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Create Google-Friendly, “GDPR Ready” WordPress Sites in 2 Minutes At 10 am EST today, Ankur will open doors to his latest plugin WP Freshstart 5.0 automation software… ==> Get Instant Access here at 10 am EST today

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Create Google-Friendly, “GDPR Ready” WordPress Sites in 2 Minutes

At 10 am EST today, Ankur will open doors to his latest plugin WP Freshstart 5.0 automation software…

==> Get Instant Access here at 10 am EST today

This has been his flagship product and with over 25,000 customers using it on over 80,000 sites you can see that people LOVE This.

Freshstart 5.0 is now EVEN BETTER because now it will make sure every site you create and launch is fully GDPR Compliant.

PLUS – this automatically adds affiliate links to content keywords to earn you commissions.

PLUS it will insert Amazon product affiliate links (with images) at the bottom, middle or above each post in your blog helping you earn more from your blog.

PLUS since Google made SSL compulsary for all sites now (and started affecting rankings for non-SSL sites) this plugin now even helps you make your site SSL in an easy way.


See How AMAZINGLY SIMPLE TO USE This Software Is For Anyone!

Plus of course it does all the boring menial tasks about cleaning your site, creating must have pages, creating categories and images and also doing all the wordpress settings for you in just 1-Click
saving you lots of time.

If you have a wordpress site – THIS IS A MUST HAVE.

People have called this the best all-in-one WordPress automation tool they have ever seen.

And they are not wrong.

This does over 30 TASKS for you that would normally take you 3 to 4 hours to complete manually.

That’s why this is an amazing plugin.

And at a steal deal today you can get the latest version now…



Launch Bonuses

You get these 15 amazing Launch Bonuses – WP plugins and software if you download this plugin today from HERE

Bonus # 1 – WP Email Countdown Plugin
Insert LIVE active countdown timers inside emails to increase scarcity and make your people take action – Value : $47

Bonus # 2 – WP Maximize Tube Plugin
Easily monetize Youtube videos in a completely unique way – Value : $47

Bonus # 3 – WP Azon Box Deals Plugin
Create amazing BOX deals for your amazon affiliate sites in a few clicks and earn more money and commissions from Amazon using the power of this unique plugin – Value : $47

Bonus # 4 – WP Azon Notify Boxes
Create flying notification boxes in 8 different styles promoting amazon affiliate offers and products to earn passive income from your WordPress sites – Value : $47

Bonus # 5 – WP Tube Video Plugin
Style videos you add to your wordpress site with different player frames and unlimited options for customisation – Value : $47

Bonus # 6 – WP MobileMe Plugin
Make any WordPress site mobile friendly and create a mobile version of the site In just ONE CLICK – Value : $47

Bonus # 7 – WP Video Affiliate Plugin
This WordPress plugin allows you to super easily create Video Affiliate sites using any review videos or demo videos YOU GET – Unlimited Sites License – $47 Value

Get INSTANT Access to WPFrestStart 5 with all my Bonuses Here at 10 am EST today!

Bonus # 8 – WP Video Optin Plugin
Add unlimited leads to your site using this plugin and build a list of 100s and 1000s of prospective customers and buyers YOU GET – Unlimited Sites License – $67 Value

Bonus # 9 – WP Video Page Creator
Create video pages for product sales, affiliate promotions, reviews and almost anything you want in under 2 mins YOU GET – Unlimited Sites License – $47 Value

Bonus # 10 – WP Pin Review Plugin
Create Pinterest Style review pages and posts for your blog. YOU GET – Unlimited Sites License – $47 Value

Bonus # 11 – WP Viral Page Plugin
Create compelling pages to drive social media traffic and sell any kind of offer on that page YOU GET – Unlimited Sites License – $47 Value

Bonus #12 – SEO for WordPress
Master The Power of SEO to Gain Floods of Traffic to your WordPress Site! – $47 Value

Bonus #13 – WP Traffic Rocket
Powerful New Plugin Creates A Traffic Flood! – $47 Value

Bonus #14 – Optin Converter
Eye Candy WordPress Plugin for Crazy Optin Rates! – $47 Value

Bonus #15 – WP Cool Live Chat
This Powerful Plugin enables you to add Conversion-Increasing live Chats! – $47 Value

NAGS’ Bonuses

Get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you pick up WP Fresh Start 5 from my link HERE

Bonus #16 – WP Review Me (Value: $97)
Bonus #17 – WP Cash-O-Matic (Value: $97)
Bonus #18 – WP Profit Page Creator (Value: $97)
Bonus #19 – WP Reports Plugin (Value: $97)
Bonus #20 – WP Bot Blocker Plugin (Value: $97)
Bonus #21 – WP Left Behind (Value: $97)
Bonus #22 – WordPress Delayed Widgets Plugin (Value: $97)
Bonus #23 – WP Sales Robot (Value: $97)
Bonus #24 – WP Checkout Maximizer (Value: $97)
Bonus #25 – WP Feedback Pro (Value: $97)
Bonus #26 – WP IM marketing Graphics (Value: $97)
Bonus #27 – Facebook Training Masterclass (Value: $97)

Reseller & Whitelabel Bonuses

PLUS get these Exclusive RESELLER & WHITELABEL Bonuses Only Available Here:

Bonus #28 – Memberpal WP Membership Plugin RESELLER
Bonus #29 – WP Video Ace Plugin RESELLER
Bonus #30 – Trendpressr Plugin WHITELABEL

Get INSTANT Access to WPFrestStart 5 with all my Bonuses Here at 10 am EST today!


