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Video marketing is really hot, but it’s also really competitive. Everyone wants to get on board a profitable market, that’s why the competition in video marketing is hotter than ever and marketers are looking for

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Video marketing is really hot, but it’s also really competitive. Everyone wants to get on board a profitable market, that’s why the competition in video marketing is hotter than ever and marketers are looking for every bit of the advantage to get ahead.

Traffic Jeet 4 is that advantage.

First built in 2012, Traffic Jeet has always been the gold standard when it comes to video marketing products. Offering you the most powerful options when it comes to video marketing research and rankings.

The Most Powerful Traffic & Ranking Suite For YouTube Ever Made – 6 Powerful Components, In One CRAZY App!

With 6 all-new apps, this suite has everything that you, as a video marketer, will ever need. All in one mega-powerful suite.

Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


[+] Spot market trends and traffic opportunities first.

[+] Find the best keywords and niches for your business.

[+] Know what’s working best for your competition and grab the market intelligence.

[+] Find the best YouTube keywords to run ads for.

[+] Need the best opportunity? Find the best YouTube keywords from any set.

[+] Optimize your videos better and rank on the top for powerful keywords.

[+] Get more traffic, more leads and more customers through videos.

[+] Steal the market research and save your time & effort.

[+] Set up an endless stream of traffic to your offers and squeeze pages. Never run out of leads.

What’s Included in this Suite

6 Powerful Applications That will turn you into a Video Marketing Wizard

App #1 – Traffic Jeet App
The most powerful keyword and market research app for YouTube since 2012.

App #2 – Tube Tracker
The most feature rich ranking tracker for YouTube. Tracks videos, keywords and channels.

App #3 – YT Best Keywords
Give it any group of YouTube keywords and it will use its unique ‘Cohort analysis’ algorithm to tell you which keyword will get you the most traffic. The only app that can do this.

App #4 – YT Ad Keywords
Find the best keywords to target for YouTube and video ads with this powerful Ad keywords analyzer.

App #5 – YT Niche Finer
Wondering what is the best niche to target on YouTube? Explore and drill down into niches and find the secret niches and markets that no one else is tapping.

App #6 – YT Tag Finer
Find the tags from any YouTube video and tap into other people’s research effortlessly.

Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Why Traffic Jeet 4

Because Tube Traffic Jeet works with YouTube.

Do you know why YouTube SEO gives faster & better results than a Google, Facebook Or Blogging? Because…

[+] There’s less competition – Find it hard to imagine? Just compare how many sites are there targeting any niche compared to the number of YouTube channels. There’s not even a comparison! Ranking on YouTube is so much easier.

[+] You get automatic rankings on Google – When you rank with your video on YouTube, you get rankings on Google too. Most often than not they are page #1 rankings on the top of Google. Just check how many videos you see on Google for any keyword.

[+] You get more engaged audience – Majority of the people on the net today are on mobile devices. When they watch YouTube it’s mostly through the app and they don’t have 10 tabs open!

[+] It’s easier to convert people with videos – This is a known fact. It’s harder to get people to take action with just written words. The same message on YouTube will get you better results any day.

[+] No hosting costs – You don’t have to pay anything to get started on YouTube. Don’t pay for domains or hosting, or anything else. YouTube takes care of everything — hosting, security, content delivery. Never your problem no matter how much you scale.

[+] You can accumulate subscribers – You can get people to subscribe to you, and even sign up for notifications so that they will receive a message every time you have a new video.


Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


Cyril ‘Jeet’ Guptatraffic-jeet4-vendor

In Hindi, Jeet mean a win, and Cyril had been living upto his name with every product that he creates. He runs runs Tekniforce Ventures LLC, a fast-growing creator of high-quality and unique Internet marketing tools for online marketers.  When you buy a Teknikforce product, you don’t have to worry about it’s quality or it’s after sales support, both are of the highest quality!


Check out the Easiest way to Rank on YouTube – You get Everything you need to Rank at the Click of a Button

