Automate to get Instant Amazon Commissions [InstaGenius – named aptly]

Who doesn’t loves discounts ?  Everyone LOVES them!

But you will land up spending hours trying to manually find the right deals for different products on different sites! 

What you need is a system that can automate the entire process to email all YOUR customers as soon as the product THEY want goes on sale. AND you get to keep all the commissions!

WOW ! that sounds awesome if it were possible!

Well Now it is!

It actually tracks and offers your visitors the products THEY want at a discounted price to make instant sales.

All you need to do is:

[Step 1] – Install and activate the InstaGenius WP Plugin
[Step 2] – Connect Your Amazon Account & Autoresponder
[Step 3] – Choose where you want to place the Attention Grabbing Image 

And set up an amazon affiliate account to collect your commissions.

Watch The InstaGenius Demo:

Plus, you will also get these TEN highly useful Amazon Bonus products:

Bonus # 1 –  Genius Store Builder Premium WordPress Theme
Builds a fully populated store in minutes

Bonus # 2 – Genius Store Content Plugin 
This plugin will automate product listings from Amazon, Ebay and Commissions Junction

Bonus # 3 – WP Amcom Pro
An easy way to make more money from your WordPress blogs by adding self-updating Amazon bestseller ads to your blog posts!  

Bonus # 4 – Amazon Affiliate Blueprint
How to build a profitable business as an Amazon Associate!  

Bonus # 5 – Amazon Affiliate Expert
Uncover the secrets of making big money promoting simple products on Amazon as an affiliate!  

Bonus # 6 – Amazon Sales Secrets
Your complete guide to making some good success with the Amazon Affiliate Program.  

Bonus # 7 – Amazon Bestseller Genie
Learn how to quickly and easily skyrocket your book onto the Amazon bestseller lists for maximum exposure!   

Bonus # 8 – Amazon King
Uncover the ridiculously simple method of siphoning cash out of Amazon’s popular KDP program!  

Bonus # 9 – Amazon S3 Hosting for Beginners 1
Learn how to host files with Amazon S3 without wading through complex instructions while saving tons of money!   

Bonus # 10 – Amazon S3 Hosting for Beginners 2
This video course will take you behind the scenes to help you understand how to host your files via Amazon S3 the time-saving way 

[+] A selection of products to add to their bargain watch list 
[+] So they can receive free email alerts when those products go on sale
[+] Then will continually follow up on your behalf and offer them products to buy
[+] This way it will get you huge email subscribers
[+] Plus generate and send personalized email content
[+] And continually generate passive income through Amazon affiliate commissions
This plugin is so powerful that
[+] It actually TRACKS the items for them 
[+] And automatically tells them when it’s a good time to buy
You not only save them money  but you get commissions too.
Customer WINS – Amazon WINS – YOU WIN
Hurry! Get it before the EarlyBird Special Discount expires!