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DoodleMaker is the World’s First Doodle Video Creation Software That Uses Intuitive Artificial Intelligence To Allow ANYONE, Regardless Of Technical Skills, Age Or Design Skills To Effortlessly Create Spectacular, Realistic and Professional Doodle Videos in over 30+ Languages Within Minutes

Below this are all the details that you will also find on the sales letter of the product “DoodleMaker“. (I have just put them systematically into simple legible blocks for you),  so if you wish, you can skip it all and click this Get Instant Access button and go straight off to the sales page. However, do scroll down if you want to see the extra NAGS’ BONUSES you get when you buy DoodleMaker from my link here.

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Why Doodle Videos?

  • Amplify Your Impact, Reach and Results – Animated doodle videos drive sky high engagement
  • Drastically Increase Online Traffic & Click Rates – Animated whiteboard videos have been shown to increase visitor and click through rates over traditional marketing materials –
  • Capture And KEEP Viewer Attention – Doodle animation videos retain subject attention by 15% MORE than a live-narrative film – Dr. Richard Wiseman, highly regarded science, and psychology professor
  • Naturally Boost Conversions and Sales – These MULTI-SENSORY videos generate up to 9X higher conversions & 2X higher sales over standard talking head videos
  • Passively Grow Your Business – Doodle videos are 3X more likely to be shared & can increase referrals to your offers by 32%

What Problem does DoodleMaker Solve?

Doodle Video creation is not easy

  • Creating great videos yourself takes time & technical skill
  • Demand has caused outsourcing costs to skyrocket
  • You have to buy expensive and complicated video editors & tools
  • Most doodle video apps are limited on features, and complicated to use and still high in price.
  • It can still take You HOURS to produce just 90 seconds of video

Doodlemaker solves ALL these problems for you!

With Doodlemaaker,

  • You can create high impact Doodle Videos in 3 easy steps : Click, Doodle, Profit ! In No time at all!
  • You can create unlimited Doodle Videos with No Limits! Whiteboard videos, Blackboard videos, Glassboard videos, Videos With Your Custom Backgrounds
  • No outsourcing costs, easily do it yourself
  • You don’t need any expensive or complicated tools
  • Create doodle videos in minutes not hours!

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What are the Benefits of DoodleMaker?

  • The fastest animated doodle video maker software in the world using the power of artificial intelligence
  • Create whiteboard, blackboard, and glassboard doodle videos in minutes within ONE APP – No need for multiple apps.
  • Convert all your EXISTING videos into doodle animation videos effortlessly using our next generation. (Using Built-in YouTube To Doodle Maker
  • Absolutely the best text to speech engine in the world to create studio quality videos in ANY LANGUAGE without ever having to record your own voice, be in front of the camera OR hire expensive voice over artists!
  • Look like a professional video animator without any need for learning complex animation skills (let our AI system do all the thinking for you!) Over 300+ Beautiful Templates to choose from!
  • You can start off with a simple article, text script or content piece and our app will create a professional Doodle whiteboard video in seconds WITHOUT ever having to do additional work.
  • Access a library of millions of high-quality icons, images and content that you can easily import into the app to create even more HD quality videos.
  • Access to a Library of soundtracks to really create a unique doodle video with all the bells and whistles.
  • Create studio quality whiteboard and doodle videos without expensive computer hardware or needing years of animation experience.
  • The app is on the cloud which means all the video creation happens on their enterprise grade Google and Amazon servers!

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Who is DoodleMaker Recommended for?

This is recommended for YOU if you want to make videos for ANY of these campaigns

  • Lead Generation & Sales
  • Branding
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Traffic Campaigns
  • Coaching
  • Product Creation
  • Education

Video Maker Software works in all Niches and Industries. It is Perfect for

  • Content Creators
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • People with Day Jobs
  • Bloggers
  • Online Businesses
  • Teachers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • You-tubers
  • Freelancers
  • Authors
  • Newbies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • And much more!

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

What are the Features of DoodleMaker?

