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What is TV Boss TV Boss is a Roku Channel hosting cloud app that allows you to upload and manage your own content within the channels you create! AND VERY EASILY! TV Boss allows you

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What is TV Boss

TV Boss is a Roku Channel hosting cloud app that allows you to upload and manage your own content within the channels you create! AND VERY EASILY!

TV Boss allows you to launch and manage your own TV channel on Roku, the world’s leading provider of TV on-demand, and get in front of the audience of 44.6 million viewers in US alone.

Roku viewers are starved of good content so its just like the early days of YouTube! A ‘Roku’ is a device (made by the company Roku) that streams media (shows, movies, and even music) from the Internet to your TV.

The devices require minimal setup and connect to the Internet the same way your PC does. Roku media streaming devices incorporate an operating system (OS) that allows users to access and manage internet streaming content.

It’s also a download people use to view the channels, here’s some quick 2018 stats!

[+] 22 million ACTIVE accounts in 2018 with 44.6 million viewers

[+] The average amount of time viewed is about 50 hours per month!

[+] There’s been over 14.8 billion hours viewed in 2017 and

[+] 9 billion in 2016! Showing some serious growth!


The TV Boss platform allows you to use your own videos or even someone else’s videos to generate an income

It allows you to build a following and thereby build your brand!

Alongside building ad income and even have others pay for you to manage theirs too!

Tap into this huge audience of 26 MILLION Americans who are using this hidden portal every day…

You don’t need to create your own videos nor be an expert in your niche!

You can legally use other people’s videos to make money inside this huge video portal

You now have an easy way to get traffic, subscribers and sales without…

  • Complicated Facebook ads
  • Expensive AdWords ads
  • Competitive SEO
  • Finding JV partners and affiliates
  • Guest posting
  • Endless blogging and vlogging
  • Begging for shout outs and mentions
  • Kissing “Influencers” butts all day
  • Wasting your life on Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat or any of the other overcrowded social networks
  • Searching for ways to monetize your content
  • Searching for affiliate offers that “might convert”
  • Creating your own products or services
  • Building funnels, email optin pages and freebie offers
  • Building, optimizing and split testing a website
  • Competing with millions of influencers, marketing agencies and mega rich gurus in your niche… who all have more time and money than you
  • Trying to learn new marketing tactics that require a PHD in marketing, optimization and coding just to get started
  • Wasting time and money on useless tools, templates, training and coaching just to get a handful of visitors, but no sales…

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What you get with TV Boss

You’ll get everything you need to create your first channel fast…

Now is your chance to dive into this brand-new ocean of traffic, build your business, and escape into the sunset before this money—making goldmine is looted for every last cent.

  • How to easily add a new channel using TV Boss (no technical skills or coding required)
  • How to add new videos to your channel that stream smoothly, even in HD!
  • How to create a “Netflix style” feed that appears on people’s Roku dashboard (essential for attracting new subscribers)
  • How to brand your channel to dominate your niche, win trust and have people telling their friends about you for free
  • How to tweak the layout of your channel, add categories, store info, video thumbnails and more… for a pro look and feel that sucks in viewers like you wouldn’t believe
  • The top 3 ways to monetize your video content and channel from day one (including Roku’s built in advertising program, which pays you via PayPal and works automatically when you flip on the switch!)

[1] TV Boss software

Launching PROFITABLE channels for both you AND your clients has never been easier:

  • Open the developer section of your account, then click on ‘Add New Channel’
  • Use TV Boss to automatically manage your content, add new videos & put them into categories
  • All this happens in just a few clicks – and BOOM – your own traffic and money-making channel is ready to go!

[2] TV Boss Training

Step-By-Step, Over The Shoulder Videos Show You EVERYTHING:

  • How to quickly add new channels
  • How to add new videos
  • Setting up channel feeds & branding
  • Optimizing your channel to best display offers, categories and more
  • Multiple ways to monetize each channel

[3] Access to Roku Movers and Shakers support community

Get a free backstage pass to our thriving community of Roku marketers. Learn new tricks, get inspired, get feedback and find new ideas for your channel. This is where we take your channel from awesome to unbelievable.

