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VidCurator FX 2.0 or Smart Video Metrics – which is the one for you?

Today there are 2 fabulous software in launch period available for grabs at great prices

You must have already got 100s of emails for both VidCurator FX2 and Smart Video Metrics

But how do you know which is the right one for YOU?

VidCurator FX 2.0 is an awesome software

And Smart Video Metrics is pretty awesome too!

So which one should you pick up?

The way to go about this is not to ask

Which software to buy, but to ask

What kind of marketer are YOU?

Are you just starting out in Internet Marketing? Or are you a seasoned marketer already?

Do you barely have any or practically no videos? Or do you already have tons of videos ?


If you are a newbie, just starting out in Internet or Video Marketing, then VidCuratorFX is definitely the one for you to jump at!

Creating videos is not easy. It takes time and a lot of effort.

By using VidCurator FX 2 you will be able to

[+] create 100s of amazing Slide-show type videos
[+] automatically at the push of a button
[+] automatically using just a keyword
[+] publish your videos automatically on YouTube & Facebook with SEO optimised titles and descriptions

You will also get access to a massive library of

[+] 40,000 images
[+] 5000+ background video clips and
[+] 1000+ fonts

to make your videos pop out.

For a total newcomer who wants to get into the video marketing niche, this push button automatic software is God sent! DON’t THINK TWICE!

Just grab VidCuratorFX2 here using a $2 Discount Coupon “vidoff” before the price goes up again!


Now, if you are a seasoned video marketer already creating great videos, you would like to be able to take your video marketing to the NEXT level, right?

You would like to focus on what truly matters, which is creating videos that actually convert

Until now, getting that kind of vital data about your videos hasn’t been available in the market

But today, all that is changing…

Smart Video Metrics is fixing the biggest problem in the video marketing world, because it goes beyond just getting views.

SVM allows you to know INSTANTLY how well your videos convert and how much profit or leads they’re generating. With SVM you’re gonna:

[+] Know EXACTLY how much profit or leads your videos are producing

[+] Know EXACTLY how well your videos are converting

[+] Know EXACTLY how much each view is worth to your business

[+] Run automatic Video Split tests and skyrocket your profit margins by using your BEST producing videos

[+] and much much more…

Smart Video Metrics is the first of its kind to hit the market and for the next 2 days ONLY you can get it at an incredible discount at under 10 bucks.

You will get great bonuses from me for both the above products.

But YOU need to decide where you stand today and which product is going to benefit YOU the most.

You need to decide, I can’t do that for you. Be decisive and take your pick

VidCurator FX 2.0


Smart Video Metrics

And as Karen Marie Moning says in Shadowfever “Accept me or kill me MacKayla. But choose. Fcuking Choose!”

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