Here are all the Powerful Built-In Features of DoodleMaker

  • Text-to-Speech
  • AI Translation Engine
  • 100+ male & female voices.
  • Record your own voice
  • Icon Finder and Pixabay API
  • Built-in library of Images
  • Colour Image to Sketch Converter
  • Board Switcher
  • Add Your Own Watermark
  • Built-in Transitions
  • Element Speed Changer
  • Colour Changer
  • Export in 720p or 1080p HD quality
  • Youtube and Vimeo Publisher
  • Create UNLIMITED Videos
  • Freehand Editor
  • 300+ Ready Made templates
  • Intuitive text to image finder

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Who are the Vendors of DoodleMaker?

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

What are the Steps for DoodleMaker?

With Doodlemaaker, you can create high impact Doodle Videos in 3 easy steps

Step #1 –  Click – Choose a Whiteboard, Blackboard, Glassboard or Custom Background Canvas. Select a ready-made template with over 300+ to choose from or start from scratch or you can enter your YouTube URL and repurpose your own old content!

Step #2 – Doodle – You’re ready to go! Customize your doodle for that more unique touch, Change images, colors, texts and animations, select a voice, choose any language, add a soundtrack. Endless possibilities and customization! 

Step #3 – Profit – Hit Generate and You have got Now got a High quality gorgeous doodle videos in ANY language within minutes! Now you can capture, convert, and profit!

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Does DoodleMaker have a Demo?

Check out this product in action here

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Who Trusts Doodlemaker?

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Is there any 3rd Party Comparison for DoodleMaker?

Compare Doodle Maker To Other Apps and make your choice

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Are there any Bonuses for DoodleMaker?

Launch Bonuses

Paula has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy through my link here

  • Bonus #01 – 21 Day Video Mentorship Training ($497)
  • Bonus #02 – Skype Mentorship Group Access ($997)
  • Bonus #03 – VideoAgency Biz Bundle ($997)
  • Bonus #04 – Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator ($67 Value)
  • Bonus #05 – 80,000 Content Engine Library ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #06 – DoodleMaker Agency Website ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #07 – Doodle Video Framework Scripts ($67 Value)
  • Bonus #08 – Royalty-Free Music Tracks ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #09 – DoodleMaker Success Case Studies ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #10 – Video Summarizer App ($67 Value)

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Special Launch Bonuses

  • Bonus #11 – Royalty-Free Image Library Value $197
    You never need to buy images. You have access to a library of high quality images with over a million to choose from!
  • Bonus #12 – Royalty-Free Music Library Value $197
    Engaging audio is proven to boost video conversions, but it’s not easy to find music you can legally use. You’re covered with this huge variety of royalty-free tracks for your videos
  • Bonus #13 – Commercial License
    For a limited time only sell your doodle video services to clients and charge hefty fees  
  • Bonus #14 – Unlimited Video Renders
    You get the ability to create unlimited doodles. We cover all the costs for you!  

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy DoodleMaker from my link here 

  • Bonus #15 – Video Marketing Mayhem
    Learn How To Crush It With Online Video! If you are just starting to dabble in online video marketing, this is a very wise business decision.  
  • Bonus #16 – Video Marketing Blueprint v2
    Use Videos To Market your business and generate massive leads. Learn how to get torrents of traffic in just a few easy steps.  
  • Bonus #17 – Magnetic Video Marketing
    How to Earn a Living Online Using the Power of Magnetic Video Marketing! Step-By-Step Method To Make Money Online Using Videos
  • Bonus # 18 – Video Gold
    A collection of professional videos on video marketing and list building ideal for a beginner or an expert  
  • Bonus # 19 – Video Marketing Hack
    Use Videos to draw massive traffic, grow your list and boost profits 
  • Bonus # 20 – Video Backlinks
    Automated software that starts putting your backlinks on the top ranking videos – 100% Whitehat Method 
  • Bonus # 21 – Video Lab Profits
    A simple system that you can use to generate consistent money working only part-time 
  • Bonus # 22 – Video Optin
    Create awesome video background optin pages for your offers, services and more 
  • Bonus # 23 – 10 Secrets Of Highly Lucrative Video Marketing
    Ten tips to get you started in the right direction and learn how to use more video in your business make those videos get your viewers to take action 
  • Bonus # 24 – Live Video Marketing
    Learn some of the best ways to use live video to promote your own products and generate the kind of interest companies like Apple do!  
  • Bonus # 25 – How To Create Your Own Physical Video Products
    Video products are very important because they have a higher perceived value. Also, you can charge more for videos than you typically can for ebooks  

