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Sorry, WP Ultimate Pro has been discontinued by the Vendor.

Instead, why don’t you have a look at some of these Evergreen Products? I’m sure you will find one in the Niche you want.

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WP Ultimate Pro is a power-packed WP plugin that immediately gets you high converting visitors and turns them into profitable leads

WP Ultimate Pro comes with a variety of different Exit-Intent Features preventing the Abandoning Visitors from leaving the site by grabbing their attention to the content which Matters First. Its an ultimate plugin to convert a passer-by into an Evergreen Customer.

Plus Ultimate Pro also comes pre-loaded with easy integration with 25+ Auto-Responders and CRMs to directly save your leads right inside the system and start nurturing them right away.

UPDATE to the Alert:

Earlier I had said that this doesn’t work on mobiles, well it seems there is an option in the wordpress menu settings called ultimate pro settings. Under this you can enable it to show on mobile devices.

It’s kind of strange that there should even be a setting like this, since it seems its a mandatory feature for all sites now. Probably, the setting is to enable big size video optin kind of forms to be disabled on smaller devices I guess.

In any Case once I enable the setting , my form shows up on small devices too so all’s good here.

On testing the product I found that on devices smaller that 425 px, the bars etc don’t work, that is, they don’t show! (There is an option to enable it – read my update above)

Therefore , use this ONLY if you wish to use on devices from your iPad or larger tablets or laptop/pc. However, with more than 60% of users active only on their mobiles these days, its so important that your product should work on all devices. 

I have written to the vendor to ask about this issue and am waiting for his reply…

Have a look at a couple of screenshots I took to test on different screen sizes. Here it works on devices larger than 480px:

But the minute you have a device that is 480 px or less, the top bar disappears:

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  • [+] 25+ pre-made formats for Notifications Bars, Pop-ups, CTA overlays etc.
  • [+] Fast-Response Support
  • [+] Ready-to-use sales material for resellers
  • [+] Integrate with every Auto-Responder + CRM on Earth
  • [+] 100% Secure and Ads-Free Plugin
  • [+] Integrate with every service by sending one-ticket to support
  • [+] Total ready-to-use elements
  • [+] Video tutorials for Every Feature
  • [+] Compatible with every WordPress Theme
  • [+] Easy-to-use Powerful Dashboard
  • [+] Responsive on Every Device
  • [+] One-Time Fee for every feature
  • [+] Powerful WordPress Plug-in with over 20+ Features
  • [+] Responsive on Every Digital Device
  • [+] Compatible with Every WordPress Theme and Version
  • [+] Step-by-Step Video Tutorials for Every Feature
  • [+] Highly Responsive Support 
  • [+] One-Time-Solution for You 
  • [+] Easy-To-Use Powerful Dashboard

Here’s a Features Demo of Ultimate Pro


Vivek Sharma & Ganesh Saha


Grab Your Visitors’ Attention Before they even think of leaving… with just 3 simple steps

Step #1 – Install the Ultimate Pro Plugin on your WordPress Site.

Step #2 – Choose and Apply any conversion- booster tool from the dashboard.

Step #3 – Start converting abandoning visitors


Check out this product in action here


Integrates with every Auto-Responder + CRM that you know about

Any Platform or Browser! No Dependency Installation required

  • Convert drop by visitors into leads.
  • Create a custom user experience with easy setup conversion booster plugin.
  • Quickly grow your list by proposing right offer at a right time.
  • Boost every page on your site, with its own-kind-of engagement element.
  • Highly adaptable with every WordPress theme.
  • Comes with done-for-you visitor conversion plan.
  • Add more than 2 bar elements, and other conversion boosting elements on a single page.
  • Customize every conversion element as per your branding needs.


By using a single Ultimate Pro’s Attention Grabbers on the WordPress Site, Stats show…

  • 5x more sales
  • 18% more conversion
  • 16% decreased bounce rate
  • Visitors spent 54% more time on site than average.

Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if you want to 

[+] Make the most out of every click sent to your website.
[+] Decrease bounce-rate of your website drastically.
[+] Convert Abandoning Visitors into Profitable Leads.
[+] Enjoy Sky-Rocketing Conversion with a Pre-made Solution.
[+] Interact with your Audience with irresistible growth tools.
[+] Spice up your web content with Notification Bars, Pop-ups and side menus etc.
[+] Build a list with Lead Magnets, Exit Intent Tools etc.
[+] Have NO Monthly Fees. NO Annoying Watermarks.

This is perfect for YOU whether you are 

  • Bloggers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • SEO Guys
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Anyone looking for high-conversions online

And regardless of any niche you belong to

Who Trusts WP Ultimate Pro



Fast Action Launch Bonuses

 has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here

Fast Actions Bonus #1 – Visitor Chat Plugin [Value: $97]
The ultimate conversion boosting live chat plugin! Allows you to chat live with your visitors or send you email when offline. WP Visitor Chat plugin creates a live chat widget on your website allowing site visitors to directly interact with the administrator in real-time or offline mode. With this plugin, visitors can send a short message to you can quickly do so right from the website. This software makes you more acquainted with your friends and relatives, as well as customers. Interaction is immediately done through this.