TV Boss is a product like no other and highly affordable!

With TV boss you can create your own TV channel allowing you to benefit in many ways, whether you want to be on TV or have someone else represent you..


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 Craig Crawford – Vendor





Check out this product in action here

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Check it out… we filled our new Roku channels with other people’s Vimeo videos (with their permission) and in 11 days…



[+] Built a list of over 100,000 channel subscribers and all from using someone else’s chess videos from YouTube!

[+] By tapping into this brand-new video traffic portal… you can use other people’s videos and expertise to get tens of thousands of views… while stuffing your pockets with affiliate income and autopilot advertising revenue!

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Within three channels that they found content for.. Within 11days of their “dog kingdom” “Chess School” and “Guitar School” they had:

[+] 8457, 6,340 and 9,578 Subscribers! Amazing right?!

When TV boss was being tested on the first version, this amazing software generated 25,000 dollars in ad revenue!

tvboss-proof1 tvboss-proof2 tvboss-proof3

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Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if WANT

[+] Unlimited traffic

[+] To tap into the huge audience of 26 MILLION Americans who are using this hidden portal every day…

[+] You want to legally use other people’s videos to make money

This is ALSO recommended for YOU if you know NOTHING about

[+] Facebook ads
[+] AdWords ads
[+] SEO
[+] JV partners and affiliates
[+] Guest posting
[+] Blogging or Vlogging
[+] Shout outs and mentions
[+] Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat or any social networks
[+] Monetising your content
[+] Creating your own products or services
[+] Building funnels, email optin pages or freebie offers
[+] Building, optimizing or split testing a website

WHATEVER Your Business, TV Boss Makes It BETTER, whether you are 

  • Ecommerce stores
  • Local businesses
  • Affiliates
  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Service providers
  • Course creators
  • List builders
  • Niche experts

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Who Trusts TV Boss

tvboss-trust1 tvboss-trust2 tvboss-trust3

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Buy TV Boss through this page today and instantly unlock these incredible bonuses…

Launch Bonuses

Craig has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here

Bonus #1 – 200+ premium video animation graphics (Real value $97)
Bonus #2 – Time Lapse 4k UHD stock videos (Real value $148)
Bonus #3 – Secret stock video bundle (Real value $148)
Bonus #4 – Mega music soundtrack bundle (Real value $799)
Bonus #5 – Beginner’s guide to video marketing (Real value $29)

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy    from my link here

Bonus #6 – Youtube Celebrity (Resell Rights)
Discover The Step-By-Step Blueprint – Become A YouTube Celebrity… …Even If You Have NO Ideas And You’re Not Sure Where To Start…

Bonus #7 – Youtube ADS Excellence (Resell Rights)
Step-By-Step Guide Makes It Easy To Get Targeted Traffic That Converts For Pennies Per Click With YouTube Advertising…

Bonus #8 – Youtube For Business
Discover the 3 major mistakes that 90% of marketers are making that are ruining their chance at YouTube success!

Bonus #9 – Easy Traffic Video (PLR Rights)
Easy Traffic Videos – The Course for Setting up your own FREE Traffic System. How would you like an extra 20 Unique Visitors per day? Perhaps 50, 150, 1000? With our in-depth traffic guide, we introduce you to the FREE traffic streams that can build your business from scratch.

Bonus #10 – 10 Secrets Of Highly Lucrative Video Marketing (Resell Rights)
Learn how you can use more video in your business and make those videos perform as well as possible in getting your viewers to take action!

Bonus #11 – Traffic Strategies for Your Youtube Channel (PLR Rights)
Whether you have a YouTube channel or you’re wanting to start one, learning how to drive traffic to it is not so easy. What you needing is a method that has been proven to work. In this 7-part video series, you’re going to learn how to drive traffic to your YouTube channel with proven methods that work.

Bonus #12 – Crush it with Youtube (Resell Rights)
Learn How to Crush it With YouTube! Leave Your Competitors in The Dust and Learn to Crush it With YouTube!

Bonus #13 – Youtube Cash (Resell Rights)
Everyone watches videos online nowadays so shouldn’t you cash in on the booming video industry?