Step #1 – Fill in your core niche or keyword

Step #2 – Discover the best opportunities for traffic

Step #3 – Deliver optimized videos that get you the REAL traffic


Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


Check out these demos for every app in this suite

Traffic Jeet Video Demo

Tube Tracker Video Demo

YT Best Keywords Video Demo

YT Ad Keywords Video Demo

YT Niche Video Demo

YT Tag Finder Video Demo


Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


[+] Dominate the search engines using Video – traditional SEO is insane because of Google’s constant rejigging of the algorithm but getting to the top on video is still in your reach with my tools and strategy.
[+] Get a boost in the traffic in the next 2 days and keep that growth for any time period you want.
[+] Use their proprietory software in the Traffic Jeet suite to easily find, outrank and even piggy-back the popular videos in your niche – you get to choose how you dominate.
[+] Generate explosive amounts of subscribers and build a list easier driving customers to your offers by tapping into keywords that no one is exploiting.
[+] Discover the holy trinity of YouTube ranking. You want your videos showing up in 3 places, and I will show you how to exploit that.
[+] Discover golden keywords with massive traffic and reach but with lower competition. Blow your competition away!
[+] Start today and build channels with thousands of visitors and even more without breaking your back with hard work.
[+] Build a powerful list even if you don’t have a product with video traffic.
[+] Use your competition’s videos to get ahead by tapping into their traffic and driving their visitors to yourself.

Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


traffic-jeet4-proof traffic-jeet4-proof2

Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Recommended for

This is recommended for YOU if are

[+] Video Marketers – If you’re making videos and using them to drive traffic for your business, you absolutely need this powerful software to rank for better keywords and niches than ever.

[+] E-Com Marketers – Videos are the best friend of Ecom marketers. How about using videos to drive organic traffic to your offers, as well getting the best quality cheap traffic with ads?

[+] Bloggers – You want more traffic for your blog? Get it from YouTube. Create loyal subscribers who love your content and come to you day after day.

[+] Offline Businesses – Videos are the shortest route to Internet success for your business. You’ll even rank on Google faster for local keywords with videos.

You Need YouTube Traffic No Matter What Niche You’re In


Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

This is also recommended for YOU if

[+] You want to rank on top of YouTube for any niche

[+] You want to track competition and find out what’s getting them most traffic

[+] You want to find the most traffic generating keywords for YouTube ads

[+] You want to feed a group of keywords. Identify the one that’ll send you most amount of free traffic.

[+] You want to explore and find the top-secret niches on YouTube

[+] You want to find all the keywords and tags used by any video on YouTube.


Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!


Special Bonus

Bonus #1 – Commercial License Worth $97 
Sell Video SEO As A Service Using Traffic Jeet – Get this Only During This Special Sale

Launch Bonuses

Cyril has agreed to give these bonuses for all my customers who buy Traffic Jeet 4 through my link here

Bonus #2 – Promo Video Secrets Unleashed
Create Highly Profitable, Short Promotional Videos Like a Pro!

Bonus #3 – YouTube MegaProfits eBook
Get to know all the inside tricks and tips to get #1 Youtube rankings fast and easy.

Bonus #4 – FB Marketing Ninja
A-Z guide to FB Marketing profits. This latest and most effective Facebook Marketing Training Guide is designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of Facebook Marketing on behalf of your business.

Bonus #5 – FB Engagement Starters RoadMap
Just started out on FB marketing? Then set the ball rolling with this short and easy to implement compilation for newbies to get engagement from your newbie FB marketing efforts.

Bonus #6 – TubeProfits Sumo
Put your YouTube profits on fire with custom ads and optins! Here’s the best tool to help you monetize YouTube Videos With Ads or Opt-in’s!

Bonus #7 – Keywords Goldmine Jeet
Find the perfect keywords for videos that will also rank on Google. This powerful app lets you find which keywords don’t have a video ranking on Google yet, so you can target them and have an easy way to rank on top of Google with just a video.

Bonus #8 – VideoEdit Ace
Chuck those tools to create Slick videos . Creating stunning videos like pros will no longer require complex, multiple steps or learning to use complicated video editing software. VideoEdit Ace helps you create and edit slick, high quality videos with professional look, in the most easy peasy steps! Get hold of it today and master it in 15 minutes!

Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

NAGS’ Bonuses

You also get these Special NAGS’ Bonuses when you buy Traffic Jeet 4 from my link here

Bonus #9 – YouTube Traffic Weapon
Discover how to use YouTube to create videos that convert on autopilot! 

Bonus #10 – YT Rank Analyzer
Dominate YouTube and build targeted lists by using software to do all the work! 

Bonus #11 – Tube Traffic Ninja 2
SEO Guru reveals dead simple method for hijacking fre’e traffic From Google Minutes Of Work Per Day! 

Bonus #12 – YouTube In Stream Ads
YouTube IN-STREAM ads can bring you tons of traffic and leads if you know the tricks! Uncover the secrets to acquiring the freshest, hottest leads via YouTube In-Stream ads quickly and easily!  

Bonus #13 – YouTube Marketing Excellence
Discover how to get traffic with YouTube even faster and improve your results… This is the fastest way to become a YouTube traffic expert!  

Bonus #14 – YouTube Marketing Blunders
If you’re truly serious about marketing on YouTube, you must know these 6 mistakes to avoid!Uncover the most common brainless mistakes people make when marketing on YouTube!  

