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Arbitrage is age old. Basically it means buying at a cheaper price from A and selling it with your markup to B. For ages, people have travelled to places where they can find products cheaper and sell them to buyers willing to pay higher prices for them.

With the advent of the Digital era, you don’t need to travel anywhere. You also don’t need to do any manual travel, labour or calculations. You can sit in the comfort or your home and do this – with ArbiMate!

ArbiMate is a 100% fresh self hosted app that can run independently or as a WordPress plugin to find arbitrage opportunities for eCom sellers from Walmart & Target to Amazon.

This is the first automated app that can give you unlimited arbitrage opportunities all day across any category or segment.There’s an unlimited number of products and segments to profit from on Amazon, Walmart and Target.


Why ArbiMate 

Actually this concept is really simple and very effective. All you got to do is just list a product that’s already selling on Amazon at a competitive price and when you get an order for it, you buy it on Walmart at a cheaper price than what you have listed on Amazon. So whats so great about that ? Anyone can do it right?


All you have to do is:

  1. Find products on Walmart/Target that fetch a higher price on Amazon
  2. List that product on Amazon and sell it yourself.

But wait, there IS a catch ! How do you FIND such arbitrage opportunities? They come and go all day, every day. You need a way to

  • Spot all the new arbitrage opportunities
  • Detect all the arbitrage opportunities that expired
  • Keep looking for new opportunities in new niches

That’s where ArbiMate comes in. This software is a no brainer for anyone who’s in online marketing and eCom sales. Be the one to get it first!


Here’s what you can do with ArbiMate

[+] Check any Walmart product for arbitrage opportunity.

[+] Find arbitrages using any keyword you want.

[+] Shortlist and store the arbitrages you spot.

[+] Full analysis tells you the exact amount you can make as profit.

[+] Intelligent algorithm created by a pro arbitrage marketer.

[+] Know exactly what profit you can make out of the arb.

[+] Scan entire categories for high-margin arbitrages.

[+] Recheck any arb for validity anytime you want.

[+] Works blazing fast from your own server.

[+] Export all your arbs in a CSV format for further analysis.




Cyril ‘Jeet’ Guptaarbimate-vendor

In Hindi, Jeet mean a win, and Cyril had been living upto his name with every product that he creates. He runs runs Tekniforce Ventures LLC, a fast-growing creator of high-quality and unique Internet marketing tools for online marketers.  When you buy a Teknikforce product, you don’t have to worry about it’s quality or it’s after sales support, both are of the highest quality!


Just 3 simple steps 

Step #1 – Find Items that sell cheaper on Walmart than Amazon 

Step #2 – Sell on Amazon beating the listed price

Step #3 – Buy from Walmart after you get an order




Check out this product in action here


Watch how you can find A Profitable Product in Less than 2 Minutes





Profit with eCom even without the usual things you need to do for eCom

[x] No need to run ads
People come to Amazon to find stuff

[x] No need to keep inventories
You place an order when you get an order

[x] No need to ship anything
Ship directly to the customer

[x] No need to do any marketing
Sell only items that are already selling

[x] No need to host anything
Amazon lists and sells the products for you

[x] No need for Shopify or any similar expensive membership
Amazon collects your payments and sends you the proceeds

[x] No need to visit any trade fairs
Find your deals on Walmart sitting and home, and sell on Amazon sitting at home.

[x] No need to generate traffic
You tap into the HUGE buyer traffic that’s coming to Amazon

[x] No need to wait to sell
Start selling on the first day itself without any complicated setup




Here are the Sales they Generated while just testing ArbiMate



Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if

[+] You want to get into eCom without running any expensive ads

[+] You want to free yourself from the hassles of inventory and sourcing permanently 

[+] You want to sell products that are popular, wanted and already have a market

[+] You want to run an eCom business without spending the entire day on it

[+] You want to create a successful eCom business without having any website, hosting or Shopify.

[+] You want to run your arbitrage business without sacrificing your family life, vacations or enjoyment time.


Who Trusts ArbiMate




Why Arbitrage Is The Best System For Newbies




Launch Bonuses

Cyril has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here

Bonus #1 – Drive Amazon commissions on autopilot
Wordpress plugin creates an automated product recommendations to drive you commissions.

Bonus #2 – FB Ads Masterclass Training
Learn how to run profitable ads on Facebook and get RoI that matters for your ecom sales.

Bonus #3 – WP Proficom
Powerful WordPress plugin helps you set up your own E-com store with nothing but WordPress.

Bonus #4 – WP Scarcity Jeet
Use scarcity to drive conversions and sales on your e-com portals and websites.

Bonus #5 – Amazon FBA 101
Basic tricks of Amazon FBA in a neat little eBook. Make things easy for yourself

Bonus #6 – Guide to Selling on Amazon & Ebay
Make hay on the top two hugest marketplaces of the world. The strategies laid out for you.

Bonus #7 – WP Social Proof
If you’ve got an e-com site, you need Social proof. This plugin makes it easier for you to implement it.

Bonus #8 – WP Amazon Dog Store
A complete Dog store for you to start an Amazon site with. Instant setup.


NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy ArbiMate from my link here

Bonus #9 – 3 Ways To Make Money Online With Arbitrage
Arbitrage is one of the best and most lucrative business models since the Internet changed the way economy and commerce is done forever. This is a business model that you can start today without actually having to invest any money at all and it’s also an activity that can be started part time or as a side kick for anyone looking to create multiple streams  

Bonus #10 – Buyers List Arbitrage
Discover the fastest way to obtain Super Affiliate status! Being an affiliate is a challenging task and if you are good at doing this money making online technique the reward is very amazing. The thing is that, to make lots of money doing affiliate marketing, you need to become a super affiliate on a certain product launch.  