Bonus #14 – 25 Youtube Outro Clips (PLR Rights)
Build Your YouTube Channel Fast and Easy to Thousand of Subscribers with These Custom Video Outros!

Bonus #15 – Youtube Traffic Weapon (Resell Rights)
Discover How To Use YouTube To Create Traffic Sucking Videos That Convert On Autopilot!

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Coupon Code

Use Coupon: TVBoss15off

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Here is the Funnel for TV Boss


FRONT END 1 – TV Boss Single-channel @ $37.00

FRONT END 2 – TV Boss Multichannel @ $57.00

ONE TIME OFFER 1 – TV Boss Agency @ $67.00

ONE TIME OFFER 2 – TV Boss White Label @ $147.00

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Real User Reviews

Here’s what real users have to say

Check out Joe Ferdinando, who made $1,000 with his own Roku “test” channel in just days…


tvboss-guaranteeRefund Policy

30 Days Full Guarantee

Pick it up today and put it to use – on our dime – for the next 30 days, completely risk-free. In the highly UNLIKELY event you don’t get more traffic, leads and sales … you get your money back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to create my Roku channel?

Let’s be clear… this is NOT like YouTube. With Roku, you don’t upload videos to a website like you do with YouTube.

You host videos yourself. Whether it’s on Amazon’s S3 cloud, Vimeo Plus, or your own private server.

We’ll show you exactly how to set it up in the next 30 minutes… and start filling your new channel with streaming videos that get tons of viewers, subscribers and ad revenue.

Most people have no clue how to do this… which means there’s far less people becoming channel owners, and far less competition than YouTube…

… which means a huge money-making opportunity for you!

With TV Boss, it’s so easy to get started…

… you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

You don’t need any expert skills or technical experience.

Here’s the only things you need:

✔ TV Boss (to launch and manage Roku TV channels without any technical skills)

✔ Video hosting (Vimeo Plus, Amazon S3)

✔ Your own Roku player, to create your channel. (Roku players start at $49, one off purchase.)

Again, we’ll show you how to set it up in minutes… and don’t worry… it’s drop dead simple with our step by step videos and software. You don’t need to know anything about video streaming, hosting!

Q: Will TV Boss work on PC and Mac?

Yes. It is best to install TV Boss on your website (it’s a simple upload and unzip operation). If you prefer, you can run it on your local computer too (PC, Mac, Linux…), but then you must have the web server running and the static IP address. Remember, people can watch TV on demand 24/7.

Q: I’m not very technical, is this going to be hard?

Nope. We’ll walk you through everything on video. Just watch, follow along, and use the software how we show you, and you’ll have your first profitable Roku channel live and collecting cash before you know it! Plus, we’re here to support you, 7 days a week, if you ever need to ask a question. We refuse to let you fail!

Q: Does it work in all countries?

Yes. Roku is a video streaming platform that is available worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can use TV Boss to crush it with your first Roku channel, starting tonight!

Q: Do I have to pay hosting fees?

Yes. There’s a small fee to host the videos you stream on Roku. We’ll show you how to set everything up fast and easy with TV Boss, and how you can stream your entire collection of videos from your channel for less than a cup of coffee per day!

The materials provided on are not to be interpreted as a “get rich quick” scheme in any way. Your earning potential is entirely dependent upon you. The level of success you reach employing these techniques and ideas is entirely dependent upon you; your skills, your financial resources, your advertising and marketing knowledge and your time that you devote to becoming successful. Because of these reasons, we cannot guarantee your earnings level nor do we in any way whether directly or indirectly do so.


A Quick Recap Of EVERYTHING You Get With TV Boss

[+] The breakthrough, cloud-based TV Boss software to quickly drive MASSIVE Roku traffic without any coding, tech skills or developers
[+] Step-By-Step Video Guides – showing how to maximize traffic, leads and PASSIVE profits
[+] Private Community Access – get questions answered in real time, network with others and SCALE your business faster than ever
[+] Premium Support – we’ve got your back, 7 days a week. Our ONLY goal is YOUR success

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