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Manage All Your WP Sites in One Place Do you use WordPress? Considering that 70 Million websites today run on WordPress I’m kind of guessing you do! And anyone using WordPress has more than 1 site.

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Manage All Your WP Sites in One Place

Do you use WordPress?

Considering that 70 Million websites today run on WordPress I’m kind of guessing you do!

And anyone using WordPress has more than 1 site. If you don’t today, believe me when I say you will!

Now, managing multiple WordPress sites can quickly become a tedious process.

==> See How You Can Manage Your Content, Images Videos, Plugins, Themes & All WordPress Updates At Once

My friend Ankur just released a brand New Web App that Lets you manage UNLIMITED WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

[+] Update all Your Sites in 1-Click
[+] Update all your plugins across all your sites, 1-Click.
[+] Install plugins/themes across multiple sites, just 2 clicks.
[+] Post Content / Manage Comments, Images, Videos Across Your Sites
[+] Never have to login in over & over again.
I have over 25 WordPress sites that I manage for myself and my Clients and here’s what I have to do regularly…
[+] Install Plugins & Themes.
[+] Manage Users & Content / Posts & Pages.
[+] Manage Media – Images & Videos.
[+] Change WordPress Settings & Update Software.
[+] Manage Categories & Tags.
[[+] And many other tedious tasks daily

Any Solution that lets me manage multiple sites from a SINGLE dashboard charges a crazy monthly fee!

So you can imagine my elation when Ankur announced this new product!

Imagine using a magical software solution that lets you can manage unlimited WP sites from one dashboard WITHOUT any monthly fees! Unbelievable!

=>> SEE THIS DEMO – Watch How Simple this can makes your life

Its surely done that and more for ME!

100% Newbie Friendly – Using Super Simple WP SUITE is as EASY as 1-2-3

Step 1 – Add Your Site into WP Suite online dashboard…

Step 2 – Install the WP SUITE plugin on the site you want to manage

Step 3 – Start Managing Your Site from Within WP SUITE Dashboard, Update Plugins, Themes & do almost anything you want

Buy Today & Ankur has promised to give my customers  $500+ in Exclusive BONUSES with WP SUITE

Exclusive BONUS #1 – ($69 Value)
Ping & Index Unlimited Sites into Google Using the Built in SEO Pinger Tool

​​Exclusive BONUS #2 – ($69 Value)
New Domain Finder Tool That Lets You Easily Find Great Domains For Your Sites

​Exclusive BONUS #3 – ($69 Value)
Amazing Backlink Finder Tool That Finds Backlinks For Your Sites/URLs in 1-Click

Exclusive BONUS #4 – ($299 Value)
LIVE WEBINAR –  Learn A Strategy To Make $100K/Year in Passive Income

==> Get Instant Access to WP Suite ++ All These Bonuses here

Plus get these Special WP Plugin Bonuses from me when you buy from here:

Bonus #5 – WP Feedback Pro (Value: $97)
Bonus #6 – WP Review Me (Value: $97)
Bonus #7 – WP Cash-O-Matic (Value: $97)
Bonus #8 – WP Profit Page Creator (Value: $97)
Bonus #9 – WP Reports Plugin (Value: $97)
Bonus #10 – WP Bot Blocker Plugin (Value: $97)
Bonus #11 – WP Left Behind (Value: $97)
Bonus #12 – WP IM marketing Graphics (Value: $97)
Bonus #13 – WP Sales Robot (Value: $97)
Bonus #14 – WP Checkout Maximizer (Value: $97)

Also get these Exclusive RESELLER & WHITELABEL Bonuses Only Available Here:

Bonus #15 – Memberpal WP Membership Plugin RESELLER
Bonus #16 – WP Video Ace Plugin RESELLER
Bonus #17 – Trendpressr Plugin WHITELABEL

Now you can stop wasting time doing tasks you can

AUTOMATE & do them in just 1-click

[+] One Summary Dashboard for All
[+] Your Sites – Bird’s Eye View
[+] Look at a complete summary of all your sites
[+] Instantly access all your sites
[+] Perform many key actions on any one of your sites without logging in.
[+] Add & Manage Unlimited WP Sites
[+] Add unlimited sites to your WP SUITE account and manage them all centrally
[+] Install multiple themes, plugins quickly on any number of sites
[+] Installing themes and plugins on new sites in 2 clicks.
[+] 1-Click update WordPress software, themes & plugins for all your sites
[+] Ensuring latest versions of all your wordpress software, themes & plugins

==> Get This Must-Have Web App And Manage All Your  WordPress Sites From ONE Single Dashboard

One Price, Lifetime Access for Unlimited Sites!

The price goes up every few hours so take action fast & get in at the lowest price.

This product has the following upgrades:

OTO1 – WP Suite Pro

Here is the Demo for the pro version of WP Suite

Here’s what WP Suite Pro can do for you & your sites…

[+] Manage, Update & Grow Unlimited WP Sites : No more manually managing updates for hundreds of wordpress sites – now autopilot
[+] Apply Filters & Do Bulk Actions on Your Sites: Bulk Actions – 10x your speed of doing tedious wordpress tasks, mark sites as favorites or filter them quickly
[+] Create & Install Plugins & Themes PACKAGES: ​Create packages of your favorite plugins and themes to install in 1-Click across your sites
[+] Directly Access WP ADMIN Area Inside The WP Suite PRO App: No more logging into your sites manually one by one – direct access instantly
[+] 1-Click Login to Any of your WordPress Sites without A Password : No need to remember all the 100s of passwords of all your sites
[+] Scan Vulnerabilities in just 1-CLICK for All Sites : Secure your sites in 1-Click and never get attacked or lose your website data ever
[+] Optimize Performance & Speed of Your Sites : Fast sites rank higher – thats a fact. With PRO you can speed up your sites
[+] 1-Click Scans Malware Across All Your Sites : Protect your sites from Malware & scan for malware infected themes or plugins
[+] View System Info For Your Sites & Updates: Check for your site updates and view your wordpress system info in 1-Click

OTO2 : 300 WordPress Themes & Plugins

The OTO2 has a Premium Collection of Over 300 WordPress Themes & Plugins Created By Professional Developers. Here’s what these Themes & Plugins can do for your sites:

[+] Make More Money : Premium wordpress plugins that help you make more money using list building and affiliate marketing
[+] Get A Fast Loading Site : Premium Themes and plugins help load your site faster and then your site will start ranking higher = more traffic
[+] Install on Unlimited WordPress Sites : With unlimited option you can install these on as many sites as you want
[+] Premium Makes Your Sites Stand Out : Yes – this will make your sites look amazing, stand out from your competitors
[+] Cloud Install, No Need to Download : You will not need to download plugins or themes, just install directly from WP Suite via the cloud install

OTO3 : Agency/Developer’s License to WP Suite

Manage Unlimited Client Sites Using WP Suite & Make Money

With the WP Suite Agency/Developers License you can

[+] WP Suite for Client Sites : Install WP SUITE on Unlimited CLIENT SITES & manage them 10x better & faster
[+] Flip Sites or Sell Them : FLIP Sites with the WP Suite plugin installed on those sites, get paid more
[+] Add as Professional Services : Add Tag Machine to your Professional Services packages and use it for unlimited projects, charge any amount you want
[+] Unlimited Projects Use : Use on Unlimited Client projects means you can add this for any number of projects, no limit, 100% yours to use when you do this

Click Here at 10 AM EST to get WP Suite + All Bonuses at the lowest possible price!

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