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

OTO Bonuses

  • Bonus #1 – Video Marketing Excellence
    Discover The Secrets To Video Marketing And Leverage Its Power To Bring Countless Targeted, Relevant Visitors To Your Offers 
  • Bonus #2 – Video Marketing Excellence – Upsell Videos
    Video marketing has the ability to grab attention and to help you establish authority in ways that no other form of marketing  
  • Bonus #3 – Video Marketing Revolution
    Get your hands on the video marketing tools & Strategies that are generating million dollar revenues.  
  • Bonus #4 – Video Marketing Revolution Video Upgrade
    Video marketing Revolution HD Video Training teaches you how to use video strategically to accomplish specific business objectives  
  • Bonus #5 – Video Marketing Blueprint – Video Upgrade
    Includes Video Marketing Blueprint, Finding Profitable Products To Promote, How to Create Your Give Away Offer, Creating Videos The Easy Way and more 
  • Bonus #6 – Magnetic Video Marketing Video Upgrade
    Fast Track Your Success with Video Marketing thru this Video Upgrade.  
  • Bonus #7 – Create Video with Camtasia 9
    Camtasia 9 makes video creation simple whether you want to record simple video, presentation style with a program like Google Sheets or Powerpoint. In this 42-module course you will find out how to use every aspect of Camtasia 9 
  • Bonus #8 – Create Video with Camtasia 9 Advanced
    These Videos Take You Step By Step Through The Technical Parts Of Putting Your Marketing Strategy in Place! This Is a Practical Video Course With 15 Additional Video Tutorials Showing You How to Do What You Learned in The Course.  
  • Bonus #9 – Video Marketing For Beginners
    Check out these five reasons why you should be using online video marketing and what you stand to gain by making this decision.  
  • Bonus #10 – Video Marketing 2.0 Made Easy
    Video marketing training, designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting out of Video Marketing.  

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

How to collect your Bonuses

  • Please put in a ticket at Nags’ Support with a copy of your purchase receipt/s for any Bonuses you didn’t get, or
  • Send an email to [email protected] with a copy of your purchase receipt/s

What is the Pricing for DoodleMaker?

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

What are the Upsells for DoodleMaker?

Here is the Funnel for DoodleMaker

OTO #1 – DoodleMaker Deluxe @ $49

Get access to additional features worth thousands. 10X your results, sales and profits and get ahead of other DoodleMaker customers!

  • New templates Monthly For 1 Year (One-Time Price): Brand new customizable whiteboard, glassboard, and blackboard templates added to your account each month for 1 year (no monthly fees).
  • Ready-Made Human Voice Overs For All New Templates (Male and Female) – save money, no need to hire expensive voice artists.
  • Ready Made Video Scripts Written By a Copywriter For All New Templates (Modify As You Like)  Crafted to convert your prospects into sales!
  • 56 Ultra Premium Life-Like Male and Female Text-To-Speech Voices (Unlimited Usage)
  • 25 Ready-Made Video Scripts + Males and Female Voiceovers
  • New Doodle Characters Each Month (Monthly Fees Waived)
  • Premium Royalty Free Music Files (for your doodle videos)

OTO #2 – Toon Video Maker Video Maker App @ $39

Go beyond doodle videos, add new TOON videos to your marketing toolbox. Toon videos are proven ways to maximize results. Biggest fortune 500 companies use Toon videos to market their services.

Toon videos are the hottest video formats after doodle videos. You can sell each video you make for $300 to $500 each.