Bonus #11 – Fast Cash Ninja
Discover How You Can ‘Flip’ Cash Using A Powerful Software Tool That Instantly Finds Qualified Buyers With Money To Spend! It allows you to do ‘freelancer arbitrage’, by automatically finding high paying jobs and matching them with low-cost freelancers, and YOU pocket the difference! If you want to make money more online online, having this amazing  

Bonus #12 – WP Amcom Pro
An easy way to make more money from your WordPress blogs by adding self-updating Amazon bestseller ads to your blog posts!  

Bonus #13 – Amazon Affiliate Blueprint
How to Build a Profitable Business as an Amazon Associate! Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce site has a well-established affiliate marketing program called Amazon Associates that allows you to earn up to 12 per cent of the total sales value of a transaction originating from your referral website. 

Bonus #14 – Amazon Affiliate Expert
Uncover the secrets of making big money promoting simple products on Amazon as an affiliate! Find out how to get tons of traffic without having to depend on Google’s crazy rules!  

Bonus #15 – Amazon Sales Secrets
Your complete guide to making some good success with the Amazon Affiliate Program.  

Bonus #16 – Amazon Bestseller Genie
Learn how to quickly and easily skyrocket your book onto the Amazon bestseller lists for maximum exposure! Find out how to use social media to build a loyal following of buyers who will buy every book you put out!  

Bonus #17 – Amazon King
Uncover the ridiculously simple method of siphoning cash out of Amazon’s popular KDP program!  

Bonus #18 – Amazon Niche Accelerator
Top ten Amazon niche acceleration steps that you need to remember when you choose a niche for Amazon affiliate marketing 

Bonus #19 – eCommerce Niches
Learn How To Find Hot Niches for Your eCommerce Business!  

Bonus #20 – eCommerce Made Easy
Learn how to be Success in eCommerce Business the Easy Way!  

Bonus #21 – eCommerce Fire Sale
Electronic commerce is a powerful concept and process that has fundamentally changed the current of human life.  

Bonus #22 – Your eCommerce Store
Discover How To Get Your Piece Of The Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce Pie 

OTO Bonuses

Bonus #1 – eCommerce Firesale Video Upgrade Part – 1
Video Course Covering The Methods Of Building Yourself A Successful And Profitable Online Empire Part – 1!  

Bonus #2 – eCommerce Firesale Video Upgrade Part – 2
Video Course Covering The Methods Of Building Yourself A Successful And Profitable Online Empire Part – 2!  

Bonus #3 – Your eCommerce Store Video Upgrade
Do you want to start making money with ecommerce as fast as possible? That’s why you need the video version of this ecommerce training!  

Bonus #4 – Amazon S3 Hosting for Beginners 1
Learn how to host files with Amazon S3 without wading through complex instructions while saving tons of money!  

Bonus #5 – Amazon S3 Hosting for Beginners 2
This video course will take you behind the scenes to help you understand how to host your files via Amazon S3 the time-saving way 




Here is the Funnel for ArbiMate


OTO #1 – ArbiMate Pro Upgrade @ $97

– Searches unlimited arbitrages
– Allows continuous product monitoring
– Also find arbitrages from Target
– Includes 2 years of free maintenance

OTO #2 – Arbitrage Training @ $47

Powerful video training shows you the ropes of being an arbitrage marketer. You learn what to do, what not to do and how to make arbitrages work for you.

OTO #3 – Daily Arbitrages @ 30/Month

Takes the hard work from finding arbitrages. You get the best arbitrages delivered right to you. Totally hands free!

OTO #4 – Instazon Pro @ $47

The most powerful Amazon research suite ever. It’s going to show you the niches and product segments that you can find profitable arbitrages in.


Real User Reviews

Real People Have Used This System To Create 6-7 Figure Incomes. Check Out This 2017 CNBC Report About Accountant Turned Arbitrage Marketer Ryan Grant


Refund Policy

livevidranker-guarantee30 Days Full Guarantee

Buy ArbiMate, and use it upto 30 days risk-free. If you don’t like what it does for you and your business, just let them know within 30 days through a support ticket and they will refund you 100% of the money!

They also assure you of

[+] 24 x 7 Live Chat Support Guarantee
[+] 24 Hours Ticket Response Guarantee
[+] Live Assistance Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of hosting do I need to run arbiMate??
A. Any web hosting will do. We want arbiMate to be simple, so it installs as a plugin for WordPress.

Q. Does it run on Macs?
A. Sure, you can use it online from any computer or even a tablet or mobile phone.

Q. How much can I make?
A. Some people are really raking it in with thousands of listed products! Find good arbitrages, list them, maintain them. That’s all it takes.

Q. Will it be improved?
A. Yes, Amazon and Walmart interfaces are changing constantly. We will keep up and maintain. You’ll get free updates for one year.

Q. Will it take me long to do this?
A. No, you can list your products as soon as you find them, and you might end up making your first sale even the same day!

Q. Are there any hidden costs?
A. No, you only pay for the plugin, and the Amazon seller fees. There’s nothing else to pay.

Q. Is this legal?
A. Yes, or you won’t find CNBS lauding one of the most successful arbitrage marketers. This is a valid strategy that a lot of people are using

Q. Isn’t the competition on Amazon tough?
A. Just list your item 1-cent lower than the best price. You’ll get that sale!


Let’s do a quick Recap and see what are you getting here Today



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