Fast Actions Bonus #2 – WP Membership Plugin [Value: $73]
The effortless way to create professional sites in WordPress using your favorite membership plugin! With this plugin you can build a beautiful and robust membership sites.

Fast Actions Bonus #3 – WP Affiliate Funnel [Value: $97]
WP Affiliate Funnel Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows anyone to build complete affiliate funnels in no time and without being an expert.

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy WP Ultimate Pro from my link here

Bonus #4 – Affiliate Marketing Superstars
Calling yourself an affiliate marketer is easy. Profiting as an affiliate marketer takes a bit of work.

Bonus #5 – Magnetic Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is still one of the best internet business models around. You don’t have to create or store any products. You don’t have to distribute anything and you don’t even have to sell anything.

Bonus #6 – Essential Guide to Affiliate Profits
Affiliate marketing is an “evergreen” way of making money online. Internet marketing strategies and ‘fads’ come and go, but affiliate marketing remains eternally popular

Bonus #7 – Uncensored Affiliate Secrets
Affiliate marketing is a great place to get started. If you’re scared about creating your own products, which a lot of people are, then affiliate marketing is a great place to start.

Bonus #8 – Affiliate Advantage Plugin
Do not post about another product or write another review until you’ve installed this profit boosting WordPress plugin

Bonus #9 – Affiliate PDF Brander
Create a high quality ebook or report which promotes your product or service

Bonus #10 – The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy
The internet can help you to live your dreams and to design the perfect lifestyle that will make you truly happy. As an internet marketer, you can make a truly ‘passive income’. That means earning a living by writing an amazing website once or creating a product once and then letting the income roll in forever more.

OTO Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
For anyone who is just starting out, there’s no easier or faster method of generating income

Bonus #2 – Email Nuts and Bolts
Become A Guru On One Of The Most Powerful Marketing Tools Online! Email marketing starts with your email list 

Bonus #3 – Email Marketing Tips And Tricks
Grow your business by increasing your Email Click-through rates 



Here is the Funnel for WP Ultimate Pro

OTO 1: WP Ultimate Pro Cash @ $27

OTO1 comes with Unlimited Developer Rights, Unlimited Site License, Fast Action Bonuses and much more….!

Legally Hijack Other People’s Pages, Mask Affiliate, Teach, Communicate, Explain and pursue them to by the products offers with your videos

  • WP Ultimate Pro CASH
  • WP Ultimate Pro CASH with Unlimited Developer Rights
  • Hijack anyone’s content Legally on your own website
  • Comes with All Features
  • HQ Fast Action Bonuses
  • Much More…!

OTO 2: WP Ultimate Bundle Pro  @ $27

Comes with 3 WP Plugins with White Label Rights

  • WP MakeOver with White Label Rights
  • WP Animate Pro with White Label Rights
  • WP WhatsApp with White Label Rights
  • 50 Promised Bonuses

WP Make Over :- it is very powerful plugin suite which completely Rebrands WordPress Dashboard; add your own Logo, Change colour, removes all references of WP, Hide Options and Menu and remove updates and notifications of WordPress, Rebrand log-in page and URLs of login, and many more features

WP animate Pro :- it is another wonderful plugin which animates page elements… like images videos placeholders, tables, texts or anything with build- in 200+ different animations …. You can add animations with one click

WP WhatsApp :- With this plugin you will chat on WhatsApp with your website visitors. You can build offline lists with phone numbers further you can market them with offers

OTO 3: WP Ultimate Pro Reseller @ $67/97

  • $67 : 25 Reseller License
  • $97 : Unlimited Reseller License 

OTO 4: WP Ultimate Pro CASH Reseller @ $67/97

  • $67 : 25 Reseller License
  • $97 : Unlimited Reseller License 
    [+] One Time Fee
    [+] Sell WP Ultimate Pro as your own and keep 100% your profits.

Real User Reviews

Here’s what real users have to say

Refund Policy

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you face any issue during the first 30 days period, just drop in a ticket and they’ll refund you every penny.

They have a dedicated team to provide the best support and say that they have a proven record of 89.8% in problem-solving and helping the customers if they go through any technical issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Ultimate Pro is compatible with every WordPress theme?
Yes, Ultimate Pro is compatible with every WordPress theme and across every version as well.

​Q. What will I receive after my completion of purchase?
A login access link will be sent to your registered email ID.

​Q. Ultimate Pro comes with a money-back guarantee?
In case, you don’t feel satisfied with Ultimate Pro you can just raise a ticket on our support desk and we’ll provide you with a refund. As we know we’re the best so, we are confidently offering you 30 days money back guarantee with no-question-asked policy.

​Q. What happens in-case I feel installation procedure is challenging enough?
No worries, our support team is always up for your assistance and will get back to you in 24 hours only.


Let’s do a quick Recap and see what are you getting here Today

Get Instant Access to WP Ultimate Pro with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

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