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Sorry, Agenciez has been discontinued by the Vendor.

Instead, why don’t you have a look at some of these Evergreen Products? I’m sure you will find one in the Niche you want.

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Build An Agency Business From Scratch During This Pandemic. That’s what Agenciez allows you to do. Create beautiful Websites, Marketplaces, E-com Stores, Affiliate Sites, and Blogs With Zero Hassles. You can also sell your Services on your own Marketplace, sell Products, promote Affiliate offers or create Sites for Local Clients who are desperate to go Online during the lockdown for BIG Profits.

Below this are all the details that you will also find on the sales letter of the product “Agenciez“. (I have just put them systematically into simple legible blocks for you),  so if you wish, you can skip it all and click this Get Instant Access button and go straight off to the sales page. However, do scroll down if you want to see the extra NAGS’ BONUSES you get when you buy Agenciez from my link here.


Why e-Learning?

If you will search for success stories on internet, then you will find a lot of people reaping the benefits of this evergreen niche! 

Len Smith is making $90K every month – selling his Copywriting Secrets Course

John Omar and Eliot Arntz made $700K in a month by Selling their iOS App Development Course

Rob Percival makes $150K every month – selling the same programming course to new students

For every dollar spent on eLearning, companies make $30 in productivity

The mobile e-learning market is expected to cross $38 billion USD by 2020

More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies use e-learning regularly and extensively

72% of organizations believe that eLearning puts them at a competitive advantage



What Problem does Agenciez Solve?

eLearning is a Billion Dollar Industry and is in very high demand as you have seen from the facts above!

But the Problem is that if you plan to sell & deliver your courses through famous platforms then

  • You have to Pay huge share of your profits as fixed or percent fees
  • You have No Control over your hard-earned traffic, and your visitors gets distracted with your competitors offers
  • It’s Hard to engage people who checks for the Reviews or Star Ratings and prefer to take courses of established competitors
  • You get No Leads that means you lose the future opportunities to connect with them and offer more services

And, if you plan to Setup Your Own Online Platform then you have to

  • Learn database, designing, coding & testing to build a robust platform
  • Invest a lot of money & time with the so-called inefficient developers
  • Build a marketplace with Cart integration to present your courses & collect money
  • Pay Recurring to the Hosting technology that can stream videos on different devices and internet speed
  • Develop a Members area to Deliver Courses Securely only to the paying members

And these are just few of the challenges that you will face…

Here’s where Academy Pro Solves your Problem…

Agenciez lets you Create Your Own Pro Academy with Courses, Marketplace, Members Area, Lead Management, Help Desk & Deliver Your Courses in a few simple steps.

Read on to know why this is the best solution for you…


What Can You do with Agenciez?

  • Build Local Sites, Marketplaces, Affiliate Review Sites, Blogs and E-com Sites – The Sky Is The Limit!
  • Help Local Clients That Desperately Need Your Service During The Lockdown And Make BIG Profits.
  • Over 200 Eye-Catching And Customizable Templates Organized In 30+ Themes By Different Business Needs.
  • Instantly Create Stunning Professional Websites For Any Business Need.
  • Highly Converting Designs With All Important Business Sections Included
  • Create Product/Services, Portfolio, Testimonials, Contact us or Sitemap Pages Quickly & Easily!
  • Every Site You Create With Agenciez Is Fully SEO-Optimized
  • Get More Likes, Shares and Viral Traffic with In-Built Social Media Tools
  • Accept Payments For Your Services & Products With Seamless WooCommerce Integration
  • Create 100% Mobile & All Device ready and ultra-fast loading websites.
  • Engage & Convert More of Your Traffic, Into Lifetime Brand Loyalists
  • Change Website Width & Layout Without Touching Any Code
  • Analytics & Remarketing Ready Websites
  • Sell Your Own Products, Services Or Promote Affiliates Offers
  • Built On World’s No. 1, Super-Customizable WP FRAMEWORK For BUSINESSES – The Agenciez
  • Get 20+ Beautiful Slider Combinations To Engage & Wow Visitors
  • Fully Customizable Typography Gives Every Website You Create A Unique Look and Feel.
  • Convert Any Website Into A Profit Generating machine That Gets Tons of Leads, Engagement And Sales
  • Every Website You Create In Agenciez Is 100% Secured With Top Notch Encryption
  • Agenciez Also Support Hooks, Custom CSS For Developers
  • It also Comes With 10+ Ready To Use Short Codes & Widgets
  • Skyrocket User Engagement, Conversions & Sales With CTA management, Google Maps & Feature Rich slider
  • Manage your client’s websites from your mobile devices if you wish.
  • Inbuilt Lead Management Feature Lets You Maximize Lead Generation Results.
  • FREE Updates – Never Pay For Upgrades When You Sign Up Today.
  • Round-the-Clock Chat Support