OTO 1 – WPFrestStart 5 Pro – $37

— Includes all the Front End features PLUS all the following features…

— Monetize sites with Clickbank, Jvzoo and other affiliate offers on complete autopilot – create passive income sites.

— Optimize your database / remove garbage data.

— Hide WP, don’t let anyone know you are running WP.

— Change logo on your WP login page.

— Increase site security, block spam.

— Rebrand WordPress, change admin menu options & selectively show plugins & access to users.

— Upload images to IMGUR instead of local storage.

— Lazy load images, make your site load faster.

— Automatically compress all your images.

— Add your branded watermark to all your images.

— Combine CSS/JS files and minimize them, load faster.

— Add Google Translate button for 1-click translation.

— Add Scroll to top button for across your site.

— Replace WP comments with FB comments, get traffic.

— Add FB/Twitter Metadata for social sharing.

— Add Social Sharing buttons floating on your site.

— One Click backup to Dropbox etc.

— Add Google Fonts to your site, get 600+ new fonts.

OTO2 – Site Booster – $27

INSTANTLY BOOST All Your Sites & Make Google, Bing & Yahoo NOTICE & Rank Them Quickly

Alert over 1000 top ranking sites about your new site getting you noticed by them and Google, Yahoo, Bing – all the top search engines.

This takes less than 2 minutes and all you have to do is press one button and relax.

Not just that, you’ll see that in a couple weeks, your site has gone to get over 100 backlinks from all these top sites without you doing any work for it.

There is absolutely nothing to install or setup with this.

OTO3 – Auto Content – $37

Create Fully Automated WordPress Blogs in 60 SECONDS – that Get Fresh Content, Videos, Images & Affiliate Links on 100% AUTOPILOT for Passive Income

Watch Below How You Can Get Free Content from Top Authority Sites

[+] Here is a way you can get 100s and 1000s of FRESH ARTICLES on your site automatically posted, without lifting a finger.

[+] A system that you can set & forget – and it will keep doing its job, day in and day out building sites for you… every minute.

[+] Whether you want text articles, images or video content, this software would do EVERYTHING you want.

[+] Find content, publish it and SEO optimise it too – on 100% AUTOPILOT.

[+] It would automatically add affiliate links and Ads to your site to make you money.

See How To Launch a Fully Autopilot Blog in under 60 Seconds

OTO4 – Auto Content Pro – $27

10X Your Site’s Income by Adding Unlimited Products from the Top 10 Ecom Sites Amazon, Ebay, WalMart, BestBuy + Unlimited Campaigns from 18 Extra Sources

OTO5 – WP FreshStart 5 Developer’s License – $39

+ Install on UNLIMITED Client Sites

+ Can Charge UNLIMITED Clients for this plugin

+ Developers Upgrade for PRO Version

+ Developers Upgrade for Site Booster

OTO6 – WP FreshStart 5 Reseller License – $67

SELL WP Freshstart 5 to anyone you want & KEEP 100% of the PROFITS for yourself

You’ll also get to use…

[+] All Their Marketing Pages

[+] Their Amazing High Converting Videos

[+] Their super effective Sales Copy to make all your sales.

And the best part is…


YES – You don’t have to do anything, just collect your 100% profit and find a way to spend it.

Get INSTANT Access to WPFrestStart 5 with all my Bonuses Here at 10 am EST today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this really newbie friendly?
Yes! We built this so that anyone, even newbies could use this. Literally all you have to do is select a few options and then click ONE button and WpFreshstart 5.0 wll go to work for you. And just in case you run into ANY problems, we have step by step training videos to guide you every step of the way.

Q: Are there any OTOs / upsells?
After ordering we do have a few special offers for our awesome customers 🙂 Just like any upsell, these purchases are optional but they definitely help take things to the NEXT level

Q: What license rights do I have to this software?
For this offer on this page, you’re getting personal use rights only. This means you can use this plugin for your own sites when you buy the product.

Q: What types of sites can I use this on?
WP Freshstart 5.0 works for ANY type of site: Amazon niche sites, Facebook sites, offline/local business sites, Adsense sites, affiliate review sites, sites for your own products, etc.

Q: Does this work on Mac and PC?
Yes! Since this is a WordPress plugin, this will work when using ANY computer really 🙂 All you need is wordpress on your site.

Q: Do you walk me through how to install and USE this software to its full capability?
Yes absolutely! We have included over-the-shoulder video training for you so that can easily install this software and start taking advantage of this awesome plugin.

Q: Do I need to do tech stuff to make this work? (coding, etc)
Absolutely not. We built this so you wouldn’t have to deal with any of that tech mumbo jumbo.

Q: Will InstaReset delete everything from my site?
Yes, it will clean up your entire site, all content, settings etc and make it such that your site looks like a freshly installed WP with the default stuff in place without ever having to install WP all over again. It will keep all plugins as it is but delete their settings and deactivate them.

Get INSTANT Access to WPFrestStart 5 with all my Bonuses Here at 10 am EST today!

Hurry! Don’t wait till the price doubles from here!

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