  • Unlimited Text-to-Speech
  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Video Length
  • Blank Canvas To Make Custom Videos
  • 100+ Animated Characters
  • Eye Popping Character Animations
  • HD Animated Backgrounds
  • 200+ Music Tracks
  • Commercial License and more!
  • Create Videos in ANY Language
  • Desktop app works on both Windows & mac!
  •  Install on 10 computers

OTO #3 – ClientEngine App @ $29

Client Engine software allows users to find top paying clients to sell videos, or any other service. This is perfect for anyone looking to sell their doodle videos made with Doodle Maker for top dollar. The software lets users search on the top 5 job sites from inside one platform. No need to visit multiple sites to find jobs and people looking for video creation services. 

NOTE: Main hook for this is “Find High Paying Clients From Top 5 job sites on the web, to sell your videos and any other service for TOP DOLLAR.” 

Use the angle of a “client finder app” for more profits. 

  • Unlimited Searches
  • No Limits / No Monthly Fees / Unlimited Usage
  • Find Unlimited Paying Clients – Sell videos or anything other service
  • Search on Top 5 Job Sites – PeoplePerHour, Craigslist, Freelancer, Project4Hire and Guru
  • Keep 100% of the profit.
  • No monthly fees, pay once, use for lifetime. 
  • Stop chasing clients, find them in minutes!
  • No cold calling, no face-to-face meeting.
  • Close BIG-TICKET deals online 

OTO #4 – DoodleMaker Whitelabel Unlimited @ $497

Sell our best selling DoodleMaker app as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

  • Rebrand with your own logo and branding to make the app your own. (once in a lifetime opportunity)
  • Unlimited Sub-accounts, sell as many copies as you like. 
  • Set your own price
  • Done-for-you VSL to sell the app as your own. 
  • Done-for-you Sales Pagegraphics and copywriting done to convert prospects into sales.   
  • We manage app hosting and software updates: Sell without hassles
  • No monthly or yearly fees  

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Have any Real Users given Reviews for DoodleMaker?

Here’s what real users have to say about DoodleMaker

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Does DoodleMaker have a Refund Policy?

30 Days Full Guarantee

Use DoodleMaker for 30 full days.

If at any point you have a question, just connect with their support team and they’ll get you sorted.

In the event you don’t feel it lives up to every claim on this page, just let them know and they’ll refund your purchase.

Doesn’t get more fair than that

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    YES! If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can contact us at [email protected] for a no questions asked refund.
  • Is Step-By-Step Training Included?
    YES – DoodleMaker comes with step-by-step video training walking you through the entire process right from creating your videos to getting results. (yes, this also includes how to sell your videos for top dollar!)
  • What Makes DoodleMaker Different From Other Apps?
    DoodleMaker comes loaded with industry leading features that are not available in any other app. Artificial intelligence, 300 ready-made video templates, text-to-speech, 1-click language translation, text-to-doodle video converter, colour or black&white doodles, millions of doodle assets and a whole lot more. You get everything for a low one-time price. Nothing comes close! 
  • Can I Upload My Own Images & Content?
    Yes! You can easily upload all your own images, photos, logos and other content, remove their backgrounds automatically and convert them into doodle style videos effortlessly from within the app. 
  • You say “unlimited video creation” … what’s the catch?
    There is no catch! You can use DoodleMaker to create as many videos as you want, as often as you want, in as many niches as you want. Unlimited text-to-speech and language translation is also included. No limits. 
  • Can I Sell The Videos I Create?
    Yes! We’re including commercial rights, so you can create and sell videos to clients as often as you want … and keep 100% of the profits. 
  • Can I Create Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes Long?
    YES! Since you can create UNLIMITED videos with DoodleMaker. If you want more length, you can create multiple videos and attach them together. We have a step by step video tutorial on how to do this. 
  • Are There Any Monthly or Yearly Charges?
    Are There Any Monthly or Yearly Charges? You only pay ONCE for all the features and unlimited usage. There are NO monthly or yearly fees ever!

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

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