That’s Just A Snippet Of What’s All Included. Agenciez Gives You Everything You Need To Build & Run Your Very Own Profitable Agency Business From The Comfort Of Your Home.

This Will Be The Last Pro Agency Suite You’ll Ever Need


What are the Benefits of Agenciez?

  • Tap into the HUGE web agency industry
  • Sell all your services on your own marketplace as a PRO and save fees!
  • Create elegant local sites, shop, marketplace, or blogs with ease.
  • World’s no. 1 WordPress framework with 30+ stunning themes and easy point, click, and editable 200+ Color Templates
  • 100% SEO, social media & mobile friendly sites to snag tons of traffic & customers 360 degree
  • Commercial license included. Sell your services to clients and profit big time!
  • Create Any Type Of Site
    Create Stunning Local Sites, Marketplace, E-Com Stores, Affiliate Niche Sites or Blogs Easily.
  • Super-Customizable & Easy To Use
    World’s No. 1 WordPress Framework With 30+ Stunning Themes And 200+ DFY Templates To Create Site In Any Niche
  • No Limits – Use for Yourself Or Clients
    Sell Your Own Products, Services or Affiliate Offers or Charge Your Clients for Elegant Websites
  • No Worries of Paying Monthly
    During This Launch Special Deal, Get All Benefits At Limited Low One-Time-Fee 



Who is Agenciez Recommended for?

Agenciez is for you if  you want 

  • An All-In-One Solution
    Build your Pro Academy with in-built Sites, Marketplace, Courses, E-Com Stores, Affiliate Niche Sites or Blogs
  • Proven & Elegant Sites
    Create Beautiful  Sites with in various color themes and build an authority
  • Traffic, Leads & Profits
    Don’t lose traffic, leads and profits with any 3rd party marketplace, keep 100% with you
  • Free from Worries of Paying Monthly
    During This Launch Special Deal, Get All Benefits At Limited Low One-Time-Fee. 

Agenciez is for you if you are planning to get customers in all walks of life.  Here’s a Never-Ending List of All Your Potential Clients That You Can Serve With Your Website Creation Business & Get Fat Paychecks


What do you get with Agenciez?



Who are the Vendors of Agenciez?

They have been on #1 Position in Top Launch Leaderboards, few of which are listed below


What are the Steps for Agenciez?

Build A Pro-Level Website For Your Own Or Client’s Business In Just 3 Easy Steps

Step #1 –  Choose  
From over 200 stunning done-for-you templates and edit with a few clicks

Step #2 – Customize
Your template as per business need & add your payment method

Step #3 – Publish & Profit
From Your Own Offers Or Help Clients For Instant Profits



What are the Features of Agenciez?

Agenciez has TONS of Innovative & Never Seen Before Features

  • Create Unlimited Local Business Websites, Blogs, Landing Pages & Ecom Stores
  • Ready To Use 200+ Eye-Catchy and Customizable Templates to Create Stunning, Lightning Fast & Clean Websites And Mobile Sites.
  • Built on World’s No. 1, WP FRAMEWORK for BUSINESSES – The Agenciez
  • Sell Your Own Digital & Physical Products, Services & Affiliate Offers or Offer Website Building & Online Marketing Service To All Types of Local & Online Business
  • Accept Payments For Your Services & Products With Seamless WooCommerce Integration
  • Become an Instant Authority by Adding Additional Services In Your Portfolio with DFY Marketing Material
  • 100% Responsive On
  • All The Devices
  • Fully SEO-Optimized Websites
  • Feature Rich Slider
  • Fully-Functional CMS
  • Appointment Booking Functionality
  • CTA Management
  • Google Maps
  • In-Built Social
  • Media Tools
  • Analytics & Remarketing Ready
  • Inbuilt Lead Management
  • Advanced Autoresponder Integration
  • Also Support Hooks, Custom CSS For Developers
  • 10+ Ready To Use
  • Short Codes
  • Fully Customizable Typography
  • Width-Flexible
  • Website Layout


Does Agenciez have a Demo?

