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Magical New Software That Finds Anyone’s Professional Email Address in Under 60 Seconds How many times has it happened to you that you met someone really interesting at a networking party and forgot to exchange

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Magical New Software That Finds Anyone’s Professional Email Address in Under 60 Seconds

How many times has it happened to you that you met someone really interesting at a networking party and forgot to exchange business cards. Or you have a serious problem with one of your service providers that will bring your business to a standstill if you don’t get it resolved asap. May be its your hosting company, or your network provider or your Email Autoresponder. You need to contact someone in authority, bypassing the usual customer service call centers and you have no idea how to do that! Sounds familiar? Happens to me all the time!

I have the solution now! I can get the professional contact emails of anyone in any company and get to the correct concerned person immediately. And if you get this awesome cloud-based app, then so can YOU!

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Email Findr – Software Never Seen Before on JVZoo

This is completely unique and it has never seen before on Jvzoo.  This is one software that everyone who uses email will want.

Have a look at this unique cloud based software that has just been launched.. EmailFindr lets you find anyone’s professional email address in one click. You can contact the top personnel of the companies you want, you can reach out to that person you forgot to exchange your business card with or you can contact anyone you wanted to strike a deal with. You can find practically anyone you want, be it a business in your locality or an investor you think might be interested in doing business with you or just about anyone local or long distance!

See the EmailFindr Demo here

So let’s dive in straightaway to show you how this works. When you log in to your account, you will find a welcome video at the dashboard that will give you an overview of the software.


The very first link at the top on the left sidebar navigation is the Email Finder. This is what it looks like

Now let’s take a situation like this – someone messages you that they are unable to buy one of your products on JVZoo and you find to your dismay that your JVZoo account has been blocked until you submit some documents. You are in the middle of a product launch and if your JVZoo account is blocked, you customers won’t be able to complete the sales. That’s a nightmare no one wants to go through. You know that if you go through the normal support desk on the site of the generic email id, you will be put in the routine queue of customer issues. You can’t wait!

You know that the co-founder of JVZoo is Chad Casselman. You can simply go to email finder and type in his name in the name field and in the domain field. Email finder gets you these results in the blink of an eye


You can see that not only did you get the correct email id with a 100% certainty score, but you also found a host of all his other social media contacts. You can surely contact him through any one of these addresses/ids and get you issue sorted out asap through the right channels.

In the pro version of the software, it also allows you to get all the available emails for a certain domain name. How amazing is that! Suppose you did not know the names of anyone in JVZoo, just go to the Email Finder pro and enter in the domain name field. Have a look at the results I got for that.


Out of the 6 email ids I found, 3 were generic and 3 were personal ones, so you can write immediately to all the 3 personal ids stating your urgency and one of them will surely answer you back. Isn’t that better than writing to support or contact or info email ids and waiting endlessly for a reply?

EmailFindr has many other Awesome Tools

  • Email Extractor – Just put in a whole lot of text and EmailFindr will extract all the email ids from it for youemailfindr-extractor


  • Email Verifier – How many times have you been penalized by your autoresponder for having invalid email ids in your list? Now you can put in a whole bunch of email ids here and EmailFindr will check if these are valid email ids. I found one unverified id in the list I put in hereemailfindr-verifier


  • Email formatter – Format your emails correctly before sending them off. If you don’t do that, your emails may not be legible to some people, especially the ones on a cell phone. Just copy paste your matter in this box and email findr does the rest for you. Is that cool or what!emailfindr-formator


  • Countdown Timer – Nothing works like adding a timer to increase a sense of scarcity to the purchaser. Now you can generate a timer right here and add it to any page you wantemailfindr-timer


  • Email Swipes – Over 1500 email swipes that are researched and ready for you to plug into your emails and go!emailfindr-swipes


Click Here at 10 am EST on 2nd May to get EmailFindr for A Limited Time 70% DISCOUNT & Claim Your 25 Exclusive Bonuses!

Here are the reasons Email Findr can be useful to you:

  • For Job Aspirants : Looking for a job? Find the email address of the hiring manager & email him directly, stand out from the pile of resumes that the HR department gets.
  • For Service Providers / Agencies / Consultants : Looking to contact the decision makers at any business or company? Avoid the gatekeepers and go straight to the decision maker’s inbox with your proposal.
  • Product Vendors looking for Partners : Looking for affiliates or JV partners to promote your product/offer? Use Email Findr to find the contact info of top affiliates in your space and get more sales.
  • For anyone wanting More Exposure for your Brand : Whether you are a product creator, service provider or a new business that needs more exposure to get your brand out there – find the business emails of top bloggers and Youtubers & get yourself more business.
  • For anyone wanting Better Customer Service : Are you a customer getting poor service? Contact someone higher up at the company  and take your issue to the next level, get that problem solved or get a refund faster. Have less headaches dealing with poor support people.
  • For Freelancers : Are you a freelancer looking for more clients? Skip the middlemen on freelance sites or gatekeepers at the business and contact clients directly.
  • For anyone wanting More Customers : Prospecting potential clients and cold emailing them is a great way to kickstart sales for your business, get those first 10 customers in the door using cold email the right way.
  • For Writers, Bloggers & Podcasters : Wants to interview influential people, uncover their emails and contact them directly. Connect easily with experts to interview for an article or a book you’re writing.
  • For Journalists : Looking for reach out to someone at a company for comments on a story – this is perfect for you to dig up and find the right people to talk to.
  • For anyone who wants more Connections & Deals : Anyone who is adding value by providing connections to people that your clients might need to connect with…and/or to expand your service offerings (eg, partnerships, or white label services)
  • For Marketers : You’re a marketer looking to contact reporters to get more coverage for your product, find the top reporters at any media agency and email your press release or story directly.
  • For Event Organizers : You’re someone holding a conference, and you need to get in touch with someone at the hotel for a good deal on bookings or need to find targeted audience to promote your event.
  • For Networking : Recently met someone at a conference/meetup/party and forgot to get their contact information? No worries, get their professional email in one click using this.
  • To Build Relationships : You just met someone you’d REALLY like to get to know better at that party last night…maybe ask them out to lunch…maybe go on a date – this is perfect.
  • For Guest Posters / SEO / Backlinks : You want to reach the owner or editor for a hot web property to pitch doing a guest post or write a featured post for them. Get more exposure and backlinks.
  • For Website Owners : Want to reach out to the owner of a website to advertise, guest post or even acquire the website
  • For BUSINESS BROKERS : Business brokers looking to contact the owner to broker the sale of their business.
  • For Startups / New Businesses : Startup or new business owner looking to contact Angel Investors, VCs or Key Investors of other startups.
  • For anyone Seeking Mentoring / Advice : Someone looking to contact a successful entrepreneur or businessmen for advice or mentoring to help grow your business.
  • For Finding Friends : Find & Contact a long lost friend from middle school, find where they work and then its easy for EmailFindr to help you.
  • For Just about Anyone : Anyone looking to contact anyone professionally – this is for you.

Click Here at 10 am EST to get EmailFindrr + All Bonuses at the lowest price!


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