through every single minute of training.

If you don’t love it, they will return every penny and even let you keep access to the members area anyway!

That’s right. You don’t even have to give-up access to the members area. Just send a support ticket to their help desk within 30 days of your purchase and they will give you every penny back.

Get Access to Taking Action Online with all Bonuses at 10 am EST Today!