Check out Agenciez in action here to discover how you can create Stunning Websites for any business in just 5 minutes


Who Trusts Agenciez?



How does Agenciez fare as Compared to other Products?

Here’s why Agenciez is a Cut above the products out there



Are there any Bonuses for Agenciez?

Fast Action Bonuses


Launch Bonuses

Dr Amit has agreed to give these bonuses to all my customers who buy Agenciez through my link here


NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy Agenciez from my link here

bonus-bulletBonus #21  – Sales Funnel Mastery
The most profits from Internet marketing come to those who own their own digital products and control the sales funnel. There are two basic rules regarding sales funnels and corresponding upsells and downsells. You will learn everything you need to know in this quick step by step guide.   

bonus-bulletBonus #22  – Sales Funnel Authority
Discover the secrets to creating a Sales Funnel that turns Leads into High-Ticket Customers! In this course, you’ll find out the steps that Successful Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Brands use to convert Visitors into Customers! No matter what it is you’re trying to sell on the web, a sales funnel is the number one way to do it.   

bonus-bulletBonus #23 – Email List Profit Funnels
Find out how you can instantly monetize your email lists, even if your list is small! Discover the top strategies for generating ‘fast cash” from email broadcasts on autopilot! Avoid common mistakes and set yourself up for long-term success with these powerful profit funnel strategies!

bonus-bulletBonus #24 – Sales Presentation Graphics Pack
This graphics pack includes 50 images of men and women giving sales presentations. Images are in PNG and Vector PDF formats. PNG files are a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels in size.
You can use it to add appeal to blog posts, marketing, PLR content and so much more.

bonus-bulletBonus #25 – Simple Startups
In this guide, you are going to learn about some of the best ways to save money, get profitable faster, and avoid having to seek funding before your company is truly ready.
Topics included are:

  • Setting a Budget
  • Sticking to Your Budget
  • Hiring vs. Outsourcing
  • Obtaining Capital and More…

bonus-bulletBonus #26 – Setup a Coaching Program
Obviously, I can’t cover all the possibilities, one strategy that you can almost certainly begin implementing and teaching almost immediately, and it’s: List building.
A complete start to finish list building system that they can continue to use for years to come.

bonus-bulletBonus #27 – Profit Funnel Ideas
“Profit Funnel Ideas” offer a variety of profitable ideas that you can use for your own and create sell-able commodities.
Cool Low-Ticket, Mid-Ticket and High-Ticket Product Ideas Which You Can Create and Make Profits from them.
Active Online Marketers are often looking for new ways, new products and new ideas to serve more customers and profit more in the process where this can help them instantly.

bonus-bulletBonus #28 – Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies
With these strategies you will learn…

  • What is a really profitable sales funnel
  • How to identify if your sales funnel is working
  • Different components of sales funnel
  • Where exactly effective sales funnels start
  • How to optimize your funnel properly 

bonus-bulletBonus #29 – Consultation Riches
You can be the leader of your own market! Even if you consider you’re geographically challenged, you can still find high paying clients through the Internet! You don’t have to be a super expert. As long as you know a little more than what most your clients know, and they’re willing to pay for your service, you can be in the consulting business. It’s easier finding 10 clients paying you $1,000 each for your service compared to 1,000 customers paying you $10 each for a cheap product.

bonus-bulletBonus #30 – Find Your Niche
Few things covered under this course are:

  • Learn what a niche is precisely. You’ll learn about niches and what exactly niche marketing is and how it can help you build a successful business.
  • Find out what makes a niche profitable.
  • How to choose a niche that is right for your business.
  • How to get started with your niche research.
  • How to determine how many competitors are in a niche 


OTO Bonuses

Get Any FIVE more of the following Bonuses for each OTO you buy from here

bonus-bulletBonus #1 – Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies Video Upgrade
This video course teaches you how to optimize your sales funnel. It will show you key strategies that will help you maximize conversions and thereby maximize your profits.
This Video course would help you understand about:

  • What Is A Sales Funnel?
  • Effective Sales Funnels Start with Product Knowledge
  • Content Funnels Explained
  • Understanding Your Content Funnel’s L-Pages
  • Make Sure Your Content Funnel Integrates Well with Your Conversion Funnel
  • Optimizing Your Funnels and more can be discovered inside this.


