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Are you still struggling to create videos that convert? How would you like to be able to take your video marketing to the NEXT level? ==> See how to do it here at 11 am EST

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Are you still struggling to create videos that convert?

How would you like to be able to take your video marketing to the NEXT level?

==> See how to do it here at 11 am EST today

 For way too long we’ve been focused on just the aesthetic side of videos.

About being able to create “nice” videos

But what about being able to pinpoint EXACTLY how well your videos convert, or EXACTLY where you should tweak the videos

to see how much profit or leads they’re producing.. and to MAXIMIZE the profits or leads…

Isn’t it time to get back to focusing on what truly matters which is creating videos that convert?

Wouldn’t that make your life a WHOLE lot easier?

You see, prior to today, getting that kind of vital data about your videos hasn’t been available.

And to be quite honest, too many of us have been too focused on creating “nice” videos instead of videos that actually convert and produce sales or leads.

But today, all that will change

==> Smart Video Metrics, a new software, is fixing the biggest problem in the video marketing world SVM goes beyond just getting views.

Because just getting views is not what we’re after, right?

Views alone don’t pay the bills.

We need our videos to convert.

And that’s where Smart Video metrics comes in.

SVM allows you INSTANTLY know how well your videos convert and how much profit or leads they’re generating.

And the BEST PART is, SVM opens at 11 am EST for ONLY 7 bucks..

Watch this Powerful Demo Video of Smart Video Metrics and see How You’ll be able to start supercharging your video marketing

==> But you have to be quick because its on a dimesale so the price is rising quickly.

Armed with SVM you’re gonna:

[+] Know EXACTLY how much profit or leads your videos are producing

[+] Know EXACTLY how well your videos are converting

[+] Know EXACTLY how much each view is worth to your business

[+] Run automatic Video Split tests and skyrocket your profit margins by using your BEST producing videos

[+] and much much more…

This is the first of its kind to hit JVZOO and for the next 3 days ONLY you can get it at an incredible discount.

Get Smart Video Metrics here at 11 am EST Today


Plus ++

You get these Special Bonuses (only for next 3 days)

Bonus #1 – The SALT Formula ($37 Value)
DOUBLE the revenue of your videos in just 4 simple steps. This is the perfect combo to ensure your Smart Video Metrics stats are off the charts!

Bonus #2 – 1000 Professional Stock Video Images ($497 Value)
Using the right images in your videos can push your viewers into becoming paying customers.

Bonus #3 – VidPro Templates ($97 Value)
Get access to the same type of templates that Josh uses in his business to generate millions of dollars in sales with his videos? Not ONE, not TWO, but SEVEN of his best converting templates that you can use in your business. And they’re easily editable with Powerpoint.

Bonus #4 – LIVE 90 Minute QnA Session ($497 Value)
If you think the bonuses above are not enough, why don’t we jump on a LIVE QnA session and go through any and all barriers that are stopping you from becoming successful with video marketing? An hour coaching session with Josh is easily $500 or more! You’re getting a full 90 minutes for FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Doesn’t YouTube or Wistia Already Do This?
Services like YouTube & Wistia do give you great analytic data. However, it’s not tied to any sort of conversion. It’s all based on people viewing your video. Views are great, but they don’t tell you the whole story. You need to know what happens AFTER they view your video to determine if your video is actually impacting your business’ bottom line. Did they turn into a lead or customer? Smart Video Metrics takes this data a step further and tells you exactly what happens after someone views your video, so you can completely optimze your video marketing efforts.

Q. Does SVM Host Videos?
No, we do not host videos. We believe YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo are already doing a fantastic job of that. We are an add on to these services, so you’ll need to host your videos on one of these services, and then use Smart Video Metrics to embed your videos.

Q. What Data Does Smart Video Metrics Track?
We’re always updating our feature set, so new data is always being added. Right now we track:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue Per View
  • # of Conversions
  • # of Plays
  • Average View Duration
  • Average Time To Conversion
  • Total revenue per video

Get Smart Video Metrics with all my Bonuses here at 11 am EST Today

Once you see how powerful Smart Video Metrics is you’ll never see video marketing the same way again.

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