Bonus #15 – YouTube Ad Hero
Learn how to create the most profitable YouTube ads you’ve ever seen! Discover the secrets to using YouTube ads to boost your business like nothing you’ve ever seen!  

Bonus #16 – YouTube Celebrity
The Step-By-Step blueprint to become a YouTube celebrity… Even if you have no ideas and you’re not sure where to start  

Bonus #17 – Youtube Channel Income
How to set up a Youtube Channel Step by Step How to start and run a New and successful business 

Bonus # – YouTube Cheat Sheet
Use this Cheat Sheet to dominate YouTube and get a flood of great content ideas in minutes!  

Bonus #18 – Social Media Income – YouTube
How to build your brand, grow your business, get more leads and more sales!  

Bonus #19 – YouTube Traffic Weapon
Are you using YouTube as a marketing strategy for traffic generation in your business?  

Bonus #20 – YouTubeR Playlist Creator
YouTubeR Playlist Creator – Using this new software, you can now create killer looking YouTube Playlist sites in record time!  

NAGS’ OTO Bonuses

Bonus #1 – YouTube Marketing Excellence Gold
Video marketing has the ability to grab attention and to help you establish authority in ways that no other form of marketing can approach; so it’s absolutely vital that you start leveraging this type of marketing 

Bonus #2 – YouTube Traffic Weapon Video Upgrade
Market on YouTube for hordes of traffic! 

Bonus #3 – YouTube Celebrity Advance
10 Videos, 61 Minutes, Audios, Squeeze Page, Giveaway Report, 5 Emails, Affiliate Center etc.  

Bonus #4 – Youtube Channel Income Accelerator
YouTube is the 2nd largest search network, falling short only of its parent company, Google. This also means YouTube is accessed an extensive amount of times per day.  

Bonus #5 – YouTube Video Mastery
Learn how to make a Youtube video for free and without any filming and creating on your part.

Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!




Here is the Funnel for Traffic Jeet 4


OTO #1 – Traffic Jeet Pro @ $47

With this powerful upgrade, you get these pro level features

  • Unlimited keywords tracking
  • Unlimited keyword search
  • Unlimited rank tracking
  • Unlimited niche discovery
  • Unlimited market analysis
  • Commercial license and the right to recruit clients
  • Multiple computer license
  • 2 years of free upgrade
  • Ready sales page to recruit clients

OTO #2 – Traffic Jeet Reseller @ $67

Traffic Jeet Reseller version allows you to sell Traffic Jeet and keep 100% of the profits. This is a no brainer to buyers who can get back their Traffic Jeet investments with just 1-2 sales

OTO #3 – PlayTraffic Pro  @ $47

Create automated playlists and drive traffic to your videos even targeting keywords that your videos aren’t about

OTO #4 – TubeTraffic Pro  @ $47

Drive more traffic to any site or YouTube channel using YouTube comments

Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Refund Policy

livevidranker-guarantee30 Days Full Guarantee

Buy Traffic Jeet 4, and use it upto 30 days risk-free. If you don’t like what it does for you and your business, just let them know within 30 days through a support ticket and they will refund you 100% of the money!

They also assure you of

[+] 24 x 7 Live Chat Support Guarantee
[+] 24 Hours Ticket Response Guarantee
[+] Live Assistance Guarantee

Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this app ToS compatible?

A. 100%! We use YouTube’s public APIs and public data to perform the functions. It’s 100% above the board and legit.

Q. Does it run on Macs?

A. Yes, but with virtualization like Parallels. It’s not a native app for Mac.

Q. Can I run it on a VPS?

A. Yes, get a Windows VPS with RDP. Let it run there and livecast all your videos without you having to keep your computer running.

Q. Will it be improved?

A. Yes, we always work to keep improving all our products. If you’re our existing customer, you’ve seen it happen. Get on board and see a product experience you’ve never seen before.


Let’s do a quick Recap and see what are you getting here Today

  • Powerful Market Research For YouTube  
  • YouTube tracking (supports regional YouTubes)  
  • Find the best video keyword from any set  
  •  Find the best keywords for YouTube Ads
  • Find the hidden sub niches in video marketing
  • Instantly find the keywords for any YouTube video
  • Powerful training shows you how to best use things
  • 50 Background music tracks
  • 300+ Web Fonts
  • 1500+ Web graphics library
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • 24/7 Live support assistance
  • Free Commercial License
  • Exclusive membership to our power users Facebook Group

Get Instant Access to Traffic Jeet 4 with all my Bonuses at 11 am EST Today!

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