Bonus #2  – Sales Funnel Mastery Gold Upgrade  
Owning your own product is the key to making real money online. If you own the product, you can create a sales funnel that you control and you profit from at 100%. Every Internet marketer makes most of his/her profits via the back-end of the sales funnel, NOT the front-end.   

bonus-bulletBonus #3  – Sales Funnel Authority Video Upgrade 
Discover the secrets to creating a Sales Funnel that turns Leads into High-Ticket Customers! In this course, you’ll find out the steps that Successful Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Brands use to convert Visitors into Customers! This is the Video Version. This is for those who are multi-taskers! No matter what it is you’re trying to sell on the web, a sales funnel is the number one way to do it.    

bonus-bulletBonus #4  – The Sales Funnel Playbook Video Course 
The definition of the sales funnel refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model. This course will focus on the launch funnel, where offers are shown one on top of the other after the buyer makes their first product  

bonus-bulletBonus #5  – Sales Psychology  
Learn About the Psychology Behind Black Friday Sales & Psychological Pricing Strategies! The last time you purchased a product or service, did you rationalize that purchase, or was it more of an emotional decision? You may be surprised to realize that the vast majority of people when making a purchase decision, buy on emotion and then later rationalize  

bonus-bulletBonus #6  – Doubling Your Sales With These Tricks 
Learn How to Double your Sales with These Tricks! Many successful digital entrepreneurs have likely already stated this at one point or another, but this is very important, which is why this report will going to say it one more time. Offer a free sample or some type of trial period.   

bonus-bulletBonus #7 – Smart CPA Offers
This is what CPA is all about and CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Training course consists of:

  • Introduction to CPA 2.0
  • The Good and The Bad
  • Protecting Yourself
  • Increase Your Approval Rate
  • CPA Networks That Buy Your Traffic
  • Traffic Sources etc.

bonus-bulletBonus #8 – Unlimited  Product Ideas Pack
Learn how to tap into a constant flow of ideas that will never leave you wondering what you can sell next using four simple methods. Includes 112 Minutes of Exclusive Coaching Videos with Master Resell Rights. Discover How to Quickly & Easily Find Subjects That People Are Desperate to Read About, To Help You Make BIG Profits Outside of The Hugely Crowded ‘Internet Marketing’ Arena.

bonus-bulletBonus #9  – Sales Funnel Explosion  
Learn How To Build A Profitable Online Sales Funnel! How to build a list very fast by buying solo ad. Solo Ad is when you pay someone to mail their email list, on your behalf, with a recommendation and link to your free optin offer squeeze page. The purpose of this is to build a list.   

bonus-bulletBonus #10  – Insider Guide Template – Sales Page Funnel
Get and Use this Insider Guide Template – Sales Page Funnel! You write sales copy and leverage copywriting techniques in most if not all of your content and on all of your website pages.   

bonus-bulletBonus #11  – JVZoo Sales Funnels
JVZoo Sales Funnels course is a video tutorial that focuses on how to setup an effective sales funnel that converts and will really make you profit. Learn how to setup one-time offers, upsell and downsell the easy way. JVZoo has been one of the best choices for many online entrepreneurs that sold digital products because of its very easy to setup  

bonus-bulletBonus #12  – The Funnel Hacker
With this 4-part video course you will learn: What is funnel hacking Tips for funnel hacking Tools for funnel hacking  

bonus-bulletBonus #13  – Sales Funnels
Learn How To Catch Those Escaping Leads with Retargeting! A sales funnel is a system set up on your website that builds rapport and trust with new and returning visitors, qualifies leads and encourages them to make a purchase. 

