Powerful Marketing Tool

Do you know what is one of the most  powerful marketing tools there is?  Think, what’s the one thing that you, and everyone else always has with them?

That’s right… your phone!

Everyone is always on their phones these days! In fact 80% of Millennials say their phone is the first thing they check when they wake up. It’s a terrible habit they say, but you know what, I do it too. Check my messages as soon as I wake up. I do it also as soon as I get a little ‘ting’ on my phone suggesting that I’ve received a message, even if I’m in a lecture or a classroom or a movie theatre or a dinner… when we hear that ‘ting’ we are programmed to check the phone automatically – because the human mind can’t bear to wait to check what message they received in case they lose out on anything, be it an offer or deal, some important news or even a stupid forward or inane gossip.

Unlike email, Facebook ads, or other ways of marketing, when someone sends you a text it INSTANTLY shows up on your phone.

And it doesn’t even matter where you are… you could be in your living room, on a bus, in bed…or even cutting the grass.

SMS Marketing is still relatively under used by marketers, compared to email marketing. That’s really surprising since it is proven to have the best engagement rate of any marketing medium. Stats show that 82.1% of people open SMS texts, compared to email which is just 24%

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Types of SMS Marketing

Basically there are two types of SMS Marketing – Promotional Marketing and Transactional Marketing.

Promotional Marketing

Promotional messages are those that are governed by regulatory rules that will decide how, when and to whom you can send the messages. They also come with an option to opt in or opt out from receiving the messages.

Transactional Marketing

In this method, you can send the text messages as push-notifications to your customers. These will contain updates, news and information on your existing or new products, services or events. This kind of SMS marketing is the best tool to use in such close range marketing.

So how does SMS marketing work?

SMS campaigns revolve around a keyword and a shortcode. People who opt-in to a campaign will receive a welcome message with the keyword and shortcode. For example, let’s say a restaurant wants to promote their upcoming new cuisine. They might promote the following message through ads, banners, flyers, or any other marketing channel:

Tickle your taste buds! Text “SUSHI” to (432) 609-3777 to get New Menu, Exciting Deals and Hot Discounts!

In this example, the subscriber will text the keyword “SUSHI” to get a discount at the restaurant and thereby will have effectively opted-in to the campaign. Now, the restaurant can continue to freely send text messages to the subscriber with more offers and deals.

Why Text Message Marketing

Let’s analyse some reasons why you MUST add text message marketing as an essential part of your lead generation and customer nurturing package.

Think, how could YOU use this in your own business? Of course I could see it being useful for LOCAL businesses… if You could get YOUR marketing messages into your customer’s phones WHENEVER you wanted to, then it would be a game changer, wouldn’t it?

And it would be useful for literally ANY business who has customers… so that basically means EVERYONE!

YOU could have an unfair Advantage over your competition and be able to leave everyone else in the dust.

Benefits of Text Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing is an effective way to attract new customers as well as to increase your existing customer’s loyalty. You can send messages to a large number of mobile handsets at any-place and at any-time. It is an add-on technology to add to your existing marketing campaigns and gets you awesome results. This strategy can result in a dramatic rise in your sales and also get you new customers. It is the best technology used in mobile marketing. Your message can include offers, deals, promo and discount codes or any other important information that you want to share with your customers. This should actually be the first choice of every company because of the really great increase you can get in your sales.

100% Inbox Deliverability

As compared to a maximum of 20% in-boxing, (and 20% is considered fabulous), Text Messaging promises 100% in-boxing. How awesome is that! Text messages are ALWAYS delivered to your phone, unless the recipient has blacklisted your number (which is a very rare possibility).

Zero Bounces 

Because of the brevity of a text message, everyone will definitely at least read your message. Even if they delete it almost immediately, anyone who receives a text message will always read it. And if you are able to grab their attention in the 1st 6 words, you’ve hooked your reader!

Immediate Reach

Texting is one of the fastest form of messaging. It is delivered almost immediately and it is shown that “90% of the customers read the messages in 4 to 6 minutes after the message is delivered”. Remember the ‘ting’ on your phone that mesmerises you to immediately check your messages?

Cost Effective

Compared to the cost of other advertising media like TV, Outdoor Hoarding etc, Bulk SMS Marketing has a very low cost that allows you to reach millions of people immediately

Options Available

So, what are the options available today to send mass text messages like this? There are a lot of them already out there.

But you know what? They are all SUPER EXPENSIVE. They all charge a monthly of around $100 to $200 per month, plus some of them even have a ‘per text’ charge on top of the monthly fee!

That’s crazy! I want a solution that isn’t going to cost me a fortune. I’m somehow stingy when it comes to shelling out a monthly fee…

Best Option

So I looked high and low and I found to my surprise that there was this one product which you could buy for a ONE time cost and send unlimited messages to your subscribers whenever you wanted – WITHOUT any monthly fee or WITHOUT any ‘per text’ extra charge. Wow! It sounded too good to be true, considering the competition out there… So I thought let me check out the pedigree of this product.

What I found really please me, because this was developed by one of the very well known and respected vendors in the IM space.

Want to know what product this is? Share or like this post and unveil my find. But you better hurry because the price will increase shortly and then you might land up paying a monthly fee for it like the other products!

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