bonus-bulletBonus #14  – JVZoo Funnel Simplified
What you are about to learn inside this video course: Video 01: JVZoo Funnel Intro Video 02: JVZoo Funnel Overview Video 03: JVZoo Funnel Planning Video 04: JVZoo Funnel Mapping Video 05: JVZoo Funnel Product Details Video 06: JVZoo Funnel Autoresponder Video 07: JVZoo Funnel Payment Video 08: JVZoo Funnel Setup Video 09: Buttons …and more  

bonus-bulletBonus #15  – WP Funnel Profit
Get Instant Access to the 30 Brand New WordPress ‘How To’ Videos! If you are a blogger, niche marketer or an Internet Marketing influencer, learning and teaching how to use WordPress is a huge help to grow your business! The thing is that, many people would really want to learn how to use WordPress for their blog and business.  

bonus-bulletBonus #16  – Maximum Launch Profits
Make sure your next product launch has the best possible chance of success and makes the most money possible. You’ll learn about how to find JV partners and affiliates, how to generate pre-launch buzz, setting up an effective sales funnel, the most effective ways to use OTOs, and much more 

bonus-bulletBonus #17 – Build Your Audience
The single most important asset that any business has when it comes to promoting itself online and making profit is its Audience. Content included with this guide are:

  • What makes certain brands so successful when it comes to building massive audiences
  • How to create your own audience, starting from the beginning
  • How to create a brand that people can believe in
  • How to target your audience and engage with the right customers
  • How to communicate with your audience and keep it growing and much, much more!

bonus-bulletBonus #18 – Auto Video Creator
If you want to build your brand, chances are you need to have a video to show your expertise. What this software does is that, it enables you to create video without using cameras, PowerPoint, Camtasia and even voice overs. You don’t even have to speak … the software will do it for you!

bonus-bulletBonus #19 – WSO Graphic Editor
Sales Graphics Editors Are Guaranteed to Help You Build the Perfect WSO For Your Product, Service, Or Offer Without Using Photoshop! This script or software is very easy to use and fun to work with. Save your lot of time and make a lot of money online right away.

bonus-bulletBonus #20 – Joint Venture Pro
A Brand-New Software to Turn Your Business into A Sales Exploding, Cash Flow Generating, Marketing Machine! Joint Venture Pro is a database-driven software that will bring you a flood of qualified customers every day of the week. This is the fastest, most effective strategy today to make successful alliances, generating instant cash-flows.

[Put in a ticket at Nags’ Support with a copy of your purchase receipt/s for any Bonuses you didn’t get]



Does Agenciez have a Coupon Code? 

Use Coupon Code “agenciez7” for EXTRA 7% Discount


What are the Upsells for Agenciez?

Here is the Funnel for Agenciez


OTO #1 – Agenciez Elite @ $67   

  • Pro-Business Theme with Upgraded Features To Create Even More Engaging Websites
  • Get 400+ Eye-Catchy and Customizable Color- Templates
  • Create Even More Engaging & Beautiful Websites With Over 1 Million Royalty Free Stock Photos
  • 100+ DFY Blog Posts in 20+ Local Niches to Engage The Potential Customers By Educating Them
  • Share Control of Your members area to Up To 5 Team Members
  • Create Unlimited Websites To Serve As Many Clients As You Want
  • Drive Unlimited Leads from Website, Blog, Page & E-com Sites
  • Cutting-Edge Autoresponder Integration to Send Emails to Your Subscribers Automatically
  • Skillfully Crafted 20+ Logo Templates with Editable Files

OTO #2 – Agenciez Enterprise @ $47/$97

Option 1 – Agenciez DFY Pro Agency- 200 Client ($47)
Option 2 – Agenciez DFY Pro Agency- Unlimited Clients ($97) 


  • Pro-Agency Theme To Build Your Premium Agency Marketplace & Start Selling Services Today
  • Add Your Own Services & 2X Your Benefits Without Any Third-Party Marketplace Dependency Or Profit Share
  • Unlimited Agency License To Serve Unlimited Clients
  • Add Unlimited Team Members – Inhouse & Freelancers
  • White-Labelling To Show Your Developers Details On Themes Without Touching Any Code

OTO #3 – Agenciez BizDrive @ $47 

  • Store Your Media Securely & Share Faster with Your Clients
  • Share Files on Elegant, Brandable & SEO optimized Sharing Pages
  • Single Dashboard to Manage All Type of Files
  • Manage files in folders easily & share entire folder with clients or team members with Folder Management Feature
  • Get Maximum Visitor Engagement with Like/Dislike Option on Share Pages
  • Unbreakable File Security with Online Back-Up & 30 Days File Recovery Functionality
  • Engage Maximum Audience with Royalty Free Stock Images & Videos- Pixabay & Pexels Integration
  • Advanced share page analytics to have a complete insight on How Your Files Are Doing
  • Capture Unlimited Leads & Unlimited Audience from Share Pages
  • Get Full Text Search and Filters to Locate Files Instantly
  • Speed-Up Your Website Speed with Fast Loading & Optimized Images
  • Fetch & Sync Valuable Data Effortlessly with Google Drive, One Drive & Dropbox Integration And More.

OTO #4 – Premium Membership @ $27/mo

Option 1 – Agenciez Premium Membership Monthly ($27/Month)
Option 2 – Agenciez Premium Membership 1 Year Deal ($197)
Option 3 – Agenciez Premium Membership One-Time Deal ($497) 

  • Make Unlimited Profits – Add Unlimited Businesses
  • Create UNLIMITED Beautiful, Mobile-Friendly & Fast-Loading Landing Pages
  • Build Unlimited Sales Funnels/Customer Journey from Scratch for Any Marketing Goal
  • Host & Play HD Videos with NO Delays & Buffering
  • Create UNLIMITED Personalized Notification Campaigns with 5 Powerful Engagement Apps in 1 Solution
  • Fully Customizable, Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Editor that Requires Zero Designing or Tech Skills
  • 300+ Battle-Tested, Done-For-You Templates to Build High Converting Landing Pages, Funnels & Popups Fast & Easy.
  • Store & Share Business Files Securely with Your Clients & Team Members
  • Manage Leads, Monitor Lead Info & Timely Behavior Data to Analyze Your Audience for Better Results


Does Agenciez have a Refund Policy?

30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee

Use Agenciez for 30 full days.

They do NOT offer a “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

You must provide a genuine reason and show them proof that you did everything that they outlined in their training before asking for a refund.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to download or install Agenciez somewhere?
    NO! You just create an account online and you can get started immediately. To build a site, you need to download our Agencies Framework and upload it to your WordPress site only once. After that it run as 100% web-based solution hosted on the cloud. This means you never have to download or update anything again. 1 Click updating of your themes and templates. And It works across all browsers and all devices including Windows and Mac.
  • Is my investment risk free?
    We know the worth of your money. You can be rest assured that your investment is as safe as houses. However, we would like to clearly state that we don’t offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. You must provide a genuine reason and show us proof that you tried it before asking for a refund.
  • Do you charge any monthly fees?
    There are NO monthly fees to use it during the launch period. During this period, you pay once and never again. We always believe in providing complete value for your money. However, there are upgrades as upsell which requires monthly payment but its 100% optional & not mandatory for working with Agenciez. Those are recommended if you want to multiply your benefits.
  • Will I get any training or support for my questions?
    YES. We have created a detailed and step-by-step video training that shows you how to get setup everything quick & easy. You can access to the training in the member’s area. You will also get live chat – customer support so you never get stuck or have any issues.
  • Is Agenciez compliant with all guidelines & compliances?
    Yes, our platform is built with having all prescribed guidelines and compliances in consideration. We make constant efforts to ensure that we follow all the necessary guidelines and regulations. Still, we request all users to read very careful about third-party services which is not a part of Agenciez while choosing it for your business.
  • What is the duration of service with this Agenciez launch special deal?
    As a nature of SAAS, we claim to provide services for the next 60 months. After this period gets over, be rest assured as our customer success team will renew your services for another 60 months for free and henceforth. We are giving it as complimentary renewal to our founder members for buying from us early.
  • How is Agenciez is different from other available tools in the market?
    Well, we have a nice comparison chart with other service providers. We won’t like to boast much about our software, but we can assure you that this is a cutting edge technology that will enable you to create and sell stunning wesbites at such a low introductory price.
  • Is Agenciez Windows and Mac compatible?
    YES. We’ve already stated that Agenciez WordPress Framework is a web-based solution. So, it runs directly on the web and works across all browsers and all devices.


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